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April 9th Avocet & Great white Egret Port Meadow...6th Ring Ouzel...3 Little Gull Radley GPs...March 16th Wheatear Letcome Bassett...Garganey Pit 60...15th BLACK-THROATED DIVER Farmoor Res...Black Redstart Oxford...14th Little-ringed Plover Grimsbury Res... 3 Avocet Appleford... 12th CATTLE EGRET Pit 60...8th March Kittiwake Waterstock...

Thursday, 9 April 2020

: 9th April

Graven hill
Redshank: SP583213. 21:27.

Jon Holt

: 9th April

Appleford New Workings
2 Yellow Wagtail: SU511944. 19:26.

Appleford New Workings
2 Green Sandpiper: SU511944. 19:26.

Appleford New Workings
2 Little Ringed Plover: SU511944. 19:26.

Kevin Polley

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 9th April

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
12 Yellow Wagtail 18:42.
6 Oystercatcher 18:42.

Luke Marriner

Port Meadow: 9th April

Port Meadow
Great White Egret (though no further sign by 9 a.m.)
Avocet still present at c18:18 (per Isaac West) found by Hugh Petter
2 Little Ringed Plover
2 Shelduck
Little Egret

Adam Hartley

Yellow Wagtail 2
White Wagtail 2
Egyptian Goose 2

This evening (per Isaac West)

Burgess Field

Sedge Warbler

(per Steve Jennings)

Great White Egret


White Stork over our houses at 16:40 spotted by Mick!!!

Chinnor: Chinnor Hill: 9th April

Chinnor: Chinnor Hill
2 Ring Ouzel: 2 on grassland area. SP767007. 11:30.

David Stracey

Bicester Wetlands Reserve 9th April

Mediterranean Gull 1stS over the reserve at 11:45 heading towards Bicester (per Justin Taylor). 

Standlake Common

07:30 -09:00

Willow Warbler

4 Willow Warbler
7 Blackcap
17 Singing Chiffchaff

: 9th April

Raven: Over house cronking. SP716053. 12:24.

Luke Marriner

East Challow to Ridgeway: 9th Apr

Yellow Wagtail
3 Swallow

Usual handful of Corn Bunt, Mipit, Yellowhammer & Skylark.

Shotover 9th April

Swallow flew over
Marsh tit

Sent from my iPhone

Iffley Meadows: 9th April

Sedge Warbler 1 nice to see the first one back around here
Swallow 1 
Blackcap 3

Sarsgrove: 8th April

Wheatear: male. Northern Wheatear - first of the year. Beautiful adult male. Perched on fencing on private road down to Sarsgrove Farm. 11:00.

Steve Akers

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Worton: 8th April

2 Pintail: m + f. SP460112. 19:00.

Malcolm Teal

: 8th April

Graven Hill
Redshank: SP583213. 10:32.

Jon Holt

Dorchester: Days Lock scrape: 8th April

Dorchester: Days Lock scrape
2 Oystercatcher 19:30.
2 Egyptian Goose 19:30.

Alex Edgar

Standlake: Standlake Common: 8th April

Standlake: Standlake Common
6 Reed Bunting: 3m3f. A regular group who have been coming to the garden for several weeks now feeding on the ground with chaffinches etc. 19:13.

Antony Collieu

Port Meadow: 8th April

8th April

Port Meadow
Tree Pipit: Flew N, calling, along eastern edge of the Port Meadow floods and then over Burgess Field. 11:13.
7 House Martin 12:00.
Sand Martin 12:00.
2 Little Egret 12:00.
2 Oystercatcher 12:00.
4 Shelduck 12:00.
Redshank 12:30.
22 Linnet 12:30.
3 Shoveler 12:30.
5 Gadwall 12:30.

Isaac West

2 Little Ringed Plover
White Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail

This evening (per Ollie Padget).

Appleford GPs 7th April

Yellow wagtail 1 male
Green Sandpiper 3

Hornton: 8th April

2 Raven: 2 Ravens mobbing a Buzzard. SP381455. 17:53.

Mike Prentice

Chinnor: 8th April

Raven: 1 flying north along the Chiltern Ridge. 10:00.

David Stracey

Whitchurch Hill


Appleford GPs 8th April

White Wagtail 4
Willow Warbler 2
Little-ringed Plover c6


Oxford: Cripley Meadow: 8th April

Oxford: Cripley Meadow
Ring Ouzel: Feeding on the allotment green. 08:30.

Elizabeth Stroud

No further sign by this afternoon.

Dix Pit

Crane flew over at 09:20 heading towards Pit 60 😞😞😞

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Oxford: Walton Manor: 7th April

Oxford: Walton Manor
6 House Martin

Adam Hartley

: 7th April

Whitethroat: Singing. SP504176. 19:00.

Blackcap: Singing. SP504176. 19:00.

Reed Bunting: More like Yellowhammer territory, singing from hedge near ditch. SP504176. 19:00.

