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Monday, 17 January 2022

Sunday, 16 January 2022

Chipping Norton: 16th January

Chipping Norton
Blackcap: ad fem. SP308257. 08:00.

Steve Akers

Waterstock: River Thame: 16th January

Waterstock: River Thame
105 Siskin 10:00.
5 Lesser Redpoll 10:00.

Nick Marriner

Waterstock: River Thame: 16th January

Waterstock: River Thame
120 Teal 10:00.
53 Wigeon 10:00.
Kingfisher 10:00.
3 Shoveler 10:00.
Raven 10:00.
32 Brambling 10:00.
3 Gadwall 10:00.
4 Meadow Pipit 10:00.
99 Snipe 10:00.
Jack Snipe 10:00.

Nick Marriner

Dix Pit, 16th Jan

Mixed finch flock, c30 birds. Mostly siskin and goldfinch with some redpoll.
10 Goldeneye
27 Red-crested Pochard

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Otmoor rspb 16th January

Hen Harrier rt over the reedbeds 08:00 (per RBA).

Farmoor Reservoir 16th January


Great Northern Diver 1 juvenile
Common Goldeneye 2 m/f

Standlake: 16th January

7 Goosander: SP386019. 14:41.
4 Goldeneye: SP386019. 14:41.
Great White Egret: SP386019. 14:41.
1000 Teal: SP386019. 14:41.
100 Wigeon: SP386019. 14:41.
30 Shoveler: SP386019. 14:41.
Water Rail: Heard. SP386019. 14:41.
Cetti's Warbler: Heard. SP386019. 14:41.

Mark Pidgeon

Henley-on-Thames: 16th January

7 Egyptian Goose 12:06.

John Kearns

Farmoor Reservoir: 16th January

Farmoor Reservoir
Great Northern Diver: In southeast corner of F1. 08:30.

Brian Walker

Sonning Eye GPs: 16th January

Sonning Eye GPs
Great White Egret: On the lake off Spring Lane. 10:47.

Marek Walford

Abingdon Sewage Works 16th January

PALLAS'S WARBLER still present 09:40 
Siberian Chiffchaff 

(per George Best).

Piddington: 15th January

15th January

2 Woodcock: SP618150. 15:15.

Blackcap: Male in garden - first for several years. 09:00.

Colin Oram

Saturday, 15 January 2022

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course: 15th January

Moreton nr Thame: Moreton Golf Course
160 Wigeon 10:00.
53 Gadwall 10:00.
17 Little Grebe 10:00.
Pochard 10:00.
3 Teal 10:00.
5 Lesser Redpoll 10:00.
17 Siskin 10:00.
8 Yellowhammer 10:00.
Woodcock 10:00.
Snipe 10:00.

Nick Marriner

Abingdon: Peep-o-Day Lane: 15th January

Abingdon: Peep-o-Day Lane
Snipe: On floods south of fishing lakes, east of the lane. SU492948. 14:10.
2 Lapwing: On floods south of fishing lakes, east of the lane. SU492948. 14:10.

Geoff Dymott

Farmoor Reservoir 15th January

Great northern Diver juv still present (per Mark Chivers).

Jack Snipe Otmoor rspb


Some fantastic video footage taken by Rob Cadd of the Jack Snipe which is being seen regularly 
in the cut reeds,to the left of the first screen on the Otmoor rspb reserve.

Cowley: 15th January

Blackcap: fem. In my nan's garden . 12:20.

Jed Cleeter

Radley GP: 15th January

Radley GP
Ring-necked Duck: m. Still on Thrupp lake this afternoon.
8 Red-crested Pochard: 7m 1f. On Thrupp Lake.

Adam Hartley

The Ring-necked Duck, courtesy of Gnome


Blenheim Park 15th January

Great white Egret 5 on Queens Pool at 15:27 
(per Justin Taylor).

Ardington 15th January

2+ Hawfinch in young woodland to N of Estate Office
10+ Bullfinch 

Dorchester: Sailing Club Pit (Dorchester Lagoon): 15th January

Dorchester: Sailing Club Pit (Dorchester Lagoon)
Great White Egret: fide Alison Muldal. 12:00.

Sylfest Muldal

Abingdon Sewage Works 15th January

PALLAS'S WARBLER still present 13:24 (per Andy Last, Leo Bateman).

Please park on Lambrick Way (OX14 5TJ) by the Rugby Club grounds (in red) as Peep-O-Day Lane is narrow with limited parking. Walk down the lane to view the hedgerow along the north of the sewage works and also the woodland at the end of the path and off to the right (in Yellow) See map below.

Witney: Thorney Leys: 15th January

Witney: Thorney Leys
Blackcap: male. 11:19.

Stephen Wilkinson

Chipping Norton: 15th January

Chipping Norton
2 Blackcap: male and fem. SP308267. 10:00.
2 Bullfinch: male. SP308267. 10:00.

Steve Akers

Henley on Thames 14th January

Belated report of 2 probable Glossy Ibis on river Bank (per Birdguides).

Otmoor rspb 15th January

Hen Harrier rt seen from the second screen 07:49 (per Luke O'Byrne).

Wytham: 15th January

2 Stonechat: SP481092. 09:07.

Matthew Southwell

Port Meadow: 15th January

Port Meadow
3 Egyptian Goose: On edge of Thames. SP493084. 08:10.

Matthew Southwell

Bagley Wood: 14th January

Bagley Wood
Raven 12:00.

