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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Farmoor Res 31st July

Dunlin 2 ads
Common Sandpiper 3
Yellow legged Gull 4
Greater Black backed Gull 1 juv/1w
Little Egret 1 ad
Sand Martin 10
Grey Wagtail 3

Headington Oxford 31st July

Ring-necked Parakeet h/o c18:45 at the John Ratcliffe (per John Reynolds) 

Sutton Courtenay: 31st July

Sutton Courtenay
Green Sandpiper: On Hanson pool S. of B4016. 16:30.

Ian Elkins

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill: 31st July

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill
2 Redstart: 1m 1f. 17:43.

John Taylor

Farmoor Reservoir 31st July

Knot along causeway c17:00 (per Dai). 

Balscote nature reserve: 31 July

The leucistic Lapwing present since at least 9th July showed quite well this morning, in flock of 33 Lapwings.

Monday, 29 July 2019

phone scope video test Green Sandpiper Pit 60. Hopefilly, this will work.

Green Sandpiper Pit 60 this evening 29/07/19

Nether Worton 29th July

Spotted Flycatcher

Otmoor 29th July


Standlake Pit 60: 29th July

Standlake Pit 60
Green Sandpiper: Wiffled in at 6 45pm. Also hobby 2 common sands. Usual common terns. 19:21.

Mick Cunningham

Devil's Punchbowl: 29th July

Devil's Punchbowl
Stonechat: m. 19:05.

John Taylor


1 Common Redstart
2 Lesser Whitethroat
1 Willow Warbler
1 Spotted Flycatcher

Chinnor: Cement Works: 29th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
5 Little Grebe: Lake 3. 09:00.
2 Little Ringed Plover: Lake 2b. 09:00.
Shoveler: Female Lake 2b. 09:00.

David Stracey

Chimney: Chimney Meadows: 29th July

Chimney: Chimney Meadows
3 Reed Warbler 14:05.

John Taylor

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Devil's Punchbowl: 28th July

Devil's Punchbowl
Quail: heard. 15:00.
3 Redstart: in hedge along valley bottom. 15:00.
Hobby 15:00.

Ian Elkins

Farmoor Reservoir, 28th July


Sand Martin (c50)

House Martin (c5)
Common Tern (5+)

Yellow-legged Gull (10+)

Great Black-backed Gull 
Common Sandpiper (3)
Tufted Duck (f with 3 ducklings)

Little Egret

Chipping Norton: 28th July

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: male. 15:15.

Steve Akers

Henley Road GPs: 28th July

Henley Road GPs
Mandarin Duck: fem. 14:30.

Marek Walford

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Standlake Pit 60: 27th July

Standlake Pit 60
2 Common Sandpiper: In front of North shore hide. SP389018. 16:45.

Steve Liptrot

Bicester Wetlands Reserve, 27th July


(BWR is a Key Holder Reserve only)

Green Sandpiper (8)

Some of the Green Sandpipers

Sand Martin (5), House Martin (c30)

Grey Heron (2)

Grey Heron with freshly caught Vole

Rushy Common: 27th July

Rushy Common
6 Common Sandpiper: All together resting on banking. Mix of adults and juvs. 14:33.

Mick Cunningham

Sonning Eye GPs: 27th July

Sonning Eye GPs
Common Sandpiper: On the rowing course bund. 13:20.

Marek Walford

Sonning Eye GPs: 27th July

Sonning Eye GPs
Hobby: At the triangle. 12:40.

Marek Walford

Chipping Norton: 27th July

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: m. Probable male. Flew from perch and returned shortly with prey in tallons. Possibly a young pigeon. We watched whilst it ripped pieces off and devoured over the next hour. Amazing views!!! 10:00.
Kestrel: m. 10:00.
Green Woodpecker 10:00.

Steve Akers

Farmoor July 27th (8-11:30)

Black Tern - 1 juv. No sign after 10am though
Dunlin - 7
Turnstone (per The Wickster)
Lesser Whitethroat - 1
Peregrine - 1
YLGull - sev

Sent from my iPhone

Gramp's Hill: 27th July

2 Quail (h/o)
3+ Redstart
4+ Yellow Wagtail
7 Corn Bunting
8 Meadow Pipit

Friday, 26 July 2019

Chipping Norton: 26th July

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: Probable male. 20:00.

