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Friday, 31 December 2010

Review of the Year 2010

So another birding year is up and so I thought that I'd write my traditional** end of year report for the county. I've been moaning all year that it hasn't been as good a year as last year but looking at the totals it doesn't seem that different: last year we had a BOU total of 218* species whereas this year it's 212*. I think that in part the difference is also that last year we had quite a few good sub-species (Azorian yellow-legged gull, American black tern, Baltic gull, American white-fronted goose) so that the actual difference if they were included is greater. Still it's not been that bad a year. The list of the scarce or rarer (Bird Guides definition) are (omitting the usual scarce breeders):
  • rose-coloured starling
  • great grey shrike
  • common crane
  • Temminck's Stint
  • spotted crake
  • lesser yellowlegs
  • grey phalarope (n/t)
  • great bustard (release scheme)
  • ring-necked duck
  • spoonbill
  • Sabine's gull (n/t)
  • yellow-browed warbler (n/t)
  • alpine swift (n/t)
  • hoopoe (n/t)
  • wryneck (n/t)
In addition we had some good county birds: dipper finally making it on to many birders' county lists, red-necked grebe (it grips me even to write that down as I was out of the county), great skua, the full range of geese including bean goose & pink-foot, more waxwings than one can shake a very large stick at and a n/t lapland bunting. It is generally agreed that the Port Meadow lesser yellowlegs gets the coveted Bird of the Year award so as the finder I suppose that means that I have to drink Badger's can of Special Brew that he's been trying to get rid of for some months now!

I thought that it might be interesting to compare patch year list totals (i.e. totals see by all observers at a particular patch). The ranking is as one would expect with Farmoor topping the board with what has apparently been a record year for the location:

  1. Farmoor 167
  2. Otmoor 153 (including bustard)
  3. Port Meadow 129
  4. Radley 124
  5. Stonesfield Common 76

Apart from actual birds one thing of note has been the wonderful proliferation of birding blogs within the county. When I first re-discovered birding here just over three years ago the only blog was the Farmoor one. Now we have blogs for each of the top three sites as well as five other county blogs (see side bar for links) not to mention this county-wide blog which has been a great success thanks to the combined contributions from all the top county birders. Long may this blogging continue - it gives me something to do when I should be working!

Finally I thought that I would do the traditional** photo montage of county birds accompanied by an inappropriately rocky sound track. I've taken photos from all sources and endeavoured to acknowledge the copyrights at the end where possible but if I've missed anyone out or if anyone would rather that I didn't use their photos (I didn't get replies back from everyone in time) then do let me know. The birds appear in no particular order.

The 2010 photo-montage

Happy New Year to everyone and onwards and upwards for 2011!

n/t = not twitchable
* Gnome's unofficial figures which include ruddy shelduck and release scheme great bustard
** i.e. I did it last year

Otmoor 31st Dec

(per R & L Ebbs Oxonbirds)

Radley 31st Dec

Bittern seen in flight at dusk flying over Thrupp Lake in the direction of
Lower Radley.
(per Bob Eeles)

31st December: Abingdon SF

At least 6 Common ChiffChaff in the hawthorns by the filters
Also a Tree Creeper there

31st December: Port Meadow

5+ pintail
3 golden plover
5 common gull
a few skylark overhead
wigeon, teal & shoveler back in good number, particularly the wigeon

31st December: Abingdon Smew

Smew (redhead) still on south Abingdon pits this morning then flushed to river
(photo B.B)

Walton Manor: Nordic Jackdaw Again

The Nordic jackdaw made a brief visit to the garden again this morning.

For those who are interested in trying to see it unfortunately its visits to the garden are so fleeting and occasional that it's not worth while trying to stake out the garden. However a wander around the local area might find it on one of the chimney pots and there are a couple of large trees that the local birds tend to hang out in. If you're interested in having a go then drop me an e-mail.

