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Feb 25th Smew Henley Rd GPs...21st Ring-necked Duck Otmoor rspb...13th 6 Smew Standlake...Spotted Redshank Water Eaton...12th 6 Smew Baulking...Jan 17th Cattle Egret still at Letcombe Regis...11th Brent Goose Otmoor rspb...1st ROSE-COLOURED STARLING Witney...9th RING-NECKED DUCK 3 Hardwick GPs...

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Chadlington: 27th February

Stonechat: SP200334. 09:45.

Steve Akers

Cornwell 26th February

 Common Crane 1 briefly per Steve Akers

Cornbury 27th February

Common Crossbill 20+
Brambling 2
Siskin 10+
Tawny Owl 1 - male hooting
Common Raven 5
Sparrowhawk 1

EU and Steve Akers


Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 27th February

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
9 Redshank: Big Otmoor + The Closes. 07:00.
40 Dunlin: Flying with Lapwing over The Flood. 07:00.
2 Ruff: Big Otmoor. 07:00.
Oystercatcher: Big Otmoor. 07:00.
150 Snipe: At least 150 on Big Otmoor. 07:00.
5 Curlew 07:00.
5 Marsh Harrier 07:00.
17 Cetti's Warbler 07:00.
3 Little Egret: Noke Sides. 07:00.
90 Tufted Duck: 1st + 2nd screen. 07:00.

Isaac West

Otmoor Peregrine courtesy of Peter Milligan.

A329 near Moulsford: 27th February

A329 near Moulsford
Brambling: Fem, foraging seeds being knocked out of sfh feeder by Starlings! SU5985. 15:13.

Mike Amphlett

Radley GP: 27th February

Radley GP
2 Ring-necked Duck: pair. On pit south of old railway.
2 Egyptian Goose: pair. On Thrupp Lake.
Cetti's Warbler: heard in song.
2 Chiffchaff: in full song.
2 Oystercatcher: pair. At Thrupp Lake.

Ian Elkins


Crossbill courtesy of Nick Truby.

Farmoor Reservoir 27th February

Russian White-fronted Goose 1w with Greylag Geese S/W of Whtley Farm on opposite bank of the Thames
Snow Goose 103

(per Dave Lowe)

Henley Road GPs: 27th February

Henley Road GPs
Smew: drk+rh. Still on the north lake. 10:20.

Marek Walford


Goldcrest Oxford courtesy of Christopher Knight.

Friday, 26 February 2021

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 26th February

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Hen Harrier: Ringtail roosted in reedbed. 17:00.
Merlin: Ashgrave. 17:00.
2 Peregrine 17:00.
2 Little Egret 17:00.
10 Grey Heron 17:00.
Oystercatcher 17:00.
6 Curlew: Greenaways. 17:00.

Isaac West

Confidential: 26th February

2 Sparrowhawk: Pair displaying. A fabulous sight against a clear blue sky. 20:44.

Nick Suckling

Farmoor Reservoir 26th February

Crane 2 flying fairly high south along the Thames
c09:30 (per Dave Murphy)

Farmoor Reservoir: Pinkhill
Woodcock: one woodcock early evening three last night. SP445065. 19:04. 
Snipe: SP445065. 19:04. 
Kingfisher: SP445065. 19:04. 

(per Paul Butler)

Mediterranean Gull (ad)  in the roost
Yellow-legged Gull 
Scaup 3

Port Meadow: 26th February

Port Meadow
3 Shelduck
2 Redshank

Adam Hartley

Radley GP: 26th February

Radley GP
2 Ring-necked Duck: pair. still with us ! On the reedy pit south of the old railway today; very glossy in the sun. 15:40.

Radley GP: Thrupp Lake
2 Oystercatcher: on island with many B-H-Gulls & cormorants. 15:40.

