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Friday, 31 January 2020

Port Meadow: 31st January

Yesterday's 1w Caspian gull roosted again tonight

Farmoor Reservoir 31st January

Common Sandpiper 1
Common Goldeneye 7
Little Grebe 10

Dorchester, Day's Lock: 31st January

2 Shelduck on floods at 15:40
3 Egyptian Geese downstream from lock at 16:00

Port Meadow: The Perch: 31st January

Port Meadow: The Perch
2 Redshank: On river bank opposite the Perch. 14:45.

Port Meadow
2 Shelduck: On the floods. 14:45.

Andrew Siantonas

Dorchester 31st January

Whooper Swan 2 again in field with Mute Swans S/E of Dorchester adjacent to the A4074 then flushed 15:11 (per Peter Law). 

Dix Pit: 31 January

Many thanks to Justin for putting me on to both of these!

Garganey (c) Stephen Burch

Smew (c) Stephen Burch

For larger versions of the above, go to here

Cassington: 31st January

Barn Owl 07:55.

Nick Suckling

Otmoor rspb 31st January

Hybrid Aythya in front of the 1st screen 12:26 (per Tezzer). 

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 31st January

Garganey near northern side of the Heronry island 10:45
Scaup 3 at the tip end 10:56
Smew rh in N/W corner 11:28

(per Justin Taylor).

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Port Meadow: 30th January

2 Caspian gulls (adult and 1w)
4 yellow legged gulls (2 adults, 3w and 2w)

This 1w cachinnans is not the regular bird, it has roosted at Port Meadow only once before, on the 24th January.

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 30th January

Smew r/h still present this morning. 
Goldeneye 17

: 30th January

Balsote Quarry nature reserve
Egyptian Goose: A single early morning flew off north - a first record for the site (per Iain Brown). SP301428. 09:10.

Steve Holliday

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Appleford: 29th January

A green-ringed adult Caspian gull at Appleford this evening. Unfortunately I was not able to read the code, although a green ring on the left leg indicates either a German or Polish ringing scheme.

New Yatt: Merryfield Farm: 29th January

New Yatt: Merryfield Farm
Merlin: fem. Flying rapidly West. SP364113. 15:55.

Jeremy Blakey

Port Meadow 14:30 - 16:30: 29th January

2 Shelduck
20+ Golden Plover
2 Kingfisher

Farmoor Reservoir 29th January


Greater Scaup 1 first winter male
Common Goldeneye 2 pair
Little Grebe 10

Common Snipe 6
Eurasian Wigeon 1f
Barn Owl 1
European Stonechat 2 pair

Greater Scaup first winter male

: 29th January

Burnt Platt Wood
2 Raven: SU6983. 16:13.

John Taylor

Aston Rowant: Aston Rowant NNR: 29th January

Aston Rowant: Aston Rowant NNR
4 Raven: Four birds together over Bald Hill. 14:48.

John Edwards

Blenheim Park 29th January

Great white Egret 
Little Egret 4
Yellow-legged Gull 
Water Rail 

Wytham Wood: 29th January

Wytham Wood
2 Raven: SP4608. 11:30.

Paul Butler

Didcot 29th January

Moor Ditch
Stonechat: male. SU525919. 10:28.

William Lester

Balscote 29th January

Balscote Quarry Nature Reserve
Great Black-backed Gull: An adult flew west. Scarce here but all recent records have been of singles in January/February. SP301428. 09:10.

Steve Holliday

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Port Meadow: 28th January

2 Caspian gulls, at least 1 yellow legged gull and 10 goosander in the roost tonight

Adult Caspian gull, first seen on the 20th January

Caspian gull together with a 2w yellow legged gull on the left

3w Caspian gull. Initially thought to be the Appleford bird from last week, but this bird seems to have very little hind neck streaking. Possibly an artefact of differing light conditions, and the fact that the Appleford bird was so distant, or perhaps most likely, that it has just moulted off the feathers over the last few days. Otherwise seems identical in plumage and bill markings.

Ruff at Cote 28th January

Two of the four Ruff seen with 248 Golden Plover and many more Lapwings. Large gulls seem to have largely abandoned the floods.

+9 Egyptian geese. 13:03.

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 28th January

Smew rh near island 13:28
Garganey: With wigeon Presumably the pit 60 bird which wasn't seem there yesterday though people were looking. 13:40. Unusual combination to see Smew and Garganey in January, and on the same water!