A photo taken with a DSLR by my brother-in-law a couple of days ago
albeit still through a grubby window (c) David Ryan

Waxwings 31st December

Approx 15 Waxwings flew north over Lake Street Oxford heading towards the Grandpont area at 11:56a.m.
(per Dave Lowe)

12 Waxwings flew over the Warneford Hospital at Rosavelt Drive entrance heading towards the Churchill at 9.15am today. Couldn't locate them but suspect they are in the hospital grounds.
(per John Barnes Oxonbirds)

7 Waxwings on Alexander Drive this morning
(per Bob Eeles)

c70 Waxwings Oxford at Osney
(per R.B.A)

Glaucous Gull 31st Dec

The Juv Glaucous Gull was again on the Spit Pit near Appleford 10a.m.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Radley 30th Dec

Glaucous Gull (juv) late p.m

c25 Great-black backed Gull

1 Common Gull

4 Goosander (1m)

Goldeneye (f)
Peregrine (B.E)

South Abingdon G.P's 30th December

Smew (redhead)
Red-crested Pochard
c20 Shoveler
Green Sandpiper
c8 Chiff-Chaff
(top photo (c) B.B)

Waxwings 30th Dec

13.05 about 40-45 Waxwings on TV aerials in Hillview Rd and Osney Arms pub on Botley Rd
(per Oxonbirds)

14:39 about 40 Waxwings on Cripley Road (off Botley Road) then flew towards station - probably the same flock as above
(per Dave Lowe)

Belated Report of 20 Waxwings yesterday morning in Garsington
(per R.B.A)

14 Waxwings in Banbury along Edinburgh way at 13:55. Gareth (see comments)

3 Waxwings at 1.30pm on Highlands, Banbury - east of junction with Rother Road &
before the 2nd Sussex Drive junction. Also 3, may or may not be the same birds,
in Silver Birch rear gardens between Glyndebourne Gardens and Ferriston.
(per Tony Banburybirds)

40+ Waxwings Abingdon still on Alexander Drive
(per Bob Eeles)

Kingston Bagpuize 30th Dec

Short-eared Owl Seen in fields near the A420 round-about near Kingston Bagpuize this morning.
(per Wayne Bull)

No further sign between 3-3.40 (per Dave Lowe)

Glaucous Gull Appleford 30th Dec

The juv Glaucous Gull was still on the Spit Pit at Appleford this morning
(per Tony Williams)

Blenheim & Woodstock water meadows (Dec 29th am)

No sign of any Hawfinch in foggy conditions. Blenheim mostly fozen but the water meadows still had running water.

Peregrine - 2
Little Grebe - 10
Kingfisher - 1

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Greater White-fronted Geese South Stoke

44 Whitefronts present at lunchtime
80 Canada Geese
60+ Linnet
12 Red legged Partridge

Farmoor: bittern

A bittern on the Thames opposite Buckthorn Meadow
(per Dai John)

No further sign by 15.00 (Badger)

Bewick's Swans, Lechlade

10 Bewick's swans just south of Lechlade in fields opposite Riverside car park. Technically probably just outside the county boundary.
(per RBA)

South Stoke: White-fronted geese still

42 white-fronted geese still at South Stoke early afternoon (per Badger)

Now 44 WFG at 12:45 (per Badger)

West Hanney: still no crane

Again no sign of the crane this morning (per John Prowse)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

White-fronted Geese South Stoke 28th Dec

42 White-fronted Geese still near South Stoke in field adjacent to the B4009 at midday
(per Tony Williams)

Farmoor Res 28th Dec

Farmoor Res has re-opened but much of it remains frozen over.

Little Egret
c20 Goldeneye
c20 Shoveler
40+Tufted Duck
Aythya hybrid

Waxwings Kingham 28th Dec

c15 Waxwings over Kingham at midday today
(per Ewan)

c30 Waxwings still Abingdon near Peachcroft shopping centre at 11.15a.m
(per R.B.A)

Crane 28th Dec

No sign of Crane today, fog hampering veiwing!