Anthony Cheke

Henley Road GPs: 26th February

Henley Road GPs
Smew: m. Re found by Alan and myself On new Activities Centre by kind permission of the new owner Martin who allowed us in to view the bird. 09:40.
Oystercatcher 09:40.
Goldeneye 09:40.

Ralph Watts

Henley Road GPs: 26th February

Henley Road GPs
2 Smew: drk+rh. 12:30.

Marek Walford

Chipping Norton: 26th February

Chipping Norton
2 Reed Bunting: ad male. Perched singing over territories. SP283268. 10:30.

Steve Akers

Henley Road GPs: 26th February

Henley Road GPs
2 Smew: dark + r/h. Both showing well. 11:38.

Roger Stansfield

: 26th February

Neal's Farm
Brambling: f. SU6882. 10:40.

John Taylor

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Port Meadow: 25th February

Port Meadow
5 Shelduck

Adam Hartley

Henley Road GPs: 25th February

Henley Road GPs
Oystercatcher: On its lonesome on island with roosting Cormorants. 15:50.

John Kearns

Letcombe Regis: 25th February

Letcombe Regis
Great Bustard: 1w release scheme bird alive and well.

Stonechat: f. In paddock. SU393875.

Mark Merritt

: 25th February

Rotherfield Greys
45 Red Kite: Seen over field being ploughed by farmer lost count of birds. SU727825. 14:20.

Ralph Watts

Buckland: 25th February

Shelduck: SP342010. 18:41.

Mick Cunningham

Otmoor rspb 25th February

Russian White-fronted Goose 8 (per RBA)
Crane 2
No sign of the drake Ring-necked Duck.

Henley Road GPs: 25th February

Henley Road GPs
2 Mandarin Duck: Over calling.

Marek Walford

: 25th February

Nuffield church area
2 Brambling: fem. In with the chaffinch flock. SU664873. 18:09.

Mike Lewington

Farmoor Reservoir 25th February

Scaup 3 F2 (1stw dk, adult f, 1stw f) 15:36 
Russian White-fronted Goose 1w by river Thames at 15:04 with Greylags.
Snow Geese 103

(per RBA)

Pumping Station
2 Chiffchaff: Seen and heard near to the pumping station. 15:00.

Richard Parsons

Henley Road GPs: 25th February

Henley Road GPs
Smew: m. In gravel pit whilst crossing nature Reserve. What a beautiful sight. 15:59.

John Kearns


Little Owl courtesy of Luke Marriner.

Standlake - 25 February AM

3 Chiffchaff singing along Shifford Lane 

No sign of any Smew on Pit 28

Radley GPs 25th February

Ring-necked Duck 2 (m/f) 10:56 follow track past Thrupp Lake to T-junction, take the left hand gravel track for c100yds to view small pit on right (per RBA)

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 24th February

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
Woodcock 20:02.

Luke Marriner

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 24th February

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
4 Oystercatcher 20:00.
Peregrine: High over the lakes. 20:00.

Luke Marriner

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 24th February

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
4 White-fronted Goose: Ashgrave. 17:15.
19 Dunlin 17:15.
2 Little Egret 17:15.
Sparrowhawk 17:15.

Isaac West

Radley GPs 24th February

Ring-necked Duck 2 (m/f) 11:30 follow track past Thrupp Lake to T-junction, take the left hand gravel track for c100yds to view small pit on right (per RBA)

Farmoor Reservoir: 24th February

Farmoor Reservoir
Caspian Gull: 2w. 17:00.
Mediterranean Gull: ad. 17:00.
3 Yellow-legged Gull: 2 x adult, 3w. 17:00.
2 Dunlin 17:00.

Thomas Miller

Port Meadow: 24th February

Port Meadow
2 Caspian Gull: 2 x 2w. "Eric" and another bird.
5 Shelduck
4 Pintail
15 Golden Plover

Adam Hartley

Appleford GPs

Pintail - 2
Stonechat - 2 
Raven - 2

: 24th February

Neal's Shaw
Brambling: f. SU6882. 13:04.

