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May 16th Black-necked Grebe Farmoor Res...9th RED-RUMPED SWALLOW Grimsbury Res... 1st GREY-HEADED WAGTAIL Port Meadow...April 14th BONAPARTE'S GULL Blenheim Park still, 13th LITTLE BUNTING, Farmoor...8th Arctic Skua Farmoor Res...7th WHITE STORK Otmoor...

County Life Lists

Name           Total  N/S          Latest 
Nic Hallam       274               Whiskered Tern
Roger Wyatt      274               Whiskered Tern
Ian Lewington    271 (inc 1 H/O)   Whiskered Tern
Stuart Thomson   271 (inc 1 H/O)   Little Bunting
Jon Uren         269 (inc 1 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Paul Chandler    268               Lapland Bunting
Pete Alan        268               Lapland Bunting
Justin Taylor    268 (inc 1 H/O)   Whiskered Tern
Geoff Wyatt      266 (inc 1 H/O)   Whiskered Tern
Steve Young      266 (inc 1 H/O)   Lapland Bunting
Pete Roby        265 (inc 1 H/O)   Red-necked Phalarope
Peter Barker     264 (inc 1 H/O)   Green-winged Teal
Ewan Urquhart    264 (inc 1 H/O)   Richard's Pipit  
Steve Roby       263 (inc 1 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Dave Horton      263 (inc 1 H/O)   Purple Heron
Wayne Bull       263 (inc 2 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Jon Prowse       262 (inc 1 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Bob Hurst        261 (inc 1 H/O)   Pink-footed Goose
Phil Barnett     260 (inc 1 H/O)   Oriental Turtle Dove
Keith Clack      259 (inc 2 H/O)   Yellow-browed Warbler
Tom Wickens      256 (inc 2 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Jason Coppock    253               Richard's Pipit
Terry Tossel     251 (inc 1 H/O)   Red-backed Shrike  
Barry Batchelor  251               Roseate Tern 
Dave Lowe        246 (inc 2 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Paul Wren        246               Richard's Pipit
Adam Hartley     243 (inc 1 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Steve Burch      238               Richard's Pipit
Peter Law        236 (inc 2 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Graham Coleman   234 (inc 2 H/O)   Wryneck
Nick Truby       230 (inc 3 H/O)   Red-rumped Swallow
Dave Daniells    228 (inc 2 H/O)   Whooper Swan  
Gareth Blockley  225 (inc 2 H/O)   Red-rumped Swallow
Mark Merritt     224 (inc 1 H/O)   Red-rumped Swallow
Steve Goddard    218               Little Bunting
Tom Bedford      219 (inc 1 H/O)   Red-rumped Swallow
Ian Smith        213 (inc 3 H/O)   Richard's Pipit
Mark Chivers     204               Red-rumped Swallow
Ian Elkins       200 (inc 1 H/O)   Red-rumped Swallow
Ben Carpenter    192 (inc 2 H/O)   Golden Oriole
George Best      172               Great northern Diver
Stephen Collier  159               Sanderling

All totals are B.O.U accepted species.
Totals that include heard only species are indicated by (H/O).

Non B.O.U includes:  
Falcated Duck
Ruddy Shelduck
American Black Tern, 
White-headed Duck
Azorean Yellow-legged Gull
Black-headed Wagtail (race)
Siberian Chiffchaff (race)