Duxford: 28th January

2 Great White Egret: Two seen feeding in flooded meadows near Duxford. 10:25.

Simon Cousins

Standlake Pit 60: 28th January

Standlake Pit 60
2 Great White Egret: Both arrived late in the day. Sadly, just after two birders new to the site left the hide having hoped to see them. 17:07.

Mick Cunningham
Wigeon Otmoor rspb courtesy of Pete Barker Otmoor Birding

Caulcot: 28th January

Green Sandpiper: Flushed from small stream flowing through field adjacent to north side of B4030 Lower Heyford Road next to footpath to Upper Heyford. Resemblance to large house martin as it flew off was clear. SU518246. 12:35.

Andrew Siantonas

Henley Road GPs: 28th January

Henley Road GPs
Egyptian Goose 12:25.

John Kearns

Witney Lake: 28th January

Witney Lake
2 Stonechat: 1m 1f. Pair in Field to east of Witney Lake. SP361085. 12:01.

Dave Murphy

Clanfield 28th January

No sign of the Great Grey Shrike this morning  at the end of Marsh Lane near Old Man's Bridge SP 303006

 (per Mick Cunningham).

Monday, 27 January 2020

Port Meadow: 27th January

Port Meadow
Caspian Gull: 1w. Returning bird. 20:18.
2 Yellow-legged Gull: 2w and 3w. 20:18.
4 Dunlin 20:18.

Thomas Miller
Barn Owl at Farmoor courtesy of Ewan Urquhart Black Audi Birding

Chimney 27th January

Great white Egret S/W of Standlake flew over road north of Chimney Meadows 08:56 (per RBA). 

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 27th January

Scaup 3 (1drk) this morning
Smew rh still present 12:44

(per Peter Law et al).

Garganey display

Garganey remains at Pit 60. I filmed it displaying on 17th Jan. Apparently to a female wigeon. It  threw its head back x3, so that the head touched its back briefly like a male Goldeneye. This display is described in the BWP account of Garganey and depicted in a drawing of a breeding plumage male doing this display labelled "A" on page 534.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Dix Pit: 26th January

Dix Pit
30 Pintail: SP411048. 12:00.

Malcolm Teal

Clanfield: 26th January

A Great Grey Shrike briefly this morning 1.5 kms south-east of Clanfield at the end of Marsh Lane near Old Man's Bridge SP 303006 (per John Melling).

Standlake Pit 60: 26th January

Standlake Pit 60
Garganey: Again, from north hide: currently lost to view. 11:45.

Mick Cunningham

Standlake Pit 60: 26th January

Standlake Pit 60
Marsh Harrier: Cc. 11:01.
2 Great White Egret 11:01.

Mick Cunningham

Dix Pit: 26th January

Smew 1 redhead, 10.10

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Chipping Norton: 25th January

Chipping Norton
Barn Owl: Hunting at dusk in field alongside road between Churchill and Chipping Norton. 16:30.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 25th January

Port Meadow
18 Goosander
150 Barnacle Goose
2 Shelduck
4 Pintail: 4+, approx count.
200 Lapwing: Unusually large count.
2 Redshank

Adam Hartley

Gramp's Hill: 25th Jan

Hen Harrier (ringtail)
35 Corn Bunting

Wytham: Field Station: 25th January

Wytham: Field Station
2 Stonechat: Pair along Thames Path between Cassington and Wytham early afternoon. SP463099. 17:33.

Matt Livesey

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 25th January

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
Great White Egret: Feeding at waters edge then seen at top of tree by waters edge. 15:00.

Andrew Siantonas

Dorchester: 25th January

2 Whooper Swan: Feeding in field from the bypass with second group of mutes left hand side of field . Opposite the road to Dorchester ( A4074 ). 11:50.

Ralph Watts

Henley Road GPs: 25th January

Henley Road GPs
2 Pintail: m+f. 13:30.

Marek Walford

Dix Pit: Dix Pit/Linch Hill: 24th January

Dix Pit: Dix Pit/Linch Hill
6 Pintail: m f. At least this number amongst the hordes of wildfowl here. I was wondering where all the wildfowl were? No sign of the Scaup or Smew . Black Swan added interest. 12:36.

2 Whooper Swan: The swans had been pushed into the next field by the blasting of a bird scarer gun in their favoured Kale field. A bit further away but still visible from the pull in opposite the Dorchester turn. 12:36.

John Edwards

Sonning Eye GPs: 25th January

Sonning Eye GPs
Pintail: drk. At the triangle. 12:30.