3 Chiffchaff: SP504176. 19:00.

David Watkinson

: 7th April

2 Grey Wagtail: pair. Pair bred successfully in the valley last year - hope for the same this year. SP285283. 18:00.

Steve Akers

Sarsgrove: 7th April

Blackcap: m. Singing male - first of this year - very vocal by the brook on edge of Sarsgrove Wood. 11:00.

Steve Akers

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 7th April

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
5 Yellow Wagtail 18:49.

Luke Marriner

Banbury: 7th April

Tree Pipit: circled over Parklands calling, landed in trees at front of my house for c.30 seconds before flying north. 18:13.

Gareth Blockley

Standlake: 7th April

Tree Pipit: c5 45pm Tree Pipit north over my Rack End garden, calling loudly. Oxon tick! 17:56.

Mick Cunningham

Fyfield Wick: 7th April

Fyfield Wick
Hawfinch: Just landed in tree at bottom of my garden. 15:44.

Jed Cleeter

Northmoor Lock: 7th April

Northmoor Lock
Common Sandpiper: Local exercise rules taking me places I've not explored properly. Circular walk from/to Rack End. Common Sand flew low down Thames between Lock and Newbridge. Otherwise, quiet: 3 willow warblers and slightly more chiff and blackcaps only other migrants. I'm on 51 sp on/ from my property. Still need wren! 15:03.
Common Sandpiper 15:03.

Mick Cunningham

Stanton St. John: 7th April

Stanton St. John
Swallow: One again today. 14:39.
Raven: One over calling. 14:39.

David Brown

Banbury: 6th April

3 Common Scoter: Nocmig records. 3 birds/flocks - 1 bird/flock @22:52 (2 calls), 1 bird/flock @ 23:34 (13 calls) and 1 bird/flock @ 23:56 (7 calls).

Gareth Blockley

Thame: Cuttle Brook: 7th April

Thame: Cuttle Brook
Raven: Single raven having a scrap with a crow. Flew off north. SP700059. 10:46.

Mike Bond

Port Meadow: 7th April

Port Meadow
4 Oystercatcher: SP493084. 07:30.

Matthew Southwell

5th April

A reminder that it is all still going on. From this mornings walk, singing Tree creeper, Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffy.

(c) Bark

Monday, 6 April 2020

Worton: 6th April

12 Goldeneye: SP460112. 19:00.
Little Egret: flying over. SP460112. 19:00.

Malcolm Teal

Sarsgrove: 6th April

Swallow: First of the year. 11:30.
2 Willow Warbler 11:30.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 6th April

Port Meadow
2 Little Egret 16:00.
4 Black-tailed Godwit 16:00.
4 Shelduck 16:00.

Isaac West

Fyfield Wick: 5th April

5th April

Fyfield Wick
8 Swallow: Through North throughout the afternoon. 18:05.
43 Sand Martin: Through North throughout the afternoon. 18:05.
Peregrine: Male hunting through South. 18:05.
Barn Owl: Called overhead several times @23:45. 23:45.

Jed Cleeter

Port Meadow: 6th April

Port Meadow
2 Yellow Wagtail: m.
Little Ringed Plover
3 Black-tailed Godwit
3 Oystercatcher
4 Shelduck
160 Golden Plover
Little Egret

Adam Hartley

Grimsbury Reservoir 6th April

Yellow Wagtail 3 along the side of the Amazon buildings this afternoon (per Andy Veitch). 

Port Meadow: Godstow: 6th April

Port Meadow: Godstow
Goosander: m. Male Goosander by Godstow Lock. 13:45.

Matthew Doorly

River Thames nr Shillingford - Mon 6th

Redstart, male, Keen Edge ferry footpath river Thames, upstream (north/West) of Shillingford Bridge.
House Martin, 3,
Sedge Warbler,
Willow Warbler, 4
Common Tern, 3 along the river yesterday.

Didcot 6th April

Garden Warbler Didcot Moor ditch
Willow Warbler
Chiffchaff 3

 (per W.Lester)

Radley GP: Thrupp Lane: 6th April

Courtesy of Badger

Ring Ouzel in paddock next to the approach road then flew off strongly at about 11:00 (Ian Elkins)

Little Gull 3 no further sign by 10:30
Mediterranean Gull 2
09:11 (per Ben Carpenter)
No sign of the Firecrest.

Courtesy of Badger.

Stanton St. John: 6th April

Stanton St. John
Swallow: First one back at regular nest site this morning. 11:17.

David Brown

Rousham Gap 6th April

Wheatear: SP459225. 11:08.

Elizabeth Hodgson

Standlake: 6th April

Whimbrel: Flew over A415 going north calling. 10:29.