Steve Akers

Farmoor Reservoir 26th July

 Farmoor 1300-1400hrs

Turnstone -adult

Dunlin - adult
Common Redshank

Nether Worton: 26th July

Nether Worton
9 Spotted Flycatcher: m/f + juv. 3 separate "Family groups" within 150 metres near Nether Worton church. 9 birds observed perched or catching at the same time with a maximum total of up to 13 Birds. SP424301. 22:22.

Ian Hobday

Chinnor: Cement Works: 26th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
Hobby: 1 around Lake 2b. 09:30.

David Stracey

Farmoor Reservoir 26th July

Turnstone courtesy of John Workman.

Dunlin 5
Common Sandpiper 9
Yellow-legged Gull (ad) 

(per Ewan Urquhart)

Standlake Pit 60

2 Juv Common Sandpiper

Juv Common Sandpiper

Little Egret

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Standlake Pit 60: 25th July

Standlake Pit 60
Little Ringed Plover: juv. I think this is first juv I've seen here this year. Might be wrong. Also sane 2 juv common sands hanging around. A juv yellow legged gull plus a 3rd summer and an adult. 1 hobby. 20:47.

Mick Cunningham

Farmoor 24th July

2 Turnstone causeway

Farmoor: 24th July roost

Yellow-legged Gull 27
GBb Gull 2
Commn Gull 1 ad
Dunlin 5 ads

Bicester Wetland Reserve 25th July

1 Common Sandpiper
4 Green Sandpiper
44 Lapwing
142 Black-h Gull
2 Heron
1 Little Grebe

Alan Peters and Bill Foley
Key Holder Reserve

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Yarnton: 24th July

Raven: Low over the village. A daily occurence at the moment. 18:30.

Nick Suckling

LWV Pit 10: 24th July

LWV Pit 10
3 Reed Warbler 19:25.

Mick Cunningham

Oxford: 24th July

Ring-necked Parakeet  6 flying over Donnington area

Bicester Wetland Reserve 24th July

10 Green Sandpiper- numbers have been building almost daily for past 2 weeks.
4 Teal

Alan Peters
Key Holder Reserve

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Oxford 23 July

2 ring necked parakeets over Princes st, 6pm

Otmoor 23rd July


Juv Blackcap
Cetti's Warbler
Sand Martin (20+ juvs)

Common Tern (3)

Little Egret (2)

Old Caley's Diary

Standlake Pit 60

Juv Common Sandpiper

Carterton: 23rd July

2 Yellow Wagtail: SP271087. 06:16.
2 Corn Bunting: SP271087. 06:16.
4 Yellowhammer: SP271087. 06:16.

George Best

Monday, 22 July 2019

Otmoor rspb 22nd July

Common Sandpiper 
Redshank 2
Lapwing c180
Little Egret 2
Common Tern 2 

Chinnor Cement Works 22nd July

Courtesy of M.Mallinson.

2 Little-ringed Plover Chinnor Cement Works (per Mark Mallinson)

Courtesy of M.Mallinson.

Salford 22nd July

Spotted Flycatcher: Perched and hunting for insects from top of fence around tennis court opposite the Church. SP286282. 09:45.

Steve Akers

21st July pm: Oxford, South Park

2 ring-necked parakeets
1 hobby (feeding on prey in flight)
1 sparrowhawk (carrying prey)

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Saturday 20th Pit 60 Standlake

Little Egret x2
Little Egret in front of Langley hide

Hobby x3
Oystercatcher x2

Juv badger (mid afternoon, shortly after Mick C left)
juv Badger
fore more images click here

Towersey 21st July

Yellow Wagtail: 1 near Phoenix Trial by Penn farm. SP745046. 08:30.

David Stracey

Otmoor rspb 21st July

Black-tailed Godwit 3
Common Sandpiper 
Stonechat (juv) 

(per Bark, JR) 

2 Marsh Harrier 12:24.
Hobby 12:24.
Reed Warbler: Good numbers of ads and juvs. 12:24.
Cuckoo 12:44 Oddington

(per Michael Hunt)

Redstart at least 11 in family parties throughout the meadow, fairly vocal.

(per Steve Roby)

Redshank Farmoor Reservoir courtesy of John Workman.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Deddington 20th July

10 Tree Sparrow: Private site. Minimum count of 10 coming to feeders and in bushes. SP780580. 20:31.

Colin Oram

Friday, 19 July 2019

Chinnor: Cement Works: 19th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
Common Sandpiper: 1 on Lake 2b. 09:30.

