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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Port Meadow: 14th April

Female Blue-headed wagtail 

12 Yellow wagtails

Around 20 White wagtails still

3 Little ringed plovers

3 Common terns

Chinnor: Cement Works: 14th April

Courtesy of David Stracey.

Little Ringed Plover: By west screen Lake 2b. 18:30.
Ring Ouzel: Male on grass west of north screen Lake 2b. 18:30.

David Stracey

Courtesy of David Stracey.

Linky Down 14th April

Ring Ouzel 5 (4m) 11:45
Redstart (m)

Otmoor 14th April

Whinchat - Noke farm 
3 Wheatear - Sheep fields
White fronted goose- Noke sides
Whitethroat - Car park field
Bittern - pair on Greenaways, plus booming at 1st screen and Noke.
Redstart - Long meadow

(per Pete Roby)

GLOSSY IBIS still present on the closes 14:45
Short-eared Owl flew over

(per RBA)

Whimbrel - dropped onto Big Otmoor at 07:15
2 Garganey - Big Otmoor
Ringed Plover - Big Otmoor
Little Ringed Plover - Big Otmoor
2 Ruff - Big Otmoor
3 Dunlin - Big Otmoor
Grasshopper Warbler - path to screens
Yellow Wagtail - Big Otmoor
2 Lesser Redpoll - over

(per Isaac West)

Whimbrel courtesy of Isaac West.

Standlake Pit 60: 14th April

Standlake Pit 60
3 Green Sandpiper 16:46.
Common Sandpiper 16:46.
2 Oystercatcher 16:46.
Peregrine 16:46.

Dave Murphy

Stanton St. John: 14th April

Stanton St. John
Cuckoo: First of the year calling in Holly Wood. 15:04.

David Brown

Wantage to Letcombe Regis FP 14th April

Redstart (m) in hedge W side of reedbed
Willow Warbler 2 

Radley GPs 14th April

Ring-necked Duck 2 m/f still present 13:10 (per Mark Merritt).

Chipping Norton: 14th April

Chipping Norton
2 Raven: ad pair. Pair over the small lake near Cornwell. SP283268. 11:00.

Steve Akers

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Radley GPs 13th April

Ring-necked Duck 2 m/f still present (per RBA)
Cuckoo calling (per Andy Last).

Port Meadow: 13th April

Port Meadow
5 Little Ringed Plover
4 Redshank
Yellow Wagtail
20 White Wagtail: minimum count.
2 Shelduck
2 Common Tern
2 Golden Plover
2 Little Egret
10 Meadow Pipit: Minimum count.

Adam Hartley

Chinnor: 13th April

13th April

2 Egyptian Goose: Alongside River Thame. SU596992. 16:00.

2 Garganey: On River Thame then flew north. SU596992. 16:00.

20 Raven: Along the Chiltern Ridge. 19:00.

David Stracey

Banbury M40 flood 13th April

Little-ringed Plover 6
Green Sandpiper 3
White Wagtail 2
Yellow Wagtail 5

Reported on flood NNE of junc 11 off A361.

Farmoor Reservoir: 13th April

Farmoor Reservoir
4 Yellow Wagtail: Along causeway. 15:15.

John Kearns

Standlake Pit 60: 13th April

Standlake Pit 60
3 Sedge Warbler: Singing and song flighting. Foy for me. Almost drowned out by 4, perhaps, 5 Cettis. 17:33.
Great White Egret: The usual bird showing little sign of breeding plumage. 17:33.
26 Barnacle Goose: Been up to 40 of this 'feral'/non wild flock. 17:33.
Peregrine: Usual pylon. 17:33.
2 Common Sandpiper 17:33.
19 Tufted Duck: Only duck in any numbers now. Now sign of ring neck duck reported yesterday which, I presume, was with tufted. Still 3 goldeneye and a pochard pair. Small numbers teal. One drake shoveler. 17:33.

Mick Cunningham

Marston Oxford 13th April

Ring Ouzel still present in horse field at Marston Meadows 16:46 (per Manoj Nair).

Otmoor: 13th April

GLOSSY IBIS on The Closes 15:30 (per Nick Truby)
Grasshopper Warbler: one singing in the car park field and another in Greenaways 
Cuckoo reported.

Sutton Courtenay

Little Ringed plover - 2
Green sandpiper - 7
Common sandpiper
Redshank - 2
White Wagtail - 2
Oystercatcher - 2

: 12th April

Didcot: Moor Ditch
Whitethroat: SU531929. 19:30.

Didcot: Moor Ditch
4 Grey Partridge: SU531929. 19:30.