Tuesday 28th Iffley Lock - scaup

No sign of ring-necked duck
1 female-type scaup.
1 Goosander (f)

Apparently the ring-necked duck that was seen a few days ago was a male and so could not have been the long-standing Port Meadow escapee. Badger and I went to check it out today but there was no sign of it. However there was a female-type scaup there which presumably is the same one that was at Donnington bridge recently.

The scaup, associating with a flock of tufties (c) Gnome

Monday, 27 December 2010

South Stoke 27th December

43 Greater White-fronted Goose still on the field by the B4009 at 1300 hrs

Nordic Jackdaw in Walton Manor

A bird showing the characteristics of a Nordic jackdaw (c. m. monedula) has been frequenting the Walton Manor area for the last few days occasionally visiting my garden. Today it stayed long enough for me to get some reasonable shots. It's currently rather a sporadic and occasional visitor to the garden but if it becomes more reliable I'll let people know. More photos and information on Gnome's Birding Diary.

Nordic jackdaw (c) Adam Hartley

Henley Road/Sonning Eye GP

Henley Road
Red-crested Pochard - 1 drake

Sonning Eye
Bittern - appeared in usual spot in reedbed at the north end of the lake at 16:17.

Waxwings 27th Dec

20 Waxwings Abingdon at Peachcroft Shopping Centre at 10.45a.m
but no sign late p.m (per Ewan)

No sign of any Waxwings in Stonesfield today.
(per Paul Wren)

15 Waxwings at 2pm on Highlands, Banbury - east of junction with Rother Road &
before the 2nd Sussex Drive junction.
(per Tony Banburybirds)

Hen Harrier Westwell 27th December

Hen Harrier Westwell (per Pau O.O.S)

Oxon Ringtail (c) Roger Wyatt

Crane gave me a lift.

Crane still showing at 15.00 hours but very distant.
Barry Hudson.

And still there at Dusk See Comment

Crane at Hanney 27th Dec

I received a call from a game keeper who gave a pretty good description of a bird feeding in his maize game strip; reddish face, dark tail, and buffy all over. It could have been a Goldfinch until he mentioned it was four feet tall! He thought it might be a Common Crane but it didn't have a black head like the one in his book. I took a look and sure enough found a 1st winter Crane in the second field on the left 200 m after you leave West Hanney on the road to Denchworth. He first saw it on 24th Dec. It's fairly distant as the maize strip is at the far side of the field.



Appleford: Glaucous Gull still

The juv. glaucous gull still on the Spit Pit & 22 Waxwings flew over
(per Ewan Urquhart)

West Hanney: Common Crane

1st winter common crane in field just west of West Hanney, south of the Denchworth Road at SU395928

Not sure who original finder is but info came via text from Badger

Long Hanborough

Brambling still around the garden this am.
Female Blackcap Yarnton (per S. Wren)
2 Blackcap Bloxham (per I. Cox)

Stonesfield Common

Distant, poor light etc etc, but its where it was taken that counts Jas!!!
Hawfinch 2
Red kite 2
Bullfinch 4
Fieldfare numbers still impressive
Redwing lots
Marsh tit 2
A Raven was at Ashford Mill early morning

Monday 27th December: South Stoke White-fronted Geese

All the white-fronted geese are still present at South Stoke this morning
(per Bob Burgess)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Glaucous 26th Dec

Glaucous Gull (juv) again dropped in to Wilsham Rd Pits late afternoon briefly for a bathe
before moving on.
(per B.B)

Glaucous Gull (juv) Appleford late afternoon.
(per R.B.A)

Shillingford Smew 26th Dec

Smew (red-head) on the Thames just down stream of Shillingford Bridge this afternoon.
(per Geoff Wyatt)