Sylfest Muldal

Friday, 14 January 2022

Chipping Norton: 14th January

Chipping Norton
30 Teal: 9 on the small lake; 21 feeding on and around the scrape in the marsh. Probably more present. SP283268. 14:30.
3 Grey Heron: SP283268. 14:30.
4 Mute Swan: 3 adults, 1 juv. SP283268. 14:30.
15 Canada Goose: SP283268. 14:30.
2 Kestrel: SP283268. 14:30.
Green Woodpecker: SP283268. 14:30.
9 Fieldfare: SP283268. 14:30.

Steve Akers

Garford: 14th January

2 Barn Owl: Hunting at Dusk. 16:10.

Jed Cleeter

Sarsgrove, 14th January


Finch Flock feeding in stubble field and in trees by A361/Old London Road junction

Brambling c50

Chaffinch >100

Linnet >200

Farmoor village: 14th January

Farmoor village
Blackcap: male. 14:35.

Paul Butler


Redpoll at Warburg courtesy of John Kearns.

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 14th January

Scaup f 13:52 (per Keith Clack).

Abingdon Sewage Works 14th January

Courtesy of Alan Dawson.

still present along the northern perimeter hedge 12:45 (per Paul Wren).

: 14th January

Magdalen Wood West
Firecrest: East of path across the centre of the wood. SP555058. 12:00.

Ben Sheldon

Stanton St. John: 14th January

Stanton St. John
Kingfisher: One down the stream next to Stanton Great Wood. 10:59.

David Brown

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Fyfield Wick: 13th January

Fyfield Wick
Hen Harrier: Ringtail flew high SSW towards the downs. 16:00.

Jed Cleeter
Great white Egret courtesy of Jessica Crumpton.

Farmoor Reservoir: 13th January

Farmoor Reservoir
Great Northern Diver: juv. Still catching those crayfish near the causeway. 14:00.

Glen Pascoe

Courtesy of Bryan Manston.

Abingdon STW 13th January


Pallas's Leaf Warbler 1 in hedge on the northern boundary of the works
Siberian Chiffchaff 2+
Common Chiffchaff 30+
Goldcrest 2

Abingdon Sewage Works 13th January

PALLAS'S WARBLER in hedgerow along the northern perimeter fence of the sewage works
11:28 (per Alan Dawson).

+Siberian Chiffchaff 

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Fyfield Wick: 12th January

12th January

Fyfield Wick
Merlin: fem. In from the west to attack Greenfinch flock above roost, singled 1 bird out and then carried on at full speed in a straight chase before being lost to view. 16:28.
2 Snipe: Dropped in to 1st Lake at dusk. 17:10.
Woodcock: Flew West over garden at dusk. 17:18.
2 Raven: Over calling. 15:30.

Jed Cleeter

Abingdon Sewage Works

Siberian Chiffchaff
Siberian Chiffchaff
Pallas's Warbler

Abingdon Sewage Works 12th January

PALLAS'S WARBLER still present 13:00
Siberian Chiffchaff 

(per Mark Ribbons, Tom Bedford).

All photos courtesy of Tom Bedford.

: 12th January

Ewelme Downs
2 Stonechat: (pair m & f). SU660900. 15:45.

Peter Law

Blenheim 12th January

Pintail - 1 male

Wigeon - c15-20

Great white egret - 4

Little egret - 2

Great black-backed gull - 1

Chiffchaff - 5

Rycote Lake 3rd January

Great White Egret: Seen and photographed by Antonio Guarracino. 14:28.

Sonning Common: 12th January

Sonning Common
Scaup: fem. 14:17.

Marek Walford

Port Meadow: 12th January

Port Meadow
3 Egyptian Goose: On river upstream from Perch landing stage. 10:30.
2 Goosander: 1male/1female. On river upstream from Perch landing stage constantly diving. 10:30.

Andrew Siantonas

Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Farmoor Reservoir 11th January

Great northern Diver juv still present this morning (per Paul Wren).

Sonning Eye GPs: 11th January

Sonning Eye GPs
2 Raven: Over calling. 15:40.

Ralph Watts


Goldeneye Standlake courtesy of Jessica Crumpton.

Port Meadow: 11th January

Port Meadow
50 Barnacle Goose: Min count. SP498080. 13:00.
11 Shoveler: 6 male 5 fem. SP498080. 13:00.

Joe Woodman

Abingdon Sewage Works 11th January

PALLAS'S WARBLER still present 08:45 along sewage works hedgerow (per RBA).

Sonning Eye GPs: 11th January

Sonning Eye GPs
Scaup: drk. 12:42.

Marek Walford

Fyfield Wick: 11th January

Fyfield Wick
Blackcap: fem. 1st female of winter in Pyracantha bush in garden. 10:20.

Jed Cleeter

Sarsgrove: 10th January

12 Brambling: 3 male, 9 fem. Extremely probable that more Brambling are here. They are flocking with Chaffinch and Linnet. In tops of trees alongside A361 opposite The Beeches and in bushes alongside minor road at crossroads of A361 and Old London Road. SP315248. 15:30.
30 Chaffinch: SP315248. 15:30.
40 Linnet: SP315248. 15:30.
Redwing: SP315248. 15:30.

Steve Akers

Otmoor rspb 11th January

Hen Harrier rt 09:02 (per RBA).

: 11th January

Neal's Shaw
Brambling: f. SU6883. 10:12.

Neal's Shaw
2 Raven: SU6883. 10:12.

John Taylor

Radley GPs 11th January

Ring-necked Duck drk on Thrupp Lake c09:50.