Michael Violette

Lark Hill, Wantage - 13 April late am

 2-3 Wheatear on the underground reservoir. 

Also a few Swallows

Wheatear (c) Stephen Burch

Sarsgrove: 13th April

4 Swallow: Back over the farm this morning - first sighting this year. 11:30.
Blackcap: ad male. Singing male. 11:30.

Steve Akers

Oxford City 13th April

No sign of the male Pied Flycatcher in the Magdalen College Deer Park by 12:16 (per Paul Butler).

Admission £8 for adults and £7 for over 65s, children and students.

Linky Down 13th April

Ring Ouzel 2 still present this morning (per Kyle Smith).

Monday, 12 April 2021

Standlake Pit 60: 12th April

Standlake Pit 60
Yellow Wagtail 17:00.
Ring-necked Duck 17:00.

Andrew Mann


Redstart near Banbury, above & below courtesy of Edwin Barson

Port Meadow: 12th April

Port Meadow
4 Shelduck
Redshank: heard-only.
2 Little Ringed Plover
3 Yellow Wagtail
19 White Wagtail: Record count for the Meadow!
300 Golden Plover
50 Swallow: Over in a few large flocks.
15 Meadow Pipit: Including one intriguing colourful bird, either aberrant or a hybrid.
Common Sandpiper
Common Tern

Adam Hartley

The weird Pipit, probably an aberrant Meadow Pipit

Oxon Downs 12th April


Redstart (m) Oxon Downs this evening.

Short-eared Owl Blewbury.

Farmoor 12th April

Cuckoo: by the river 7:15. SP445065. 20:31.

Paul Butler

Widford 12th April

Little Ringed Plover 9
Yellow Wagtail 1
White Wagtail 1
Little Egret 2

Oxford City 12th April


Courtesy of M.Buckley.

Male Pied Flycatcher still present within Magdalen College Deer Park showing in trees around Fellow's Car Park (per M.Buckley).

Admission to the park is £8 for adults and £7 for over 65s,children & students.

Milton Down 12th April

Milton Down
9 Wheatear: 8 in this field and another further towards Langley Farm. Possibly an under count as birds on field brow and skittish. Little owl on Langley farm roof too. SP283158. 18:38.

Mick Cunningham

Water Eaton: 12th April


1 Redstart,  2 Wheatear,  1 Yellow Wagtail

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 11th April

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
Wheatear 20:26.

Luke Marriner

Otmoor rspb 12th April

GLOSSY IBIS still present 
Garganey in front of the 1st screen 14:25 
Yellow Wagtail 22+
Reed Warbler 


Redstart near Cholsey courtesy of Steve Foster.

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 12th April

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
80 Sand Martin: mainly out over the lake with swallows but around 20 investigating nest holes in bridge.
60 Swallow
10 House Martin

Blenheim: Park Farm
6 Lesser Redpoll
5 Willow Warbler: singing at various spots around lake.

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
2 Mandarin Duck: Pair at Fair Rosamunds Well.
75 Gadwall
17 Teal
49 Tufted Duck
11 Shoveler

Bob Pomfret

Dorchester: Dyke Hills: 12th April

Dorchester: Dyke Hills
Redstart: male. Calling and seen nicely on gate/fenceposts. 13:45.
3 Wheatear: 1 male, 2 fem. Between here and Thames. 13:45.

Jake Bishop

Farmoor Reservoir 12th April

Yellow Wagtail 7
White Wagtail 5
Sand Martin c650
Sedge Warbler 2
Common Sandpiper 4

Marston Oxford 12th April

Male Ring Ouzel still present (c12:20 Andy Last) on the pasture this morning (per Tom & Luca Pizzari).

Ring-necked Parakeet 2 (A.L)

Port Meadow: 11th April

11th April

Port Meadow
2 Redstart: Burgess Field: adult male calling regularly and sporadically singing in small trees halfway along railside path. Second bird calling nearby, unseen. 11:30.
Little Ringed Plover 18:00.
3 Redshank 18:00.

Nicholas Boyd

Port Meadow: 12th April

Port Meadow
2 Little Ringed Plover: A pair by the mudbanks at the SW shore, one bird occasionally displaying to the other. 11:37.

Manoj Nair

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park: 12th April

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park
Redstart: Male along the hedgerows by the rail-side path. 09:30.

Port Meadow
3 Yellow Wagtail: Feeding actively by the SW corner of floods with 3 putative 'white' wagtails, 6 pied wagtails and c.20 meadow pipits. 09:30.

