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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Grimsbury Reservoir: 31st August

Black Tern - found by CW c.17:00 and flew north 18:10
Yellow-legged Gull

Upper Cherwell Valley
2 Whinchat

Colin Wilkinson, John Friendship-Taylor, Gareth Blockley

Farmoor: am 31st August

Black Tern F2 18:10 near sailing club
Red-necked Grebe (juv) F2 18:00
Black-necked Grebe F2 18:00
Wheatear 2

(per Dai, Jim Hutchins)

Black Necked Grebe

Red Necked Grebe

Red Necked Grebe

Kingston Bagpuize: 31st August

Kingston Bagpuize
Hobby 07:00.

Jed Cleeter

Blewbury. 31st. August.

7 Wheatear.
6 Stonechat.
5 Yellow Wagtail.
Corn Bunting.


Otmoor.A.M. 31st August.

1 Kingfisher
1 Green Sandpiper
1 Greenshank
1 Marsh Harrier
2 Hobby.
Lots of Snipe.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Otmoor.A.M. 30th August.

Purple Heron 29th Aug courtesy of Derek Latham

PURPLE HERON (juv) c14:30 flew from Ashgrave reedbed west end, to east end
of Ashgrave and appeared to land near the copse of trees (per Fergus)
No further sign by dusk (Andy Last, Badger)
-c 9:15 A.M. over reedbeds then Big Otmoor (per Terry Jones)

Also seen flying over Greenaways c12:00 and again c12:45 yesterday 29th (per Derek Latham)

Turtle Dove courtesy of Pete Roby
1 Turtle Dove (per Pete Roby)
1 Greenshank
3 Marsh Harrier (m,f,juv)
3 Hobby
1 Water Rail
2 Cetti's Warbler (h)
3 Whinchat Ashgrave (per Andy Last)

Clouded Yellow Butterfly (per Paul Greenaway).

Aston Rowant: Aston Rowant NNR: 30th August

Aston Rowant: Aston Rowant NNR

Jackie Newcombe
Grey Partridge Oxon Downs courtesy of Mark Merritt

Lark Hill 30th August

Redstart (m)
6+ Wheatear
4 Yellow Wagtail
Willow Warbler

Standlake Common : am 30th August

Great White Egret

GREAT WHITE EGRET (Adult) still along northern shore of Pit 60 at 15:30 viewable
from the Langley hide.

Access to hides requires a key.

2 Little Egret
Common Sandpiper
Green Sandpiper
2 Snipe
Green Woodpecker

Pit 38

2 Lesser Whitethroat

Juv Lesser Whitethroat

Farmoor Reservoir 30th August

Red-necked Grebe (juv) F2 in S/W corner 10:08 (per Dai)
Black-necked Grebe F2 along western bank 17:50 (per Mark Chivers)

Black-necked Grebe courtesy of Tezzer

Monday, 29 August 2016

Padsdown 29th August

Padsdown Bottom

5 Wheatear 19:00.
2 Redstart: SP397405. 19:00.

(per Mark Ribbons)

Standlake Common, 29th Aug

Great white Egret please view at 720p HD

GREAT WHITE EGRET pit 60. (Adult in transition to non-br) Still along northern shore
at 15:35 viewable from Langley Hide. Access to the hides requires a key.

Greenshank 2, pit 60
Common Sand, 1
Green Sand 1 (per Badger)
Snipe, 1
Kingfisher, 2 at each of pits 27 & 38 pos same

Kingfisher photo courtesy of Paul Brennan.

Farmoor Reservoir 29th August

Black-necked Grebe please view at 1080p HD

Black-necked Grebe courtesy of Mark Chivers The Early Birder

Black-necked Grebe on F2 N/E corner 17:09
Red-necked Grebe on F2 in S/W corner 12:00

Red-necked Grebe courtesy of Mark Chivers The Early Birder

Common Scoter F1 12:31
Green Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Spotted Flycatcher 2
Wheatear 3

(per Dave Lowe, Dai et al)

Common Scoter courtesy of Badger

Otmoor.A.M. 29th August.