Water rails but not much else

There were at least 7 water rails on the outflow channel from abingdon sewage works this morning. Probably quite a few more as a very large proportion of the channel you can not see. With so few areas free of ice (the Thames in Abingdon was completer frozen this morning!) it is probably a vital lifeline for these birds. So let's keep flushing those toliets in Abingdon in support of the water rails.
I also had a long walk around the south Abingdon/Marcham area. It is extremely noticeable how virtually birdless most areas away from the towns are with all this snow. There are still good numbers of fiedlfares, but a more or less total absence of typical farm land birds (not a single meadow pipit, skylark, chaffinch, greenfinch or bunting in almost 4 hours of walking!). Only other birds of note were:
2 redpoll
6 siskins
2 snipe - flushed out of a hedge
photo of Abingdon Water Rail (c) B.B

Guess what? Yep it's more Waxwings.

Three Waxwings feeding on berries in a garden alongside Bull Lane.
Barry Hudson.

Waxwings 26th December

photo Peachcroft Waxwing (c) B.B

Boxing Day morning: 20+ Waxwings feeding by the Peachcroft Shopping Centre 11.15 am. Excellent views. (per Chris Pack, OxonBirds)

Waxwing Oxford on Cowley Road this morning.
(per R.B.A)
22+Waxwings Didcot
(per R.B.A)
10 Waxwings Barleyfields Didcot
(per Lew O.O.S)

White-fronts 26th Dec

42 White-fronted Geese South Stoke along the B4009
(per R.B.A/Oxonbirds)

Glaucous Gull 25th Dec

Glaucous Gull (juv) briefly Wilsham Road G.P's late p.m
(per Bob Burgess)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas


Gnome & Badger

at the

Oxon Bird Log!

Thanks to all our contributors for making the blog such a great success, it's far exceeded our expectations in every way. We hope that you have a great Christmas and a bird-filled New Year!

Robin photo (c) Ewan Urquhart

25th Dec South Stoke

12 of the 44 White-fronted Geese at South Stoke.

Waxwings 25th Dec

15 Waxwings Didcot along Cow Lane between railway bridge and the Ladygrove Pub at 1.30p.m
(per Oxonbirds/R.B.A)

30+ Waxwings Abingdon on Curtis Avenue
(per R.B.A)

20 Waxwings Peachcroft still
(per MAF O.O.S)

4 Waxwings Aston still on Bull Street
(per R.B.A)

White-fronts South Stoke 25th Dec

30 White-fronted Geese South Stoke along B4009 with c170 Canada Geese
(per R.B.A)

Friday, 24 December 2010

Scaup on the Thames at Benson

A rare opportunity to see a Scaup at such close quarters (though not close enough this afternoon for SLRs, hence rubbish pic). An easily overlooked juvenile - well done to Alan for calling it.
This is not the individual seen in Oxford recently - that was an adult female.

Water Pipit at Watchfield

A water pipit reported at Watchfield (per Anthony Edwards, OOS)

24 Dec Benson

Juv Scaup on the Thames at Benson found by Alan Brampton.

Waxwings 24th December

c.70 Waxwings behind the Hobgoblin pub, opposite Tesco on Cowley Road
(per Bird Guides)

20+ Waxwings still opposite BMW Mini plant at Cowley at 09:45
(per Bird Guides)

There were 30-40 Waxwings feeding on berries in the Peachcroft shopping centre car park (north Abingdon) at 1pm today.
(per Dave Hastings, OxonBirds)

100+ Waxwings Peachcroft Centre this afternoon
(per Bob Eeles)

Waxwing feeding on berries in South Leigh.
(per Sir Clive Elliot & Barry Hudson)

Finally caught up with them ! 40+ Waxwings behind Hi-Q Tyres on corner of
Gatteridge Street, sitting in tall tree and in the tree opposite, by the Jet
garage, and dropping down to feed in lower trees / bushes behind Hi-Q and the
block of flats, also a few feeding in Morrison's car park but not many berries
left there.