Manoj Nair

Port Meadow: 12th April

First winter Mediterranean gull briefly at 8:30

3 Yellow wagtails

7 White wagtails

2 Little ringed plovers

Male redstart still in Burgess Field (per Manoj Nair)

Lye Valley, Headington, Oxford: 12th April

 10 phylloscopus warblers feeding in one silver birch in the dramatic snow this morning: 

8 Chiffchaff, some with snow frozen to their feet:

Absolutely surreal to hear 2 Willow Warblers (one above) singing in the snow. 

Grimsbury Reservoir 12th April

Redstart still near N/W corner near to the bench 06:56
Yellow Wagtail 6
Common Sandpiper 


Cetti's Warbler Otmoor rspb courtesy of Mark Chivers.

Fyfield Wick: 12th April

Fyfield Wick
Redshank: Flew around briefly calling. 00:50.

Jed Cleeter

Sunday, 11 April 2021

R. Thames nr Cholsey Marsh: 11th April

R. Thames nr Cholsey Marsh
2 Egyptian Goose: On Riverside bank. 15:29.

Steve Foster

Otmoor: 11th April

Cuckoo 09:00.
Yellow Wagtail 09:00.
5 White-fronted Goose 09:00.
Glossy Ibis 09:00.

Peter Alfrey

Witney 11th April

Courtesy of A.Stanley

still present in garden today.

Linky Down: 11th April

Linky Down
Ring Ouzel: Male flew over my head as I walked down the path. Not relocated. 17:30.

Mark Mckeown


Female Goosander at Farmoor Reservoir this evening courtesy of Bryan Manston.

Newington: 11th April

Tree Pipit: On webs count. 16:00.

Mark Mckeown


Courtesy of Anthony Fowler.

Male Redstart Banbury courtesy of Kyle Smith Birdwatch Britannia

Headington - Nocmig 30th March

Sandwich Tern - 00:29 (15 calls) (see shortened recording below) - possibly 2+ birds


Sedge Warbler Otmoor rspb courtesy of Anju Sharma.

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 11th April

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
Redstart: male. Only my second record for the site. 20:22.
52 Mute Swan: My highest count on site. 20:22.
7 Yellow Wagtail: Numbers starting to build. 20:22.
Common Sandpiper 20:22.
6 Oystercatcher 20:22.
4 Willow Warbler 20:22.
1 Wheatear

Luke Marriner

Marston Oxford 11th April

Distant male ring ouzel by Moth

Distant Rouzel

Ring Ouzel still present 16:30 (per Moth)
Redstart 2 m/f
Ring-necked Parakeet 2+

Ridgeway: 11th April

Short eared owl - Devil's Punchbowl

2 male redstarts - 1 at Segsbury Down 1 at Bury Down

3 wheatear (2m 1f) - East Hendred Downs

Britchcombe access land: 11th Apr.

2 Ring Ouzel (m) with a further 2 along the Ridgeway towards Blowingstone Hill
Redstart (m)

        Yet another Rouzel

Appleford GPs 11th April

Little-ringed Plover 2+
Oystercatcher 3+
Snipe 4+
Lapwing c10
Yellow Wagtail 3
White Wagtail 3 (1m)

Oxford: Magdalen College: 11th April

Pied Flycatcher male. One present in Magdalen College Deer Park. SP519064. 13:30.

Max Buckley

Linky Down: 11th April

Courtesy of Jez March

Ring Ouzel 2. Male still present 14:47 (Ewan Urquhart) from looking down from main path by the line of fence going up the field in the bottom of gorse bushes in and out. Cracking bird. 11:35.
Redstart still 14:42
Chiffchaff 11:35.  
Coal Tit 11:35.

(per Jez March,Ralph Watts)

Courtesy of Jez March

Waterstock: River Thame: 11th April

Waterstock: River Thame
2 Grey Wagtail 10:00.
3 House Martin 10:00.
13 Teal 10:00.
8 Blackcap 10:00.
9 Chiffchaff 10:00.
4 Willow Warbler 10:00.
13 Reed Bunting 10:00.
9 Linnet 10:00.
15 Meadow Pipit 10:00.
2 Green Sandpiper 10:00.
30 Fieldfare 10:00.
Goosander 10:00.
10 Redwing 10:00.
5 Lapwing 10:00.
Redstart: Male. 10:00.
2 Sedge Warbler 10:00.
23 Swallow 10:00.
Raven 10:00.
43 Snipe 10:00.

Nick Marriner


Wheatear Stonesfield courtesy of Paul Wren.

Banbury M40 floods 11th April

Ringed Plover
Little-ringed Plover 6
Yellow Wagtail 2
White Wagtail 2

(per John Friendship-Taylor) 12:54

Floods are c300yds along the A361 from the M40 junc 11 roundabout towards Daventry.