Mick Cunningham

Farmoor village: 6th April

Farmoor village
Sedge Warbler: SP450070. 10:20.
Willow Warbler

Paul Butler

Bicester Wetland Reserve 6th April

1 Sedge Warbler
Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff
1 Black-tailed Godwit  for 6th day
2 Green Sandpiper
6 Snipe

A Peters

Key Holder Reserve

Iffley Meadows: 6th April

Blackcap 2
Willow Warbler 3

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 6th April

4 Oystercatcher
Willow Warbler 4
Chiffchaff 9
Blackcap 4
Swallow 4
Sand Martin 2

Luke Marriner

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Jericho: 5th April

2 House Martin: Two House Martins beautifully flying above Jericho, Oxford. 19:34.

Matthew Doorly

Islip 5th April

House Martin 2 (per RBA) 

Bicester 5th April

Crane seen at Graven Hill 3:40 then flew east (found by John Holt) 

Bicester 5th April

From our farmland walk this morning,



Treecreeper 2
Chiffchaff 4
Blackcap 3
Goldcrest 10+
Jack Snipe (Ardley Quarry) confirmed by IL

Jack Snipe

Common Snipe

Port Meadow: Godstow: 5th April

Port Meadow: Godstow
Goosander: m. Just below Hinksey Sculling School. SP484091. 15:45.

Colm O Caomhanaigh

Ardington 5th April

Garden Warbler
Willow Warbler
(East end of village)

Plus a Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Banbury: 5th April

Common Scoters, recorded overnight. I think two flocks:

Northmoor 4th April

Belated report of a Great white Egret at Northmoor yesterday (per RBA). 

Grimsbury Reservoir: 5th April

Grimsbury Reservoir
Little Ringed Plover: Present when I arrived at 7 but soon flew off NE.
Common Sandpiper: Gone by 8:30.
Common Tern: Flew in at c.08:40, flew around once and left again (didn't see which way).

Gareth Blockley

East Challow: 5th April

Redstart (f)
Willow Warbler 2
Grey Wagtail 2
Reed Bunting 4

Waterstock: River Thame: 5th April

Waterstock: River Thame
Jack Snipe 09:55.
Shelduck 09:55.

Luke Marriner

Port Meadow: 5th April

Port Meadow
2 Oystercatcher
2 Shelduck
2 Little Egret

Burgess Field Nature Park
Sedge Warbler
Willow Warbler 3 singing.

(Adam Hartley, Paul Jepson, Steve Jennings)

Thame: Cuttle Brook: 5th April

Thame: Cuttle Brook
2 Mistle Thrush: m/f. Back this morning, building a nest in a hawthorn 10m from house. SP700059. 07:30.

Mike Bond

Carterton: 5th April

2 Willow Warbler: SP284084. 07:48.

George Best

Worton: 4th April

12 Goldeneye: SP460112. 18:00.
2 Gadwall: SP460112. 18:00.
Swallow: SP460112. 18:00.

Malcolm Teal

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Appleford: Appleford GP: 4th April

Appleford: Appleford GP
Common Sandpiper: SU520942. 20:03.
8 Little Ringed Plover: SU520942. 20:03.

Conor MacKenzie

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 4th April

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
2 Common Sandpiper: On edge of lake. 18:25.

Luke Marriner

Banbury 4th April

Peregrine again on St John's Church (per Tom Oconnor) 

Lark Hill 4th April

Wheatear (m)
2 Stonechat (pair)
Willow Warbler
Skylark 30+

Mandarin (m) still at Lockinge.

Headington: 3rd April

3rd April

Teal: Recorded calling over garden. 20:52.
Water Rail: Heard on migration over garden. 22:45.
Moorhen: Heard on migration over garden. 21:55.
Coot: Heard on migration over garden. 21:30.

Isaac West

Banbury: 4th April

Bittern (probably!) recorded over night. 2 calls 'heard' at c. 00:30. Waiting to get confirmation on call but three other more experienced people have said it looks good.

Call can be heard here:

Radley GP: 4th April

Radley GP
2 Willow Warbler: Singing. FOY.
2 Sand Martin
2 Oystercatcher: Pair.
Egyptian Goose

Ian Elkins

Grimsbury Reservoir: 4th April

Common Sandpiper

per Ian Rowe

Headington April 2nd overnight migration calls



Coot and Wigeon migrating over my garden overnight on April 2nd/3rd.
Always good to add a couple of new garden ticks.

Bicester 4th April

 From our morning walk,

Willow Warbler 2

Chiffchaff 6

Blackcap 2
Treecreeper 2

Green Sandpiper

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 4th April

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
Stonechat: male. 10:32.
Redshank: Flying through. 10:32.
5 Oystercatcher 10:32.

Luke Marriner

River Thames: nr Sandford-on-Thames: 4th April

River Thames: nr Sandford-on-Thames
Willow Warbler 10:29.

D Moden

East & West Challow: 4th April

Tree Pipit, briefly along hedge and in flight.
Grey Partridge

Thame: Cuttle Brook: 4th April

Thame: Cuttle Brook
2 Mistle Thrush: m/f. Pair collecting nest material. Actually in our garden, a first. SP700059. 08:26.

Mike Bond