David Stracey

Old Shifford 19th July

Old shifford lane
24 Tree Sparrow: Minimum count. Flock feeding in weedy field next to church. SP371020. 12:26.

Mick Cunningham

Chadlington 16th July

Belated report of a Quail singing west of B4437 near Chadlington turn Tues eve (per Paul Wren) 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Otmoor rspb 18th July

Black-wits courtesy of Paul Tomlinson.

24 Black-tailed Godwits from 1st screen Otmoor 15:53

(per Terry Tossell).

Little-ringed Plover (juv) recently.

Lesser Whitethroat Otmoor rspb courtesy of Paul Tomlinson.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Farmoor July 17th (18:50 - 20:20)

Little Ringed Plover - 1 juv
Common sand - 3
Common Gull - 1 as
Yellow legged Gull - 4

Sent from my iPhone

Lollingdon Hill

6 Raven
5 Kestrel
1 Common Redstart (pos 2).

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Yarnton: 13th July

2 Tawny Owl: juv. For at least a 5th night. 2 juvs and probably an adult. Very vocal and occasional flight views. Great to see in the middle of a housing estate. 23:00.

Nick Suckling

Pit 60 Standlake 14th July

Great white Egret again 12:58 (per Mick Cunningham).

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Courtesy of Mick Cunningham.

Farmoor Reservoir: 14th July

Farmoor Reservoir
2 Common Sandpiper 09:23.
Dunlin 09:23.
2 Redshank 09:23.

Mike Youngman

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Standlake Pit 60: 13th July

Standlake Pit 60
Hobby: This evening with quite large prey which I suspect was a juvenile starling. 23:10.
Yellow-legged Gull: 3s. 23:10.

Mick Cunningham

Pit 60 Standlake 13th July

Great white Egret Pit 60 today courtesy of Steve Liptrot.

Grey Heron, Great white & Little Egret courtesy of Steve Liptrot.

Henley Road GPs: 13th July

Henley Road GPs
Mandarin Duck: fem. 17:00.

Marek Walford

Sonning Eye GPs: 13th July

Sonning Eye GPs
2 Oystercatcher: On the rowing course bund. 16:25.

Marek Walford

Chipping Norton: 12th July

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: male. 07:00.
Green Woodpecker 07:00.

Steve Akers

Chinnor: Cement Works: 13th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
Cormorant: juvanile. Lake 2B. SU751996. 07:00.
Grey Wagtail: Lake 2B. SU751996. 07:00.
20 Whitethroat: SU751996. 07:00.
6 Lesser Whitethroat: SU751996. 07:00.
Buzzard: juvanile. SU751996. 07:00.
2 Little Ringed Plover: Lake 2B. SU751996. 07:00.

Jez March

Chipping Norton: 12th July

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: male. 07:00.
Green Woodpecker 07:00.

Steve Akers

Chipping Norton: 12th July

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: male. 07:00.
Green Woodpecker 07:00.

Steve Akers

Friday, 12 July 2019

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Chinnor: Cement Works: 10th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
Little Ringed Plover: 1 on Lake 2b. 11:30.

David Stracey

Standlake Pit 60: 11 July am

2 Black-tailed Godwits nr N shore hide ?subsp
1-2 Hobby
3 Common Tern
3+ Oystercatcher

Black-tailed Godwit (c) Stephen Burch
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Lowbury Hill: 8th July

Lowbury Hill
Quail: 1 'singing' from barley field in the evening. SU540821. 10:33.

Michael Pocock

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

: 10th July

Raven: Couple of Crows mobbing it. SP475416. 13:30.

Graeme Porter

Standlake Pit 60: 10th July

Standlake Pit 60
Hobby: 1s. notes from yesterday late PM (can't change autofill date). Have been seeing maximum of 3 hobbies recently. 1(this one?) seems to be a 1st summer, though views always suboptimal. Study interrupted by badger appearing. 13:16.
Little Ringed Plover: ad. One of local failed breeders? Or passage as not seen the species for a while. 13:16.
Reed Warbler: feeding young at nest next to N Hide. 13:16.

Mick Cunningham

Yarnton: 10th July

2 Tawny Owl: juv. Calling regularly. Both birds seen well. 04:00.

Nick Suckling

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Sonning Eye GPs: 7th July

Sonning Eye GPs
Hobby: At the triangle. SU748760. 13:20.
Mandarin Duck: fem. At the triangle. SU748760. 13:20.

Marek Walford