Otmoor: 11th April

Brent Goose dark-bellied still 16:04 (per Barry Batchelor).
Garganey 09:30.
5 Ruff 09:30. 
1 Green Sandpiper 

No sign of the Bar-tailed Godwit

(per Thomas Miller, Ian Elkins, Bark)

Marsh Baldon 11th April

Courtesy of Paul Torvell

2 Wheatear: On local arable fields. SU576997. 08:26.

Paul Torevell

Port Meadow: 11th April

Port Meadow
2 Yellow Wagtail 07:30.
15 White Wagtail 07:30.

Thomas Miller

Widford: 11th April

2 Little Ringed Plover: 2 in flooded field. SP265114. 09:00.

Mark Pidgeon

Farmoor Reservoir: 11th April

Farmoor Reservoir
Green Sandpiper: Flying down the Thames. SP435060. 10:15.
4 Yellow Wagtail: On causeway. SP445065. 10:15.

Mark Pidgeon

Standlake: 11th April

Yellow Wagtail: A beauty. 12:16.

Mick Cunningham

Water Eaton: Water Eaton/Sparsey: 11th April

Water Eaton: Water Eaton/Sparsey
2 Yellow Wagtail: Feeding in field on water Eaton side of Sparsey Bridge along with Meadow Pipits and (confusingly!) a yellowhammer. 09:00.

Andrew Siantonas

Grimsbury Reservoir 11th April

Redstart along western side 07:18
Yellow Wagtail 4
White Wagtail 5
Common Sandpiper 
Little-ringed Plover through

(per John Friendship-Taylor et al)

Linky Down: 11th April

Linky Down
2 Ring Ouzel: SU726963. 08:12.

Jez March

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Marston Meadows: 10th April

Ring Ouzel


Lollingdon Hill Cholsey 10th April

Ring Ouzel a.m only
Wheatear 3

Grimsbury Res: 10th April

2 male Redstart along W side
3+ Yellow Wags
2 White Wags
Loads of all 3 Hirundines

Flooded building site by M40 junction:
1 Ringed Plover
4 Green Sands
4+ LRPs
2+ Yellow Wags
2 White Wags

Drayton (nr Abingdon): 10th April

Drayton (nr Abingdon)
9 Green Sandpiper: SU487942. 19:57.
2 Oystercatcher: SU487942. 19:57.
2 Little Ringed Plover: SU487942. 19:57.

Michael Pocock

Swerford: 10th April

50 Fieldfare 09:55.

Nick Suckling

Lark Hill 10th April

16 Wheatear inc. a likely male Greenland  

Linky Down 10th April

Ring Ouzel m (Paul Butler) still present 15:58 (per Jackie Newcombe)
Redstart m (Andy Last) still present 15:58 (J.N)

Marston Meadows 10th April

Ring Ouzel male, (per Tom Evans) Marston Meadows, (just past Park Farm carpark at end of Edgeway, on left - the wigeon field). Alternately feeding in open and sitting in hedge near 2 big oaks at farm end.
Still present 16:01 (per Justin Taylor)

Farmoor Reservoir 10th April

Yellow Wagtail

White Wagtail

Swallow 100+
Sand Martin c4000 at 11:23
Common Sandpiper 6
White Wagtail 6
Yellow Wagtail 6

(per Ewan Urquhart)

Widford 10th April

Little Ringed Plover 5
White Wagtail 1
Little Egret 2

Port Meadow: 10th April

Male Blue-headed wagtail (Thomas Miller) still present c11:15 although mobile
9 flavissima Yellow wagtails
12+ white wagtails
2 common terns flew upriver

Flood just north of Banbury 10th April

Green Sandpiper 4+
Ringed Plover 2
Little-ringed Plover 2
White Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail


Floods are c300yds along the A361 from the M40 junc 11 roundabout towards Daventry.

Otmoor - 10th April

Bar-tailed Godwit - Big Otmoor 09:10
2 Garganey - Big Otmoor
3 White-fronted Geese - Big Otmoor
5 Ruff
3 Dunlin
Big fall of Willow Warbler - 26+ singing males
34 House Martin S
c50 Swallow
c20 Sand Martin
11 Sedge Warbler
2 Reed Warbler
82 Fieldfare
2 Shelduck
3 Pintail
3 Marsh Harrier

No sign of the Glossy Ibis by 12:30

Grimsbury Reservoir 10th April

Redstart 2 in area of Regs Meadow in front of Plantation c14:59 (per Mark Ribbons, John Friendship-Taylor et al).
White Wagtail reported 14:46
Yellow Wagtail

Sonning Eye GPs: 10th April

Sonning Eye GPs
2 Mandarin Duck: m+f. 14:06.

