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Friday, 31 July 2015

Churn 31st July

Red-backed Shrike No sign after 8.10pm, but met a birder who said it had been seen earlier in the evening.
Quail: 1 heard.

Michael Pocock

Otmoor 31st July

Great white egret still, feeding in the ditch along the diagonal track on Greenaways.

Also Raven, Yellow wagtail, 2 Juvenile Marsh harriers and Sparrowhawk over reedbed.

Spotted Flycatcher: in car park. 18:45.
2 Grasshopper Warbler: Moorleys. 18:30.

(per Peter Law)

Great white Egret from the 1st screen courtesy of Alec Nightingale

Pit 60 31st July

Green Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Little Egret 4
Common Tern 5 (1 juv)

(per Jim Hutchins)

Canada Goose photo courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Churn 30th July

Red-backed Shrike (f) still near old field study centre at 20:00 please park near
railway bridge and walk along concrete road.
Quail (h)

(per Tom Mabbett)

Otmoor.A.M. 30th July.

Great White Egret please view at 720p HD
Great White Egret. (digi-binned at 50 yards).

Great White Egret showing well from the first screen at 20:20-20:45 and appeared to go to roost.

Bittern 1+
Little Egret 3+
Marsh Harrier 3
Grasshopper Warbler 2 Moorleys

Upper Cherwell Valley 30th July

Wood Sandpiper still on the Environment Agency Borrow Pit c15:00 (per Peter Law).

Sutton Courtenay Old Pits: 30th July

2 Green Sandpiper 11:00.
2 Little Egret

(Gerry Quinn)

Rushey Common main lake, 30th July

Common Sandpiper 2
Green Sandpiper

Linnet on Otmoor courtesy of Tezzer

Churn: 30th July

30th July

Red-backed Shrike: fem. Still today around the old field study centre. SU:521827. 11:00.

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Great White Egret: Seen this afternoon from the cattle pens at the far end of the track towards the reed bed. Very mobile, earlier over the reed bed several times. 14:45.

John Edwards

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Sutton Courtenay Old Pits: 29th July

4 Green Sandpiper 18:30.
2 Common Sandpiper 18:30.
Ringed Plover: ad. winter. 18:30.
Little Ringed Plover: juv. 18:30.

Tom Mabbett

Lollingdon Hill 29th July

Redstart 1+ female or juv along the hedgerow to the east of the hill (per Paul Chandler)

Cholsey Wildlife

Churn 29th July

Red-backed Shrike Churn 29th July Please view at 720p HD

Red-backed Shrike (f) still at Churn adjacent to the old field study centre
at 16:15 (per The Law & Camboy) SU.521.827

Please park near railway bridge and walk along concrete road.

Quail (per Ron Louch)
Corn Bunting
Mistle Thrush 13

(per Paul Tomlinson & Moth Clark)

Mistle Thrush on wires courtesy of Moth Clark.

Standlake Common Pit 60 29th July

Greenshank courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Common Sandpiper 2
Little Egret 2
Lapwing c200

(per Jim Hutchins)

Upper Cherwell Valley: 29th July

Wood Sandpiper still present on the Borrow Pit pool (per Diane Bratt)
Also Common Sandpiper

Grimsbury Reservoir

2 Common Sandpipers (per JFT)

Grimsbury Birds

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Upper Cherwell Vally 28th July

Wood Sandpiper courtesy of Gareth Blockley

Wood Sandpiper 18:28 Upper Cherwell Valley on the E.A (Borrow Pit) pool.
+Common Sandpiper

(per Mike Pollard & Gareth Blockley)

Location details

Grimsbury Reservoir


Farmoor 28th evening

Peregrine, low over car park and f2
2 Dunlin
4 common sandpiper
1 grey wagtail
Lots of hirundines especially sand and house martins

(Andy Last & Stephen Lockey)

Churn 28th July

Courtesy of Wayne Bull
Red-backed Shrike still present c13:15 near abandoned field study centre. Do not block access road park near railway bridge and walk. (per Tezzer & Wayne Bull)

Otmoor.A.M. 28th July.