4+ Yellow Wagtail (Noke end)
3+ Wheatear (Noke end)
3 Hobby (MoD).
1 Marsh Harrier
1 Turtle Dove (per Pat Galka).
1 Little-ringed Plover (over).
1 Greenshank
20+ Snipe
1 Water Rail (juv)
2 Kingfisher
1 Cetti's Warbler

(per Paul Greenaway, Nick Truby)

Greenshank above and below courtesy of Tezzer

Grimsbury Reservoir: 29th August

Whinchat and Wheatear - ditch through cattle field

Upper Cherwell Valley

4 Whinchat (3 yesterday per Mark Ribbons)
2 Hobby (Colin Wilkinson)
Willow Warbler Otmoor courtesy of Nick Truby

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common: 28th August

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common
Grey Wagtail

Paul Wren

Lark Hill 28th August

2 Redstart (m, f)
3 Wheatear
5 Willow Warbler (one of presumably Scandinavian origin, grey above with bluish cap and sulphur yellow shoulder patch)
Lesser Whitethroat
Yellow-legged Gull (juv) with c300 LBBs

Port Meadow: 28th August

Port Meadow
1 Blue-headed Wagtail (adult female) M. flava flava
12 Yellow Wagtail
1 Wheatear
2 Skylark

Adam Hartley

Blue-headed Wagtail

Otmoor RSPB 28th August

Mandarin 8 1st screen
Hobby 2
Peregrine (juv)
Marsh Harrier 2 (f,m)
Snipe 20+
Greenshank 2+
Common Sandpiper
Water Rail 1st screen
Wheatear (f)

Five of the eight Mandarins.

Farmoor Reservoir 28th August

Red-necked Grebe (juv) still present on F2 14:18 (per Mark Chivers)
Common Scoter (f) F2 08:57
Turnstone 2
Common Tern 4 (1 juv)

(per Andy Last)

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Farmoor Reservoir 27th August

White-winged Black Tern please view at 1080p HD

WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN (juv) on F2 16:00 until 19:00 then flew off
high west with 13 Black Terns.

White-winged Black Tern above and below courtesy of Tezzer

Red-necked Grebe (juv) N/E corner of F2 17:45
Common Scoter F2
Mediterran Gull (juv) F2 in roost
Black-tailed Godwit
Yellow Wagtail c12

(per Terry Sherlock, Dai et al)

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull please view at 720p HD

Otmoor RSPB 27th August

PURPLE HERON (juv) flew from reed beds and landed in N/W corner of Greenaways
11:20 (per Mark Chivers, Aulikki)

Marsh Harrier
Greenshank 1st scn

Pit 60: 27 August am

2 Greenshank
1 Green Sandpiper
4+ Common Terns
Little Egret
1 Kingfisher
Voluble Green Woodpecker (unseen)

Greenshank (c) Stephen Burch
Visit my website for a larger image

burwell farm estate, witney,27th august

Sedge Warbler feeding in bushes, back garden.
site first !!

Clackers & Mrs Clackers

Arncott 27th August

Turtle Dove Arncott M.O.D no general access (per RBA)

Friday, 26 August 2016

Farmoor Reservoir 26th August

  Red-necked Grebe please view at 1080p HD

Red-necked Grebe (juv) still on F2 viewed from the southern bank at 18:50 found by Dai.

Red-necked Grebe courtesy of The Gun-slinger

Common Sandpiper 9
Green Sandpiper
Yellow Wagtail 2

(per Nick Truby)

Juvenile Common Tern courtesy of Nick Truby

Cholsey: 26th Aug


3 Whinchat
2 Wheatear
4 Common Redstart
2 Common Whitethroat
1 Lesser Whitethroat
1 Blackcap
9 Chiffchaff
5 Yellow Wagtail
1 Hobby
2 Willow Warbler


1 Common Redstart, Cholsey Church yard (per Tony Rayner).
30+ Yellow Wagtail near Cholsey School (per Richard Broughton).
1 Sedge Warbler (per The Wickster).

Cholsey Wildlife

Otmoor 26th. August.

PURPLE HERON (juv) Seen in flight over reedbed, seemed to come down in flood field. 18:30
(per Steve Goddard)

-flew over diagonal track on Greenaways 13:30 (per Mark Ribbons)
-flew south over reed bed and landed on west side of Greenaways at 11:30 (per RBA)

2 Yellow Wagtail.  With cattle.
2 Peregrine.  (juv).  Over Ashgrave.
20+ Snipe.
200 Lapwing in flocks.
Wheatear.  Noke.
3 Hobby.
2 Marsh Harrier.
2 Redstart. (1m.  1f.)  Long Meadow.      Per.  P.G.  Ox Utd. Paul.  T.S.

Yellow Wagtail.