(per Tony Banburybirds)

8 Waxwings Aston on TV aerials along Bull Street this afternoon.
present 4+ days.
(per R.B.A)

Thursday, 23 December 2010


I am attempting to post on the blog and to this end I will upload a couple of photos I snapped tuesday of the Aston Waxwings. This follows several unsuccessful attempts to use the blog and after telling i've published successfully the post disappears of the radar. Thanks to Gnome for all his help I wish him a merry xmas and good Elf.
Waxwings with their unruly crests look to me like the punks of the bird world.
Enjoy Christmas and good birding in the New Yrar.

Barry Hudson.

Ring-necked duck at Iffley Lock

Reported by Colin Williams (BBOWT) - Ring-necked duck on Thames seen from Iffley Lock, looking towards the ring road, with Tufties today at 3.30. This may or may not be the long-standing escapee that used to frequent Port Meadow.
(per Thomas Stevenson OxonBirds)

Cholsey 23rd Dec

1 Raven
1 Peregrine
2 Goosander on Thames
2 Little Egrets still present

Scaup on Thames at Benson

Alan Brampton sent Thomas Stevenson a pic of a Scaup on the Thames at Benson.
(per OxonBirds)

Photo on the superb

Waxwings 23rd December

c. 21 Waxwings still on Colwell Drive, Witney at 11:30
(per Keith Clack)

Single Waxwing trilling at top of tall tree by our garden drive this morning in Kingham
(per Ewan)

One Waxwing in Marlborough Place, Eynsham mid-morning
(per Bird Guides)

19 Waxwings in Waitrose car park, Wallingford at midday
(per Bird Guides)

I met someone today in Sainsburys who had 10 Waxwings in their garden this morning on Smiths Close, Witney
(per Tony Edwards, OxonBirds)

49 Waxwings in Banbury along the Bloxham Road by the Easington pub this morning
(per Mike Shurmer comment below)

20+ Waxwings in bushes at, and opposite entrance to, Cowley BMW mini factory on A4142 ring road.
(per Bird Guides)

35+Waxwings behind the Hobgoblin Pub which is opposite Tesco's on the Cowley Road Oxford. Feeding on berries on Bullingdon Road.
(per Oz)

30 Waxwings Harberton Mead (off Marston Rd Oxford).
(per Mrs Oz)

155 Waxwings in Edgeway Road, Marston today at 09:00 and again later. They come and go so it's a bit hit and miss but they were back by 3 pm
(per Andy Gosling)

70+ Waxwings North Abingdon (presumably Alexander Drive).
(per MAF O.O.S)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Kingham 22nd December

1 Raven over the garden today

Cholsey 22nd Dec

2 Little Egret still present in Brook Meadow. Also Kingfisher seen on bridge to the Jubilee field.
4 Arches – Cholsey Marsh – Bow Bridge – Winterbrook
River Thames
34 Wigeon
2 Smew (redheads)
16 Gadwall
14 Tufted Duck
3 Teal
1 Goldeneye
1 Pochard

Appleford 22nd December: Glauc still!

The juv. glaucous gull is still on the Spit Pit at Appleford at 11:50a.m
(per Badger)

2+Yellow-legged Gull (ad)
6 Grey Partridge

Please refrain from parking along the access road to the tip and gravel workings or obstructing the works vehicles while viewing the Spit Pit. More than one person has been asked to move on.

