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Thursday, 28 September 2023

Farmoor Reservoir: 28th September

Farmoor Reservoir
30 Barnacle Goose: approx. 11:00.
80 Snow Goose: Approx. 11:00.
2 Common Sandpiper 11:00.
10 House Martin: Minimum. 11:00.
Wheatear 11:00.
Yellow-legged Gull 11:00.

J Blunt

Farmoor Reservoir: 28th September

Farmoor Reservoir
2 Common Sandpiper 11:00.
4 Grey Wagtail 11:00.
Wheatear 11:00.

Simon Cousins

Notice Otmoor rspb

Unfortunately there has been a recent spate of cars being broken in to and valuables taken at the Otmoor rspb carpark.
PLEASE do not leave anything of value on view in your car.

Sarsgrove: 28th September

5 Stonechat: 3m, 2f. SP303250. 10:00.
120 Meadow Pipit: Mippits everywhere - filling the sky - beautiful! SP303250. 10:00.
2 Chiffchaff: SP303250. 10:00.
23 Swallow: SP303250. 10:00.
11 Yellowhammer: SP303250. 10:00.
Kestrel: juv fem. SP303250. 10:00.

Steve Akers

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Sarsgrove: 27th September

70 Goldfinch: Large flock by Sarsgrove Farm. 16:30.
23 Meadow Pipit 16:30.
7 Mistle Thrush 16:30.
40 Starling 16:30.
2 Kestrel 16:30.

Steve Akers

Farmoor - 27 September 2023


5 Adult Whooper Swans. Initially on F2, they left to the East at 1150 before returning onto F1 and then leaving at 1240

Chipping Norton: 27th September

Chipping Norton
2 Stonechat: ad male. In scrub beyond small lake near Cornwell. 11:00.
2 Chiffchaff 11:00.
40 Swallow: 40 probably more migrating through. 11:00.
6 House Martin 11:00.
7 Meadow Pipit 11:00.
2 Reed Bunting: ad male. 11:00.
Kestrel: ad. 11:00.

Steve Akers

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Chipping Norton: 26th September

Chipping Norton
2 Spotted Flycatcher: Close to small lake near Cornwell. SP283268. 16:30.
4 Stonechat: 2m, 2f. SP283268. 16:30.
2 Chiffchaff: SP283268. 16:30.
18 House Martin: SP283268. 16:30.
2 Reed Bunting: SP283268. 16:30.
7 Meadow Pipit: SP283268. 16:30.

Steve Akers

Hobby with Swallow Culham 23/9 courtesy of Jim Bennett.


Aston Upthorpe: 26th September

Aston Upthorpe
4 Whinchat: Two separate groups of 2 2 located at SU537828 and the other 2 at SU543828. SU537828. 18:00.
3 Stonechat: SU544828. 18:00.

Steve Violette

Farmoor Reservoir 26th September

No sign of the 1w Grey Phalarope
Common Sandpiper 2
Yellow-legged Gull 

(per Jacek, D.Dine)

Courtesy of D.Dine

Long Hanborough: 26th September

Long Hanborough
3 Spotted Flycatcher: SP406143. 13:14.

Emma Hollis

Sarsgrove: 26th September

4 Stonechat: 2m, 2f. 10:15.
24 Meadow Pipit 10:15.
Kestrel 10:15.

Steve Akers

Woodstock: Shipton Slade Farm: 25th September

Woodstock: Shipton Slade Farm
500 Goldfinch: At least 500 flying to and from a field of sheep alongside Sansom's Lane near Budds Close.
10 Skylark: At least 10 in field near Budds Close.

2 House Martin: still feeding young at nest site in Randolph Avenue.

Bob Pomfret

Monday, 25 September 2023

Aston Upthorpe: 25th September


John Taylor

Blenheim: 25th September

2 Great White Egret: Roosted on Queen Pool island with 3 little egrets. No remaining cattle egrets. 19:15.

Gareth Casburn

Farmoor Reservoir 25th September

Grey Phalarope 1w still present on F1 off of the N/E bank late afternoon. 
(D.L H.W & Ralph Watts, RBA).

Dunlin (per Ralph Watts).
Goosander 18:45 off S/W bank ofF2 with Greylag flock (per Steve Sansom).

No sign of reported Black-necked Grebe or Scaup.

Goosander courtesy of Steve Sansom.

Chinnor: 25th September

Wheatear: In field south of barn. SP753018. 13:00.
Raven: Flying north. SP753018. 13:00.

David Stracey

Chalgrove: 25th September

Reed Warbler: by Monument Business Park. 14:30.