Standlake Common : AM 26th August

Pit 60

3+ Greenshank
Green Sandpiper
3 Little Egret
5 Common Tern

Pit 38

2 Treecreeper

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Standlake Pit 60:AM 25th August


A329 near Moulsford: 25th August

A329 near Moulsford
Yellow Wagtail: Heard over the maize field, opposite Little Willows nursery, in flight, poss 2. SU591853. 09:30.

Mike Amphlett

Otmoor 25th August

1st Screen
1 Dunlin
17 Snipe
2+Water Rail
2 Marsh Harrier
8 Mandrin (Greenaways)
1 Kingfisher
15+ Yellow Wagtails over (evening)
1 Cettis - Plus 2 along bridleway

Lesser Whitethroat courtesy of Mike Flemming

2 Whinchat
1 Redstart
1 Greenshank

2 Hobbies - Big Otmoor

2 Greenshank - Greenaways


Black-tailed Godwit
Common Sandpiper
Snipe 8
Water Rail 2 h along ditches nr Noke end of bridleway

(Bark, Badger)
Yellow Wagtails Marsh Baldon courtesy of Derek Latham

Grimsbury Reservoir: 25th August

Tree Pipit. Grounded in south west corner but flushed and no further sign
Spotted Flycatcher
2 Wheatear
Yellow-legged Gull
4 Yellow Wagtails, over

John Friendship-Taylor

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Farmoor 24th August.

Sandwich Terns courtesy of Tezzer

Sandwich Tern 15 S/W corner of F2 until 15:36 then flew off high S/W (per Ewan)

-Present at 12:45 in S/W corner of F2
-Along northern bank of F1 at 08:46 (per Steve Young, Dai, Terry Sherlock)

 Greenland Wheatear this morning (per Jim Hutchins)

1 Greenland Wheatear (per Jim Hutchins) 
4 Common Tern
6 Dunlin
3 Ringed Plover
2 Ruff (juv m)
1 Whimbrel
6 Common Sandpiper
8 Yellow Wagtail
2 Spotted Flycatcher

(per Ewan Urquhart, Dai, et al)

Ruff above and below courtesy of Ewan

Sandwich Tern courtesy of Tezzer
Some of the 14 Sandwich Terns, seen resting on the Northern edge of F1
Courtesy of Tezzer.

Sandwich Tern courtesy of Ewan

Port Meadow: 24th August

Port Meadow
15 Yellow Wagtail

Adam Hartley

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Lollingdon Hill nr Cholsey 23rd August

Redstart 2

+Clouded Yellow Butterfly

(per Paul Chandler)

Cholsey Wildlife

Otmoor RSPB 23rd August

PURPLE HERON (juv) flew over Ashgrave then dropped down in northern phase
of reed beds 14:58.
-Also seen at 13:00 when it flew from ditch by footpath to Greenaways (per RBA)

Sparrowhawk courtesy of Terry Sherlock

Marsh Harrier
Hobby Oddington side (Badger)
Greenshank over the reedbeds (per Tezzer)
Mandarin 6 1st scn
Water Rail
Little Egret
Yellow Wagtail 6 heading towards the reed bed (per Tezzer)
Whinchat 4 Oddington side (Badger) 

(per Terry Tossell)

Ashgrave: 16:50

Black-tailed Godwit
Common Sandpiper
Lapwing 60+


Young Starling and chum courtesy of Terry Sherlock

Banbury: 23rd August

Green Sandpiper: Flew south over town. 07:00.

Grimsbury Reservoir    Grimsbury Birds

Common Sandpiper 2
Redstart (h)
Yellow Wagtail 3

(Gareth Blockley)
Wheatear at Farmoor courtesy of Andy Last

Wheatear courtesy of Andy Last

Wheatear courtesy of Dominic Norris

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common: 23rd August

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common
2 Redstart: 1 male.
2 Whinchat
Spotted Flycatcher
Lesser Whitethroat
6 Whitethroat

Paul Wren

Farmoor Res 23rd August

Turnstone courtesy of Mark Chivers

Turnstone 2
Dunlin 1
Common Sandpiper 8
Common Redshank 1
Peregrine 1 juvenile

Common Tern 2
Yellow legged Gull 6+
Little Egret 3
Common Pochard 1m currently flightless

Spotted Flycatcher 1
Lesser Whitethroat 1
Yellow Wagtail 4
Grey Wagtail 1
Northern Wheatear 1

                                             Spotted Flycatcher

                                              Common Redshank