Marek Walford

Standlake: 25th January

Bittern 1, pit 60
Great White Egret 1, pit 38

Dorchester: 25th January

Whooper Swan 2, still in fields by A4074 opposite Dorchester turning. A bit distant 10.50

Oxford: Cripley Meadow: 25th January

Oxford: Cripley Meadow
7 Little Egret 10:30.

D Moden

Friday, 24 January 2020

Port Meadow: 24th January

Two 1w Caspian gulls in the roost, the regular bird and a new one

Regular bird
New bird flew in well after sunset 
Nice white underwing

Also 11 goosander, highest count so far this winter

Appleford GP: 24th January

3w Caspian gull

Port Meadow: The Perch: 24th January

24th January

Port Meadow: The Perch
2 Redshank: Flitting up and down the river bank opposite The Perch. 15:00.

Port Meadow
3 Shelduck: On the floods.As I walked back up the meadow to Wolvercote I saw 2 shelduck in a water channel near Wolvercote at 16.30. Possibly 2 of the ones I had seen earlier. Not seen shelduck here before. 15:15.
Pintail: Amongst the many wigeon and fewer shoveller and teal on the floods. 15:15.

Port Meadow: The Perch
5 Goosander: 1 male, 4 fem. On the river upstream from the Perch. As I watched they flew off and landed on the floods. 15:45.

Andrew Siantonas

Dorchester 24th January

Whooper Swan 2 with Mute Swans in field S/E of Dorchester adjacent to the A4074 at 15:20 (per RBA). 

Pit 60: 24 January

10 Little Egrets!
Note: LL hide just accessible with walking boots.
8 of the 10 Little Egrets
(c) Stephen Burch

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 24th January

Scaup (f) viewed from the west side of the pit
No sign of red head Smew by midday. 

(per Peter Law et al). 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Chipping Norton: 23rd January

Chipping Norton
Raven: In valley near Salford Village cronking from atop fir tree. 15:30.
Grey Wagtail: Feeding in brook in valley. 15:30.

Steve Akers

Sarsgrove: 23rd January

2 Raven: ad pair. Sat cronking and grooming one another. 11:00.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 23rd January

New 2nd winter Caspian gull on the floods tonight, no qualms about structure with this one!

Edit: review of footage also shows a 3w Caspian gull, different to the individual on the 15th

Standlake 23rd January

Shifford Lane 
Firecrest: SP391028. 14:15.

Sally Taylor

Cote Floods 23rd January

Marsh Harrier (f) 15:00 then flew towards Pit 60 (per Ian Smith). 

: 23rd January

Balscote Quarry Nature Reserve
330 Golden Plover: In field south of reserve. Also 34 lapwing and 16 snipe. SP391423. 14:50.

Steve Holliday

: 23rd January

farmoor garden
Blackcap: SP450070. 15:10.

Paul Butler

Dorchester 23rd January

Whooper Swan 2 in field with Mute Swans S/E of Dorchester adjacent to the A4074 13:55 (per Peter Law). 

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Port Meadow: 21st January

Adult Caspian gull - probably yesterday's bird, but only seen distantly.
2 adult Yellow legged gulls
2w hybrid Caspian gull - last night's bird, reidentified as a hybrid on basis of poor structure.

Hybrid 2w Caspian-ish gull

Tackley 21st January

Whooper Swan 9 flying down the Cherwell Valley at Tackley 15:56 (per John Reynolds). 

Letcombe Bassett 21st January

Parsonagehill Barn
Hen Harrier: ringtail. One on field flew off north. SU375837. 15:06.

Brian Walker

Dorchester 21st January

Whooper Swan 2 with Mute Swans S/E of Dorchester, in field north of the A4074 opposite turning to Dorchester and Dorchester Abbey 16:25 (per Peter Law).

Stadhampton: 21st January

Stonechat in horse paddocks along footpath from A329 / B480 roundabout
2 Egyptian Goose by Thame floods approx SU598996 at 12:20pm

Dix Pit Stanton Harcourt 21st January

Smew r/h 09:50 (per Dave Doherty)

Oxford: 21st January

1 Black redstart (fem type) on Magdalen tower (east side), 9:15am.
Tom Pizzari

Monday, 20 January 2020

Chipping Norton: 20th January

Chipping Norton
100 Golden Plover: Still present in fields E of CN near Heathrop, together with Lapwing. 09:30.
50 Lapwing 09:30.
Peregrine: Perched on raised clump of earth in centre of field (possibly staking out the Golden Plover). 09:30.