Nicholas Boyd

Chipping Norton: 25th September

Chipping Norton
2 Raven: Over Chastleton Down woods W of CN. 10:00.

Steve Akers

Green Woodpecker Culham 23/9 
Courtesy of Jim Bennett.


Otmoor rspb 25th September

Crane 3 this morning but mobile (K.N).

Sunday, 24 September 2023

Farmoor Reservoir 24th September

Black-necked Grebe reported on F2 17:15 (per RBA)
Scaup female type reported 23/9 (per Birdguides).

3 Yellow Wagtail: 3 flavas on east bank F1. 
(Per Mick Cunningham).

Farmoor Reservoir: 24th September

Grey Phalarope: still on F2 close by causeway
18:00 (per Peter Law et al).

Turnstone 6 (per SNT)

Standlake Pit 60: 24th September

Standlake Pit 60
Marsh Harrier: juv. Usual individual. 13:36.
Hobby: juv. High over pit. Hassled by crows. 13:36.
44 Teal 13:36.
Sparrowhawk 13:36.
Great White Egret 13:36.
2 Shoveler 13:36.
Lapwing: 20. 13:36.
14 Cormorant: No DCC! 13:36.

Mick Cunningham

Farmoor Reservoir; 24 September 2023


Grey Phalarope (F2 causeway)

Turnstone 6 (F2 causeway briefly)

Common Sandpiper 3

Old Caley's Diary


Grey Phalarope 

Sarsgrove: 24th September

3 Stonechat: 1m, 2f. Still present. 18:30.

Steve Akers

Grey Phalarope Farmoor Reservoir courtesy of Kyle Smith.

Birdwatch Britannia


Saturday, 23 September 2023

Carterton/Alvescot: 23rd September

300 Meadow Pipit: late pm. firstly - at least a 100 put up from stubble by a sparrowhawk. Later I noted flocks totalling c200 descending from very high = c200. 20:43.
11 Yellowhammer: put up by sparrowhawk. 20:43.
2 Siskin: heard twice overhead, nut not seen. Not a wooded area and not recorded here by me. Both times mipits were in the air too. 20:43.

Mick Cunningham

Lye Valley, Oxford: 23rd September


Adult male Sparrowhawk, also the first Lesser Redpoll and Siskin of the autumn overhead. 

Farmoor Reservoir 23rd September

GREY PHALAROPE found by Dave Lowe and still present off N/E bank of F1. 17:16.
(per Yacky Morris, Glen Pascoe, Nick Truby et al).

Marsh Harrier over F1 09:42 (per Dave Lowe).
No sign of the Common Scoter.

Courtesy of Yacky Morris.

Courtesy of Dave Lowe.

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 23rd September

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
2 Stonechat 08:30.
12 Meadow Pipit 08:30.
27 Little Grebe 08:30.
3 Cormorant 08:30.
Grey Wagtail 08:30.
4 Gadwall 08:30.
15 Chiffchaff 08:30.
15 Linnet 08:30.
35 Swallow 08:30.
3 Yellow Wagtail 08:30.

Nick Marriner

Friday, 22 September 2023

Farmoor Reservoir 22nd September

Common Scoter still present on F2 off of western bank 17:14 (D.L)
Turnstone 2 along causeway 10:25 (per RBA).
Great white Egret flew south over F1 17:17 (A.L)
Goosander 19:10 at southern end of F2 (D.L)

Common Scoter courtesy of D.L.

Farmoor Reservoir: 22nd September

Farmoor Reservoir
Mediterranean Gull: 1st cyc. 19:10.

Mick Cunningham

Farmoor, 22nd September


Turnstones © David Hastings

Sarsgrove: 22nd September

22nd September

3 Stonechat: SP305250. 10:30.
Raven: SP305250. 10:30.
100 Swallow: Over 100 through from 10.00-11.00 migrating low and fast in a line North/South over the fields and over Sarsgrove Wood - this seems a traditional established route for generations of Hirundines and I have observed this here over many years. SP305250. 10:00.
50 House Martin: In mixed groups with Swallow. SP305250. 10:00.
15 Meadow Pipit: SP305250. 10:00.
8 Skylark: SP305250. 10:00.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 22nd September

Port Meadow
50 Barnacle Goose: In middle of meadow opposite Burgess Field gate. 13:40.
Goosander: fem. On river upstream of the Perch. Possibly juvenile as it appeared small. 13:40.

Andrew Siantonas

Otmoor rspb 22nd September

Cattle Egret 18
Crane 3 (2 unringed birds on Ashgrave).

(per Richard Ebbs).