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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Lollingdon hill, 24th Apr

2 Fieldfare
5 Wheatear
6 Common Whitethroat
1 Willow Warbler

Otmoor: 24th April

Bearded Tit: fem.
Grasshopper Warbler
Marsh Harrier: fem.

Peter Coombes

Port Meadow: 24th April

Port Meadow
Black-tailed Godwit
2 Little Ringed Plover
3 Ringed Plover
3 Dunlin
2 Oystercatcher
Common Sandpiper
3 Common Tern
3 Yellow Wagtail

Adam Hartley

Farmoor. Afternoon. 24th April.


Wheatear.        4.  West bank F1.
Dunlin.             2.
Common Tern. 7.

Balscote: Balscote Quarry: 24th April

Balscote: Balscote Quarry
Green Sandpiper
4 Little Ringed Plover
2 Curlew: Flew in, possibly disturbed by farmer spraying in adjacent field.
Raven: Flew over about 1415 - possibly one of the pair that reside at nearby Upton House.

Graeme Porter

Otmoor.A.M. 24th April.

3 Hobby
1 Sparrowhawk
8 Buzzard ( in spiral )
2 Oystercatcher.

Otmoor: 24th April

Grasshopper Warbler
Cuckoo: male.

Peter Moore

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Farmoor 12.30 - 4pm mainly Causeway

Osprey N to F2, then dropped out of sight before overflying (1.30pm)
Swift 1 present for c 2 hrs; plus all 3 Hirundine species
White Wag 3 causeway
Yellow Wag 3+1 causeway
Pied Wag Juvenile on Pumping Station roof plus adults carrying food
Turnstone 1
Dunlin 1
Common Sand 1 seen by Dai
Ringed Plover heard twice
Commic Terns 7, at least 2 of which were Arctic
Little Gull 1st S seen by Dai in AM
Common Gull 1st S; plus 2 Lesser's, few Herring and couple of Great's
Shelduck 7
Lesser Whitethroat song
Garden Warbler, Reed and Sedge seen by Dai

Photo (c) Mark Chivers

Otmoor 22nd April: White Stork

Dave Hammant saw & photographed a White Stork flying over Otmoor this afternoon between 15:25 and 15:35. It was circling at some altitude. It circled above Otmoor for maybe fifteen minutes before heading of north east and ascending.

Perhaps the same bird that was reported on RBA in Hertfordshire at around 17:45 this evening.

Photo (c) Dave Hammant

Shipton under Wychwood 22nd April

Wood Warbler 1 singing and showing very well this morning up to 0715 at least. It is in trees by the road in the grounds of The Old Prebendal House (SP280181). Permission has been granted for birders to enter the grounds of The Old Prebendal House but please don't drive in there. There's parking near the garage on the verge or in the side road nearby. It seems to favour the large willow by the pond in the grounds just the other side of the roadside boundary wall.

Still present at 7pm (RBA).

Photos (c) Ewan
More at Black Audi Birding

Farmoor Reservoir: 22nd April

Farmoor Reservoir
2 Arctic Tern
Little Gull

Otmoor: Rifle Range
3 Curlew: One displaying male.

Neil Hammatt

Linkey Down 22nd April

Female Ring Ouzel still present at Linkey Down at 7:30 am this morning (RBA)

Dorchester: Dorchester complex: 22nd April

Dorchester: Dorchester complex
Corn Bunting
7 Egyptian Goose

Thomas Stevenson

Balscote: Balscote Quarry: 22nd April

Balscote: Balscote Quarry
4 Dunlin
Green Sandpiper

Mark Ribbons

Port Meadow: 22nd April

Port Meadow
20 Yellow Wagtail
2 Little Ringed Plover
3 Oystercatcher
2 Shelduck

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park
Garden Warbler: m.

Adam Hartley

Farmoor 22nd April

Osprey flew over F2 at 13:30

3 Yellow Wagtails
3 White Wagtails
Little Gull
Ringed Plover

Ian Smith

Farmoor Reservoir: Sludge pits

Neil Hammett

Stanton St. John: 22nd April

Stanton St. John
Cuckoo: Calling again in Stanton Great Wood.

David Brown

Monday, 21 April 2014

Port Meadow 21st April

Possible Turtle Dove flew over Burgess Field at around 11am
Also at least 12 singing male Whitethroats.

Pit 60 21st April

1 Black-necked Grebe, 4 Green Sandpiper, 1 Peregrine

Green Sandpiper

Black-necked Grebe

Shipton under Wychwood 21st April

Paul Wren has found a male Wood Warbler at Shipton under Wychwood. From the road from Chipping Norton, go past the garage and look 40 yards past the bridge over the River Evenlode in the trees by the side of the road near the pond in the garden of the manor house (here).

Present (and singing occasionally) in the same small copse from early afternoon until about 16:45 at least when it started to rain. It has not been seen since the rain started though it may well still be there and is currently being looked for. 