Steve Akers

Chipping Norton: 20th January

Chipping Norton
100 Golden Plover: Still present in fields E of CN near Heathrop, together with Lapwing. 09:30.
50 Lapwing 09:30.
Peregrine: Perched on raised clump of earth in centre of field (possibly staking out the Golden Plover). 09:30.

Steve Akers

Stadhampton: 20th January

Stonechat: male. 13:30.

Gary Magill

Dorchester: Dorchester (SE): 20th January

Dorchester: Dorchester (SE)
2 Whooper Swan: Back in field on east side at south end of Dorchester by-pass. SU590934. 14:30.

Gary Magill

Port Meadow: 20th January

3 (edit: actually 2) Caspian gulls on Port Meadow tonight

Regular 1st winter bird showing extremely well


2nd winter picked out in near-darkness so record shots unfortunately don't reveal much. Luckily it was only about 30-40m away on the opposite side of the bank so scope views were surprisingly good and revealed all diagnostic features. Looks like a 3rd winter in these photos but had brown 2nd generation greater coverts - I think the appearance of a large P10 mirror in the last photo is an artefact.

Edit: having obtained much better views on the 21st (see today's post for photos), structure not looking good for pure cachinnans - so into the hybrid box it goes. Thanks to Ian Lewington for comments.

Also the hybrid 1st winter Caspian x herring, a 2nd winter yellow legged gull and 3 goosander.

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 20th January

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Marsh Harrier: m. 09:40.

John Kearns

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 20th January

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
3 Pintail: 2 m 1 f. 09:35.

John Kearns

Bicester Wetland Reserve 20th January

Most standing water frozen this morning only Works Pool clear.

1 Chiffchaff feeding along bank of Landford Brook
160 Teal
6 Gadwall
2 Little grebe
1 Grey Wagtail

Alan Peters and Bill Foley

Great Milton: 20th January

Great Milton
80 Golden Plover: Flock flying to North of A329. 16:00.

Andy Coates

: 18th January

3 Woodcock: SP622159. 12:00.

Colin Oram

Port Meadow: 20th January

Port Meadow
13 Pintail: Between 13-16 first thing this morning. SP496088. 10:15.

Matt Livesey

: 20th January

Magnolia Park Golf club
Golden Eagle: Spotted the Sea Eagle whilst playing golf at The Magnolia Park Golf Club Saturday 18th Jan, the species section above does not give 'Sea Eagle' as an option so had to input Golden Eagle! SP617137. 09:21.

Andy Kyle

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Tetsworth: 19th January

Short-eared Owl: Moreton Lane. 15:00.

Andy Coates

Stanford-in-the-Vale: Stanford Quarry: 19th January

Stanford-in-the-Vale: Stanford Quarry
2 Stonechat: pair.

Mark Merritt

Port Meadow: 19th January

Port Meadow
150 Barnacle Goose
8 Pintail
2 Redshank
3 Chiffchaff: fly catching along the hedgerow next to the allotments.

Adam Hartley

Otmoor 19th January

07:30-11:30 (Fine sunshine, Icy)

Barn Owl (reedbed)
Marsh Harrier 2, m&f (reedbed displaying)
Peregrine 2, m&f (in dead tree Noke Sides)
Common Redshank (Noke Sides in Plover flocks)

Raven (over Noke Sides)
Sparrowhawk f (carpark)
Pintail 6
Common Snipe 4 (reedbed 1st screen)
Water Rail (2nd screen)
Cetti's warbler (2nd screen)
Stonechat 4 (m showing well 2nd screen)

Old Caley's Diary

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Stadhampton: 18th January

Courtesy of David Stracey.

2 Whooper Swan: In large field north of Stadhampton church. Viewable from the footpath at SU601993. SU603992. 15:30.

David Stracey

Gramp’s Hill 18th January

Hen Harrier (r/t)
2 Peregrine (female hunted and left with prey, male appearing a couple of minutes later)

Male Stonechat Otmoor rspb courtesy of Luke O'Byrne.

Port Meadow: 18th January

Regular 1w Caspian gull
1w Caspian x Herring gull hybrid
3 Yellow legged gulls (2 adults and a 2w)
250 golden plover
4 dunlin

Thomas Miller and Will Langdon

Banbury: 18th January

Shiplake: 18th January

5 Egyptian Goose: In favourite field alongside A4155. 14:00.

John Kearns

Chipping Norton: 18th January

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: juv. SP350294. 12:00.
100 Golden Plover: SP350294. 12:00.
60 Lapwing: SP350294. 12:00.