Marek Walford


Chiffchaff Otmoor rspb courtesy of Jessica Crumpton.

Floods between Drayton & Sutton Courtenay 10th April

Green Sandpiper 3+
Little-ringed Plover 2
Oystercatcher 2
Little Egret 
Mistle Thrush

Viewable from the B4016.

Appleford GPs 10th April

Little-ringed Plover 2
Oystercatcher 4
Lapwing c15
Sand Martin c30
Swallow c20
Willow Warbler 2

Bicester Wetland Reserve 10th April

1 Jack Snipe
48 Snipe
3 Green Sandpiper
1 Willow Warbler

Alan Peters

Key Holder Reserve

Stratfield Brake: 10th April

Stratfield Brake
Reed Warbler: Singing in reed bed by path leading to the canal. 09:00.

Andrew Siantonas

Warneford Meadow, Headington, Oxford: 10th April

Ring Ouzel: a massive crop of an image of one disappearing north over Warneford Meadow this morning.  Fortunately, it was calling, the Fieldfare-like flight call. No throat pattern can be seen on the images, but the long, pale wings, with tapered primaries, are just visible. Also seen by Phil Barnett who was in the meadow at the time. 

Standlake: 10th April

Common Sandpiper 09:42.

Mick Cunningham

Friday, 9 April 2021

Moreton Golf Course 9th April

Ring Ouzel: Male feeding with other thrushes, my first for the sight, no further sign after 5:30. 21:04.
Redstart: male. My first for the site seen in scrub along road parallel with bridle path. 21:04.

2 Common Sandpiper: Nfy on site. 21:04.
Oystercatcher 6  

25 House Martin: NFY on site, came down in a rain shower and didn't stick around. 21:04.
Sand Martin 21:04.
20 Swallow 21:04.
Yellow Wagtail 2 feeding on main lake  
6 Willow Warbler: 4 new birds in today. 21:04.
Little Owl 21:04.

(per Luke Marriner)


All photos courtesy of Luke Marriner.

Port Meadow: 9th April

Port Meadow
7 Yellow Wagtail 18:30.
10 White Wagtail 18:30.

Thomas Miller

Farmoor Reservoir: 9th April

Farmoor Reservoir
Yellow Wagtail 17:30.
5 Common Sandpiper 17:30.
4 White Wagtail 17:30.

Thomas Miller

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway: 9th April

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway
Yellow Wagtail 15:15.
4 Common Sandpiper 15:15.

John Gough

Otmoor rspb 9th April

GLOSSY IBIS 13:59 on The Closes
Russian White-fronted Goose 5

(per RBA)

Drayton to Sutton Courtenay floods 9th April

5 Little Ringed Plover
Ringed Plover
7 Green Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
2 Redshank
3 Oystercatcher
White Wagtail

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway: 9th April

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway
2 Common Sandpiper 12:15.

Stephen Lockey

Southfield Golf Course, Headington, Oxford: 9th March


25 Barnacle Geese east over Headington just before dawn this morning, viewed from Southfield Golf Course. This continues a remarkable run of waterbirds over this hill, following 7 Goosander (photographed) and two flocks of Common Scoter (sound-recorded) last month. 

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill: 9th April

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill
3 Wheatear: 2 male, 1 female. 12:00.

Michael Pocock

Balscote Quarry B.O.S Reserve 9th April

Ringed Plover 
Little-ringed Plover 
Golden Plover 43 over
Sand Martin 9
Yellow Wagtail 3
Willow Warbler
Brambling f

Grimsbury Reservoir:
Common Sandpiper 

(et al)

Buscot Wick: Weston Farm: 9th April

Buscot Wick: Weston Farm
Redstart: male. 10:15.

Ian Sherriffs

Port Meadow: 9th April

2 Yellow wagtail

5+ White wagtail

Common tern along river (per Elizabeth Stroud)

Probable Common Sandpiper (per Matthew Southwell)

Grey Heron (per Matthew Southwell)

Port Meadow: 9th April

Port Meadow
4 Grey Heron: Flying and perching in trees along the river. 09:24.

Matthew Southwell

Stanton St. John: 9th April

Stanton St. John
3 Wood Duck: Three back at regular nest site this morning. 09:06.

David Brown

: 9th April

Whitethroat: Singing. FOY. SP508175. 08:00.

Willow Warbler: Singing. FOY. SP508175. 08:00.

David Watkinson