No further sign so far by 18:10 in poor weather (per Jon Prowse)

Otmoor 21st April

2 Grasshopper Warblers


2 Oystercatcher,

Lesser Whitethroat

Marsh harrier (f)

2 cuckoos calling.


Nick Truby

Farmoor 21st April

Farmoor birds (c) Jon Mercer

Turnstone on the causeway this morning
8 Little Gulls on F2 at 10 am
Cuckoo: calling.

per Dai & Jonathan Merce

Grimsbury Reservoir: 21st April

Grimsbury Reservoir
Little Ringed Plover

Mark Ribbons

Stanton St. John: 21st April

Stanton St. John
Cuckoo: One calling in Stanton Great Wood.

David Brown

Cuddesdon: 21st April

 Yellow Wagtail
Grasshopper Warbler

Whinchat 1 male
Lesser Whitethroat

Tackley 21st April

An Osprey flew over John Reynolds' garden in Tackley at 09:10 this morning.

Pit 60 21st April

Black-necked Grebe  still

3 Wood Sandpiper
2 Green Sandpiper
1 Common Sandpiper
2 Little Ringed Plover
1 Egyptian Goose
2 Red-crested Pochard

Steve Jennings & Paul Jepson

Yarnton: 21st April

Cuckoo: Heard only.

Nick Suckling

Chipping Norton: 21st April

Chipping Norton
Pied Flycatcher: ad male. In trees in valley on footpath between Chipping Norton and Churchill. Fantastic views for at least 25 mins. Text to 07903 870695 if you would like to join me to try and view again today. Steve. SP302257.
Cuckoo: heard only. SP302257.
2 Raven: SP302257.

Stephen Akers

Linkey Down 21st April

1 female Ring Ouzel still at Linkey Down at 8:35 am

Steve Jennings & Paul Jepson

Otmoor Pochards (c) Nick Truby

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sonning Eye GPs: 20th April

Sonning Eye GPs
2 Arctic Tern
4 Little Ringed Plover
2 Redshank

Hugh Netley

Farmoor Reservoir: 20th April

Farmoor Reservoir
2 Arctic Tern: flew through N.
Common Sandpiper

Jonathan Mercer

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Pit 60 Saturday 19th April

Black Necked Grebe still present at midday

Farmoor 19th April

30 Arctic Terns high over this evening.
Arctic Terns

Port Meadow: 19th April

Port Meadow
Iceland Gull: 1w.
3 Little Ringed Plover
2 Ringed Plover
2 Oystercatcher
2 Shelduck
Yellow Wagtail

Adam Hartley

Dix Pit 19th April

Black-necked Grebe 3 (per Stuart Thomson)

Sent from my iPhone

Linky Down: 19th April

Linky Down
2 Ring Ouzel: fem. Still present at Midday.

Stephen Lockey & Clackers

Otmoor. 19th April. AM.

Lesser Whitethroat.
Merlin.                   Reported.
Wheatear.              Noke end.
Grasshopper Warbler.
Garden Warbler.    Heard.
Lapwing.                Chicks.

( per. the Otmoor M.)

Friday, 18 April 2014

I will be away from 19th of April until the 12th of May so during that time please submit photographs for inclusion to the OBL and details of forthcoming talks and events to Adam at  adamchartley "at"

Good Birding


Port Meadow 18th April

This evening on the floods:
4 Little Ringed Plover
3 Ringed Plover
2 Shelduck
5 Oystercatchers

1 Lesser Whitethroat in hedge along edge of Trap Ground allotments this morning

Adam Hartley

Radley GP: 18th April

Radley GP

Peter Law

Linky Down: 18th April

Linky Down
2 Ring Ouzel: f.

Ashley Stow

Radley 18th April

Nightingale this morning at Radley GPs (per The Wickster)

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Balscote: Balscote Quarry: 18th April

Balscote: Balscote Quarry
3 Little Ringed Plover
Common Sandpiper
2 Tree Sparrow

Graeme Porter

Pit 60 18th April

Black-necked Grebe (summer plumage)  still present 4pm
2 Green Sandpiper at 07:15 but no sign at 09:50
Also Peregrine

(per Dave Doherty, Phil Brown)

Linkey Down 18th April

Ring Ouzel f this morning (per Barry Batchelor)

Sent from my iPhone

Otmoor 18th April

Marsh Harrier f
Whinchat m Noke Farm
Wheatear f Noke Farm
Grasshopper Warbler 2

(Per Bark)

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Cuddesdon: 18th April

Male Mandarin Duck on the River Thame with 2 Mallard this morning.

Birdless Cuddesdon Blog

Rushy Common 18th April

2 Green Sands
1 Common Sand
Garden Warbler
3 Little Ringed Plovers
Common Tern

(per Clackers)

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