1 Bittern (flying)
Marsh Harriers
2 Cranes
1 Sparrowhawk
2 Common Tern (on raft, 1 juvenile).

Monday, 27 July 2015

Grimsbury Reservoir: 27th July

Redstart, juvenile (per Colin Wilkinson and JFT)
Ring-necked Parakeet (per JFT)

Churn 27th July - Red-backed Shrike Still

Red-backed Shrike courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Red-backed Shrike was missing this morning but re-found in the afternoon and still present at 19:30 adjacent to the old Field Study Centre (Badger et al)

courtesy of Lee Evans

Banbury: Hanwell Fields: 27th July

Banbury: Hanwell Fields
Black Kite: Flew low over house. Black, smaller than red, flight very kite like, long slightly forked rail, never seen one before but cannot think what else it might be. Thought I'd mention it & hope someone else gets a better view. 10:35.

Mark Ribbons
Two Common Cranes on Big Otmoor today courtesy of Stephen Lockey

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Otmoor 26th July

Marsh Harrier 4 (2 juv)
Green Sandpiper

(per Bark)

Churn: 26 July

Red-backed Shrike still present in poor conditions briefly at around 12:15 - 12:30 just east of the old Field Study Centre in a curved row of bushes along the edge of the arable field at about SU521827

Still present at 16:37 per Paul Chandler

Red-backed Shrike (c) Stephen Burch

Farmoor 26th July

Black-tailed Godwit 8

Churn 26th July

Red-backed Shrike still at Churn in bushes between the old field study centre and the Ridgeway c07:25 though mobile SU.520.827
+Quail m (h)

(per Ewan)

Still present at 1pm (per Tony Williams)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Churn: Old Field Study Centre: 25 July

 Record shot of the Red-Backed Shrike present this evening, about here

Red-backed Shrike South of Churn Hill at Gallops in bush North of track between Lower Chance Farm and junction of the Ridgeway and the Fair Mile at 17:20 per RBA

Now located at the old Field Research Station and still present at 19:48 as reported by our man on the downsMark Merritt.

Red-backed Shrike courtesy of Paul Wren.

Churn: Railway bridge
7 Corn Bunting 19:00.

Mark Merritt

Ardington 25th July

Siskins seen and heard ranging around the east of the village all afternoon. Difficult to gauge quantity but certainly at least three birds involved. Have been very noticeable and vocal since late June, so have quite possibly bred in the area.

Otmoor. Evening.

Marsh Harrier.  One of four.
Barn Owl.
Common Cranes.
Marsh Harrier 4 (2 juv) 
Common Crane 2            
Sparrow Hawk.
Bittern seen several times from the first screen.
Greenshank feeding in small pools closest to bridleway on big otmoor. 17:54 (per Gerry Quinn)
Kestrel Oxon Downs courtesy of Mark Merritt

Farmoor Res 25th July

Sanderling courtesy of Nick Truby

Common Tern c50
Little Egret 9
Swift 100's
Hirundines 100's
Grey Wagtail 3 (2 juv)

(per Nick Truby)

West Oxon.

Spotted Flycatcher .

Last of a brood of four chicks to fledge this morning in the garden of a private house.

Per.  T.W.  D.D.  T.S.

Rushey Common area, 25th July

Common Sandpiper 5
Green Sandpiper 4
Little Egret 3
Oystercatcher 2

Young Blue Tit Otmoor RSPB courtesy of John Edwards

Friday, 24 July 2015

Farmoor 24th July

Sanderling c17:50
Oystercatcher 3
Redshank 6
Dunlin 2
Ruddy Shelduck along western bank of F2
Common Sandpiper 3
Little Egret 10+

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory: 24th July

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory
Curlew: In field to S. 10:00.