Waxwings 22nd December

13 Waxwings in Cumnor along the Oxford Road near the bridge over the A420 at 8.25a.m
(per Dai Johns)

30+ Waxwings in Witney over the bottom end of Corn Street heading west at 08.50a.m
(per Keith Clack)

80 Waxwings just flew over Ashurst Way towards Rose Hill roundabout in Oxford
(per Wayne Bull)

The Bodicote Waxwing flock now numbers 75 birds.
(per Mike Shurmer)

20+ Waxwings Witney at 55 Colwell Drive 13.30
(per Shirley & Keith Clack)

65+ Waxwings Henley in Waitrose car park 12.15p.m (SU759827)
Ashley Stow writes:
Ian Chaplin reported the sighting of 40 Waxwings today at 12:15pm in Waitrose car park on Berksbirds so i had a look at 2pm. I found them in 2 flocks at the library end(N) of the car park in the tall trees next to the library and in the tall trees near to the cinema/Brakspear’s offices (the Bull Courtyard)(N/E), from here they all flew to the tall trees on the Kings Rd side(W) of the car park before dropping down amongst the cars in the car park to feed on the small berry trees. The big problem is that the car park is very busy and the birds are constantly flushed by passers-by and cars, they were not spending much more than 30 seconds feeding and were flighty. When they did get a chance to snatch a few berries the views were fantastic, especially as these trees are small and the birds are almost at head height, a good number of passers-by stopped to watch and ask about them and all left very thrilled in seeing them. At 3:15pm they flew off in N/W direction in 2 flocks, i searched the local area and saw 2 flying towards Friar Park but couldn’t re-locate any others.

65+ Waxwings Abingdon along Alexander Close 13.30 and 14.45p.m though mobile

Amazing garden birds !!! 36 Waxwings appeared in our garden this morning perching in Silver Birch and flying down to feed in Sorbus- Mountain Ash. They come and go quite quickly so assume they are feeding on other berry trees nearby in Bicester.
(per Alan Peters Banburybirds)

100 Waxwings still in Edgeway Rd at 3pm today outside no 46.
(per Andy Gosler, OxonBirds)

10 Waxwings SE of Oxford by the A4142 Eastern Bypass Road 1ml north of Premier Inn
at 12.30p.m
(per R.B.A)

Abingdon Waxwings 21st Dec

35+ Waxwings Alexander Close this morning and afternoon.
(per Bob Eeles)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Stonesfield 21st Dec

Waxwings showed brilliantly this morning

Stonesfield Common 21st Dec

Huge numbers of Fieldfare
Lots of Redwing
Red kite 2
Marsh tit 1
A few Chaffinch and Goldfinch
Snipe 1
In Stonesfield I also saw the Waxwings on High Street and Churchfields. The village is much more accessible today if you come via Woodstock.

Port Meadow 21st December

The river is mostly frozen over now. 1 red-head goosander in one of the clear pools

Witney Waxwings 21st Dec

c30 Waxwings on Colwell Drive ( Keith Clacks house) 14:45
(per Jon Prowse)

Cholsey 21st Dec

2 Little Egret
2 Common Snipe
5 Teal
4 Buzzard

More at

Glauc at Appleford 21st Dec

The Glaucous gull showing well on the spit pit at Appleford this morning at 9.00am. It was on the small unfrozen patch at the power station end with about 40-50 coot.
(per Martin Brandon Oxonbirds)
photo Badger

Scaup in Oxford

There was a female Scaup photographed on the Thames in Oxford yesterday. It was 400m upstream (north) of Donnington Bridge

Waxwings 21st December

Stonesfield Waxwing photo (c) Martin Gasgoine-pees.

Waxwing in Long Hanborough at Swan Hill 8.30a.m
(per Paul Wren)

A single Waxwing in Oxford city centre 08.45 on Thames Street. Feeding on ?Whitebeam in central reservation between opposing flows of one-way system with various thrushes. Seen while driving, could be more in big Plain opposite.
(per WinterMoth's comment below).