John Taylor

A329 near Moulsford: 24th February

A329 near Moulsford
Brambling: Fem back again, foraging spilt seed, with 4m +2f Chaffinches. SU5985. 12:50.

Mike Amphlett

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Port Meadow: 23rd February

Port Meadow
6 Shelduck
5 Pintail
Yellow-legged Gull: 3w.

Adam Hartley

Northmoor: 23rd February

35 Snipe 22:23.

Mick Cunningham

Blenheim: Combe Gate: 23rd February

23rd February

Blenheim: Combe Gate
Woodcock 22:03.

Blenheim: High Lodge
Woodcock 12:00.

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
Great White Egret: on south bank of Combe Creek. 12:00.

Anthony Cheke

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 23rd February

23rd February

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Merlin 17:30.
2 Woodcock: Left Morley's together and dropped onto The Closes. 18:00.
12 Dunlin: The Closes. 17:20.

Isaac West

: 23rd February

Huntercoombe golf course
Raven: SU675872. 18:56.

Mike Lewington

: 23rd February

Intercooler golf course
Raven: SU674865. 18:48.

Mike Lewington

Foxholes BBOWT & Sarsgrove 23rd February

Woodcock 7 


Brambling 10+
Chaffinch 20+
Linnet 50+
Marsh Tit 1

Ewan Urquhart and Sally Hula

Sonning Eye GPs: 23rd February

Sonning Eye GPs
2 Egyptian Goose 15:10.
Raven 15:10.

Ralph Watts

Standlake 23rd February

2 Great White Egret: SP387018. 12:30.
2 Oystercatcher: SP387018. 12:30.
100 Pintail: Large number of duck again including 100+ Pintail. SP387018. 12:30.

Julian Webster

Balscote Quarry Reserve 23rd February

Brambling 4 (per A.B)

A329 near Moulsford: 23rd February

A329 near Moulsford
Brambling: Very brief vist by the fem. SU5985. 09:04.

Mike Amphlett

Monday, 22 February 2021

High Cogges: 22nd February

High Cogges
Stonechat: male. 17:15.

Richard Catling

Appleford: Appleford GP: 22nd February

Appleford: Appleford GP
Pintail: male. 17:30.
2 Oystercatcher 17:30.

Michael Violette

Port Meadow: 22nd February

Port Meadow
3 Redshank: Basking on the sunny riverbank rather than actively feeding a little upstream from the Perch. 15:30.
Goosander: fem. Basking on the sunny riverbank opposite the Perch. 15:30.
Shelduck: 4. On the floods. 15:30.

Andrew Siantonas

Farmoor river Thames 22nd February

Great white Egret
Little Egret: SP445065. 10:30.
Blackcap: mail. Back in the garden today in Farmoor village

Paul Butler

Sunday, 21 February 2021

21st February, Port Meadow

2 Mediterranean Gulls: pristine adult & 1w
2 Oystercatchers
1 Dunlin

Ollie Padget, Giles Moon, Matthew Lloyd

Adult Med Gull courtesy of Giles Moon

Otmoor: 21st February

Ring-necked Duck (male) - still present at 1st screen at 16:00 (found by Nick Truby)
19 Ruff - Big Otmoor
Grey Partridge
15 Dunlin
11 Stonechat
27 Pochard
9 Cetti's Warbler
5 Chiffchaff - 1 in song

Otmoor: 21st February

Ring-necked Duck: male. 10:55.
9 Ruff 10:55.
25 Dunlin 10:55.
Brambling 10:55.
5 Marsh Harrier 10:55.
57 Barnacle Goose 10:55.

Peter Alfrey

Radley GP: 21st February

Radley GP
2 Ring-necked Duck: pair. Again on pool south of old railway.
2 Egyptian Goose
33 Wigeon: 19 males, 14 fem. On Thrupp Lake. Largest count here for a while.