Mark Merritt

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Otmoor RSPB 23rd July

Three of the four Marsh Harriers today on the reserve courtesy of Terry Sherlock
Marsh Harrier 4
Sparrowhawk 2 (m/f)
Hobby (2nd screen)
Barn Owl
Ruddy Shelduck (feral)1st screen early evening then flew west with Greylags at 19:26
Common Sandpiper: On the tern raft from the second screen. 12:00
Little Egret 6
Turtle Dove
Grasshopper Warbler reeling in Moorleys 7am
Wheatear nr 1st scn (per Jeff Pursey)
Starling roost c2000

(per Paul Tomlinson,John Edwards,Tezzer,Andy Last,Steve Roby & Badger)

Ruddy Shelduck courtesy of Terry Sherlock.
Presumed feral but still a smart bird.
Ruddy Shelduck from the first screen please view at 720p

Bicester Wetland Reserve: 23rd July

Bicester Wetland Reserve
10 Green Sandpiper 16:00.
Black-tailed Godwit 16:00.

Mark Ribbons

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sandford-on-Thames: 22nd July

Grasshopper Warbler 19:30.

D Moden

Standlake Common Pit 60 22nd July

Oystercatcher courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Green Sandpiper 4
Oystercatcher 3
Little Egret 2
Gadwall 7 (6 chicks)

(per Jim Hutchins)

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Otmoor RSPB 21st July

Garganey courtesy of John Reynolds

Marsh Harrier 3 from the 1st screen
Bittern in flight over the reed beds c18:00 & 19:36
Garganey 1st screen this evening
Water Rail (h)
No sign of the Wood Sandpiper

Garganey from the first screen please view at 720p

Bittern courtesy of John Reynolds

Farmoor 21st July evening

5 Dunlin (1 juv)
8+ yellow-legged gull

Photo courtesy of Andy Last

Monday, 20 July 2015

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bicester Wetlands Reserve 19th July

Green Sandpiper 9. Access to the reserve requires a key.

(per Mike Pollard) 
Nature in the Heart of England

Otmoor 19th July

Barn Owl over Otmoor
Courtesy of Helaine Cadman.

Marsh Harrier                    

Black-tailed Godwit

Little Egret c8
Turtle Dove
Stock Dove 4


Full weekend review
tomorrow on Otmoor Birding

Rushy Common 19th July

Common Sandpiper 4
Oystercatcher 3
Red-crested Pochard (f)
Wigeon (f)
Yellow-legged Gull
Common Tern 15
Little Egret 3

(Badger,Lasty & SNT)
Young Moorhen at Radley courtesy of Mark Chivers

Farmoor 19th July

Dunlin 6
Redshank 4
Common Tern c10
Little Egret

(per Mike Youngman, Badger,Andy Last)

Standlake Common Pit 60 19th July

Green Sandpiper 2
Oystercatcher 4
Common Tern 15
Little Egret

Adult & young Common Terns Pit 60
Courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Grimsbury Reservoir: 19th July

Ring-necked Parakeet, over west (per Adrian Tysoe)

Also in the evening going south towards town.

Grimsbury Birds

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kingston Bagpuize: 18th July

Kingston Bagpuize
2 OTHER SPECIES: 2 Hummingbird Hawk Moth on Budddleja in garden. 20:55.

Jed Cleeter

Ewelme: Ewelme Church: 18th July

Ewelme: Ewelme Church
2 Raven: Over when. We were at the cloisters looking at the lavender plants. 16:20.

Ralph Watts

Standlake Pit 60: 18 July am

 No sign of Redstart, Green Sandpipers nor any other migrant waders!

 Common Tern (c) Stephen Burch
Lapwing (c) Stephen Burch 
Little Egret (c) Stephen Burch

Otmoor RSPB 18th July

Grasshopper Warbler 2
A juvenile in a roving post breeding flock in the hedge by the path to the first screen
A male reeling at The Pill

Lesser Whitethroat 6+

Turtle Dove 1m

Grimsbury Reservoir: 18th July

Common Sandpiper
2 Common Tern

Upper Cherwell Valley

Marsh Harrier, drifted east into Northamptonshire
- juvenile, possibly from the north west breeding areas?
2 Common Tern
5 Raven

Friday, 17 July 2015

Sandford-on-Thames: 17th July

Grasshopper Warbler: Reeling. 20:00.

D Moden

Pit 60 17th July

Green Sandpiper 2
Common Sandpiper

(per Jim Hutchins)

Farmoor 17th July evening

3 common sandpiper
2 Dunlin
4 yellow legged gull
c15 little egret

Otmoor. Evening.