26 Waxwings Stonesfield on the Ridings opposite Cockshoot Close at 11.50a.m though mobile(per Paul Wren)

Alleluja! found some at last. 3 Waxwings In Queen's Street, Hook Norton. They have been around a while apparantly but saw them showing well yesterday.
(per Mary Clifton Oxonbirds)

Anybody else seen Waxwings on Longwall St in Oxford/ I was driving past, couldn't stop. Sure there was a party of 15 - 20 flitting about. Will go back tomorrow to check.(per Bob Pomfret Oxonbirds)

Just been watching a flock of 15 Waxwings in Fisher Close, Banbury (off Daventry Road)
(per David Broom Banburybirds)

3 Waxwings at Aston along Bull Street
(per Barry Hudson, OOS)

C.45 Waxwings in Oxford in tree by pedestrian walkway over Thames at Friar's Wharf, near Grandpont.
(per Beniow comment below)

Monday, 20 December 2010

Glaucous Gull Appleford 20th Dec

After a glimpse in the gloom on the 17th Dec, it was nice get up the drive to see juv Glaucous Gull again today.

Waxwings 20th Dec

Waxwings heard in Yarnton this morning and a small party flew over at about
Cheers (Nick Suckling Oxonbirds)

2 Waxwings still Kidlington this morning on Blenheim Rd near Garage
(per R.B.A)

6 Waxwings Cowley Road
(per R.B.A/O.O.S)

5 Waxwings Banbury on Longlandes Road opposite Ruscote Arcade at 11.30a.m
(per R.B.A)

Waxwings Banbury
Walking down nursery drive today and tracked a group of six waxwings moving up and down amongst the roadside trees, unfortunately i had no camera as i was on my way to town ...........My first sighting of these birds purely accidental and i hope to see some more .Time seen was middayish .
(per Lain Duggan BanburyBirds)

Farmoor Closed

Farmoor reservoir is now closed until further notice (per Farmoor Birding web-site)

Bodicote & Banbury 20th Dec

18 waxwings again this morning on Keyser Road for about ten minutes before flying off. Presumably back to Cedar Close in Easington. (edit - they have continued to come and go all day)

Colin Wilkinson has seen:
3 waxwings this morning in Banbury in Morrisons car park (4 waxwings in rowan by Morrisons Garage at midday - per Gareth's comment).
20 waxwings yesterday in Bloxham beside the main road by Warriner School.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Kingham 19 December

Female Peregrine over the village late morning


Around Abingdon 19th Dec

St. Helens Wharf
1 Black swan
1 male Red-crested pochard

Wilsham Road GPs
17 Common gulls
c.280 Coot
c.50 Gadwall
50 Lapwing
c.85 Wigeon
2 Water rail
1 Yellow-legged gull

Radley Lakes 19th Dec (am)

Bewick's was still present this morning, but flew off by itself at approx. 09:15 heading west. Plus:
31 Lapwing
1 male Red-crested pochard
3 Pintail
c.840 Teal
c.40 Gadwall
3 Shoveler
11 Wigeon
19 Pochard
Buzzard photo Badger

Waxwings 19th Dec

10 in Piddington (per Colin)
2 at Tokers Green in garden at 12.30 (per R.B.A)

Sonning Eye GP, 19th Dec

Adult Med. Gull

Cowley Waxwings 19th Dec

40+ Still this pm. Arriving at 3.05pm departing 10 minutes later....
from a very warm wasatbird

Also seen to eat/drink snow from the guttering (Badger)
photos Badger.

Waxwings Banbury/Bodicote 19th Dec

14 waxwings still in Cedar Close in Banbury and another 4 in Bodicote on Keyser Road (I am currently watching them as I type!). Apologies for another waxwing photo (there are more on my blog)

Waxwings in Kidlington 19th Dec

25+ Waxwings still present behind car sales and blenheim road at mid day, one of
which had orange, red and white rings on its leg. does anyone know if this
should be reported and where. cheers (per TDJ Oxonbirds)

Colour ringed Waxwings...
For more info see the article on Birdguides:

Glauc still at Appleford 19th Dec

The Juvenile Glaucous Gull was on the ice at the spit pit this morning and made the odd sortie into the tip.