Ian Elkins

A329 near Moulsford: 21st February

A329 near Moulsford
2 Grey Partridge: Adjacent fenceline (bisecting the two large fields) leading N from lane to station. SU5985. 14:40.

Mike Amphlett

Wootton 21st February

Sansomes, Wootton, Woodstock
2 Peregrine: male & fem. Caught wood pigeon & observed feeding for 45 minutes. SP449193. 17:40.

Trevor Young

Bernwood Forest: 21st February

Bernwood Forest
8 Common Crossbill: Party of 8 flying over forest just north of entrance from Bernwood Meadows. 17:12.

Joe Wynn

Waterstock: River Thame: 21st February

Waterstock: River Thame
10 Gadwall 10:00.
105 Pintail 10:00.
Curlew 10:00.
3 Goosander 10:00.
Jack Snipe 10:00.
375 Lapwing 10:00.
Kingfisher 10:00.
Little Egret 10:00.
500 Wigeon 10:00.
53 Snipe 10:00. 
70 Meadow Pipit 10:00. 
1400 Teal 10:00. 
7 Reed Bunting 10:00. 
2 Chiffchaff 10:00. 
2 Grey Wagtail 10:00. 
70 Shoveler 10:00. 

Nick Marriner

Appleford GPs

Pintail - 4 (2m and 2f)
Pochard - 2 (m and f) 
Stonechat - 5 (All perched along barbed wire fence) 
Peregrine - flying high over towards power station 

Sonning Eye GPs: 21st February

Sonning Eye GPs
Great White Egret: On rowing course bund. 14:43.

Marek Walford

Otmoor 21st February 2021

 Ring-necked Duck (1st screen 10:10)

Leucistic Pochard

Old Caley's Diary

Black Redstart, Wolvercote 21st February

Female type Black Redstart (found by Adrian Bletchley) in the garden of 226 Godstow Road, Wolvercote. It is feeding from the fence posts in the garden but is often around the back of the house so it is best viewed distantly from the west end of the paddock that lies just to the west of house. From here you can look back to the fence posts behind the house itself. Please respect the privacy of the residents. Parking in the Port Meadow car park.

Bird is roughly where the arrow is - view from the red cross   

Black Redstart courtesy of Matthew Lloyd

A329 near Moulsford: 21st February

A329 near Moulsford
Brambling: Nicely plumaged female, vaguely consorting with 6 Chaffinches, all foraging spilt seed. SU5985. 13:20.

Mike Amphlett

Standlake 21st February

Russian White-fronted Goose in field beyond Pit 60 
between river & footpath (per RBA)
Peregrine: On Pylon. 10:00.
2 Oystercatcher 10:00.
Marsh Harrier 10:00. 

LWV Pit 28
Smew: male. 09:30. 
30 Red-crested Pochard 09:30. 
15 Goosander: Numbers around the various diffferent pits. 09:30. 

Michael Violette

Farmoor Reservoir 21st February

Scaup 3 (1w dk, ad f, 1w f)
Russian White-fronted Goose F2 with Greylags 

Otmoor rspb 21st February

RING-NECKED DUCK drake from the first screen 10:10 (per Nick Truby)

Ruff 8
Dunlin 22
Marsh Harrier 5
Stonechat 6

(per Bark)

Bicester Wetland Reserve 21st February

 217 Snipe

2 Green Sandpiper

3 Lapwing

Have managed to get water levels just right in last few days, lots of very shallow water and also exposed mud, no contractor work or Thames Water tankers trundling up and down the entrance road because it's Sunday. Consequently birds feeding out in the open not flying about made them easy to count. This is the highest count in the 22 years of the reserve.  

Alan peters

Key Holder Reserve

Cutteslowe: North Oxford Golf Course: 21st February

Cutteslowe: North Oxford Golf Course
Woodcock: Flew from golf course low over Linkside Av/Lakeside houses, turned around and back to golf course. First I've seen in the area. SP497109. 10:22.

Nicholas Boyd