Common Cranes. The pair flew from Greenaways to 100 Acres. (Ministry Land).

Otmoor: 17th July

Whinchat along the eastern fence line of Big Otmoor to the left of the path to the 1st screen.

(per Patrick Galka)

Otmoor.A.M. 17th July.

1 Spotted Flycatcher
Harriers (active)
5+ Hobby
1 Peregrine (seen carrying prey south)
2 Green Sandpiper (over)
Turtle Dove
1 large mixed flock of small birds, inc. Blackcap, Chiff and Willow.

  per P.R. & P.G.

Port Meadow 17th July

Siskin 4 over Port Meadow c08:20

(per Dave Doherty)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway: 16th July

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway
3 Dunlin 20:00.

John Gough

Farmoor 16th July

Whimbrel 2
Oystercatcher 4
Little Egret 18
Common Sandpiper Pit 60 this morning courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Shotover: Shotover Lake: 16th July

Shotover: Shotover Lake
4 Spotted Flycatcher: Pair feeding at least 2 fledglings in park oaks near Shotover Lake. 09:30.

Anthony Cheke

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 16th July

Bittern this morning 1st screen then again in flight 18:20 & 19:30
Ruff 2 Ashgrave
Dunlin Ashgrave
Green Sandpiper Ashgrave
Lapwing c100 Ashgrave

(Badger, Andy Last, Tezzer and Graham Coleman)

Ruff courtesy of Badger
Greenshank Ashgrave. 12:00.
Spotted Flycatcher

(per Stephen Lockey)

Marsh Harrier 2 over reedbeds
Little Egret 6 from 1st screen
Turtle Dove
Grasshopper Warbler (h) Moorlys

(per Paul Tomlinson)

Appleton 15th July

Belated report of Probable Osprey NW of Abingdon at Appleton.
Bird first seen flying from NNE direction at 20m. Appleton is about 4 and a half km south of Farmoor reservoir. Rested in Ash tree for c5mins until mobbed by locals, then flew approximately
N/W towards river Thames,about 1km distant.

(per C.Johnson)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Grimsbury Reservoir: 15th July

Grimsbury Reservoir
Common Sandpiper

Gareth Blockley

Farmoor Reservoir 15th July Evening

1 Little Ringed Plover
3 Dunlin
1 Oystercatcher
2 Redshank
10 Lapwing over
4+ Yellow Legged Gull
8+ Little Egret

iPhone-scoped LRP

Farmoor Reservoir: 15th July

Farmoor Reservoir
3 Yellow-legged Gull: 1 ad 2 juvs later. 10:00.

Ray Reedman
Mallard about to launch Northbrook
Courtesy of Nick Truby.

Standlake Pit 60: 15th July

Redstart still one in the field behind Langley hide on the eastern hedge. 10:00.
Barn Owl in fields behind Langley hide
Little-ringed Plover 6
Oystercatcher 5
Common Sandpiper
Green Sandpiper 2

Jeremy Dexter
The superb Egret-fest continues from the 1st screen on Otmoor.
Courtesy of John Reynolds.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Otmoor 14th July evening

Oystercatcher 2 adult 1 juv
Little-ringed Plover 1
Sparrowhawk 1 female hunting the starling roost
Little Egret 12
Marsh Harrier 1
Redshank 5

Rushey Common area, 14th July

Oystercatcher  5
Green Sandpiper 4 - Conveyor belt lake
Common Sandpiper 2 - Tar Lake
Garden Warbler 2 adult 1 juv
Grey Wagtail 1adult 1 juv
Very large numbers of juv Long Tailed Tits, Blue Tits and Goldfinches


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Corn Bunting Northbrook courtesy of Nick Truby

Standlake Common Pit 60 12th July

Redstart 2 both males (per SNT)

Otmoor RSPB 12th July

Bittern flew over the reed beds from the 1st screen early evening
Marsh Harrier
Hobby 2
Little Egret 5+
Gadwall 50+
Shoveler 10+
Teal 5+
Turtle Dove
Stock Dove 2
No sign of the male Redstart in Long Meadow.

Full weekend round up tomorrow on Otmoor Birding

Whitethroat courtesy of Mark Chivers