Cheers, Ian

(still there at 13:20 + c45 Red Kites Badger)

Cowley Waxwings 19th December

Still at least 40 in the Premier Inn car park
in Cowley at 11am though mobile
(from a very cold Badger)

photo Badger

Oxfordshire Bird Race ?

Although the thought of driving around the county looking for birds might seem ridiculous just now, perhaps this could be something that we could all look forward to in the spring? Apologies if this has already been discussed but if not here is my proposal...

Date: A weekend in May
Time: 12pm Saturday until 12pm Sunday
Teams: at least 3 per car
Aim: To see or hear as many species as possible within the county boundary within the 24 hour period.
Rules: Lots! but essentially everyone in the team must see or hear the species for it to count (strict BOU only).
Conclusion: We select a pub beforehand, and for a team's score to count they must be in that pub by 12:30 on the Sunday. A penalty system can be in place for every minute late a team is. Over lunch we tally up the scores, the winners are announced and mutterings of suppression can begin...

hopefully this could be something to look forward to throughout these snowy bird-free days.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Oxfordshire Waxwings Saturday 18th Dec

Stonesfield Waxwings (c) Paul Wren
c80 Waxwings SE of Oxford by A4142 Eastern Bypass Road at Oxford retail Park
in Premier Inn car park late afternoon.
(per Phil Barnett)

A single Waxwing over the Bunk Line, south of Wallingford, at lunchtime today.
(per R.K.Broughton Oxonbirds)

10 Waxwings yesterday Henley on Greys Road opposite Saracens Head Pub at 12.10p.m
(per R.B.A)

Bodicote 18th Dec

Siskin 1
Bullfinch 8
Reed bunting 2
Yellowhammer 5
Goldfinch 50+
Redwing 25+
Fieldfare 2
Great spotted woodpecker 1

Snow 15cm

Waxwings in Kidlington 18th Dec

8 trilling merrily in the top of a tree between Woodlands Butchers and the car wash on Bicester Road, near the junction with Oxford Road at 11.30am today
(per Chez Watkinson Oxonbirds)

Small group clearly enjoying the berries on tree outside nos 10 and 12
Blenheim Road, Kidlington at around 2pm. Highlight of a very snowy walk to
Sainsbury's (per Tom Hollis Oxonbirds)

Here's one taken in previous years (c) Barry Hudson

Farmoor 18th Dec

4 Goosander
1 Red-Crested Pochard
6 Siskin
Prob Waxwing in Cumnor
(per the Wickster)

Radley Lakes Saturday 18th December

A quick trip to Radley before the snow set in (or so I thought); in the end visibility quite poor on Thrupp Lake and most birds look the same when sat huddled together and covered in snow! But managed to get the following:
1 Bewick's swan (flew off with 10 Mutes)
34 Mute swan
c.900 Teal
c.440 Coot
c.30 Tufted ducks
3 Canada geese
1 Common gull
1 Grey heron
1 Great crested grebe
Plus uncounted Shovelers, Pochard, Mallard, Gadwall and Moorhen

Bewick's swan back again before sunset
also: two male Pintail
c.25 Gadwall
c.10 Pochard
c.10 Lapwing
3 Wigeon

Waxwings in Stonesfield 18th Dec

34 Waxwings still in Stonesfield this morning on the Church Street/Woodstock
road junction.
Photo (c) Paul Wren

Friday, 17 December 2010

Swanning Around

Along with the eight Tundra Swans a rare sighting of a brace of Tony Edwards were both present to view these rather graceful birds, the chances of birders with the same name from Aston and Watchfield both being on the Cote back road at the same time is as likely as Waxwing in Bampton(I wish).
Barry Hudson.

Glaucous Gull at Appleford 17th Dec

With the number of Gulls present at Didcot tip having decreased significantly over the last 10 days this lovely juv Glauc was a bit of a surprise. It was present late afternoon (hence the poor pics) before flying off in the direction of Farmoor.