Steve Akers

Waterstock: River Thame: 18th January

Waterstock: River Thame
13 Pintail: 10 male 3 fem. On flood. 12:34.

Luke Marriner

Waterstock: River Thame: 18th January

Waterstock: River Thame
Jack Snipe: Flushed from marsh area. 12:29.
Stonechat: male. 12:29.
11 Grey Partridge 12:29.
Peregrine: fem. Heavy bird flew through flood causing havoc with the water foul. 12:29.
Barnacle Goose: With Canada's. 12:29.

Luke Marriner

Friday, 17 January 2020

Port Meadow 17th January

The returning 1w Caspian gull again on the floods tonight. In addition, a 1w yellow legged gull and 2 goosander.

1w Caspian gull, first seen last Sunday

Chipping Norton: 17th January

Chipping Norton
Peregrine 14:30.

Steve Akers

Dorchester: Days Lock: 17th January

Dorchester: Days Lock
3 Egyptian Goose 10:30.

Peter Law

Egyptian Geese Days Lock courtesy of Barry Neale.

Port Meadow: Godstow: 17th January

Port Meadow: Godstow
Goosander: male. Swam on river downstream from just below Wolvercote car park to half way to the Perch. 15:00.

Port Meadow
200 Barnacle Goose: Feeding on "island" surrounded by the greatly expanded floods at northern -Wolvercote - end of meadow. 15:00.
2 Pintail: At least 2 amongst the many wigeon on the floods. 15:00.

Andrew Siantonas

Standlake Pit 60: 17th January

Standlake Pit 60
3 Great White Egret: Seen from North Shore hide as they flew up from reed bed. 11:30.

Simon Cousins

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory: 17th January

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory
Black Redstart: fem/imm. Still present - unusually vocal bird which is quite instructive!

Mark Merritt

Pit 60 Standlake 17th January

Garganey still present 11:15 from the North Shore Hide, Langley Lane hide is inaccessible due to flooding.
Wellingtons advised. 

(per Jim Hutchins)

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Chipping Norton: 16th January

Chipping Norton
150 Golden Plover: Over fields alongside A361 to Banbury. 12:00.
100 Lapwing: With Golden Plover. 12:00.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 16th January

Port Meadow
Caspian Gull: 1w. Same bird as before. 17:22.
2 Yellow-legged Gull: ad. 17:22.
5 Ruff 17:22.
Goosander 17:22.

Thomas Miller

Gaganey Pit 60 again

Garganey seen again late morning. Also, cc Marsh Harrier and 1 Great Egret. Still plenty of teal, pintail and wigeon. Are is flooded/flooding. Only accessed North Hide - path along brook flooding. Wellies needed. Didn't check LL Hide.

Dunsden Green: 16th January

Dunsden Green
2 Grey Partridge: SU728778. 11:00.

Ralph Watts

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Port Meadow 15th January

Third winter Caspian gull on Port Meadow tonight

2 Caspian Gull: 3w and 1w. New 3w bird and the same 1w from the 12th Jan. 18:10.
5 Goosander 18:10.

Thomas Miller

2 Redshank: On finger of river bank a little upstream from the Perch. 15:00.
140 Barnacle Goose: Now floods have expanded flock has returned to their favoured place grazing at the fringe of the northern (Wolvercote ) end of the floods. 15:00.

Andrew Siantonas

Baulking: 15th January

Green Sandpiper 14:25.

Simon Cousins

Cote: 15th January

3 Shelduck: Seen asleep in flooded field near Cote. 11:15.

Simon Cousins

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Otmoor WeBS 13th January

21 Black Headed Gull
927 Canada Geese
92 Coot
8 Dunlin
81 Gadwall
2400 Golden Plover
8 Grey Heron
171 Greylag Geese
4535 Lapwing
175 Mallard
1 Moorhen
6 Mute Swan
201 Pintail
16 Pochard
4 Ruff
3 Shelduck
377 Shoveler
18 Snipe
2428 Teal
34 Tufted Duck
1 Water Rail
3284 Wigeon

Standlake Pit 60: 14th January

Standlake Pit 60
Shelduck: Still present. Also, 17 common gulls. 13:55.

Mick Cunningham

Cote: 14th January

Peregrine: Hunting between Cote and old shifford. 13:54.

Mick Cunningham

Cote: 14th January

2 Shelduck: In flood fields between Cote and chimney. No gulls at all! 13:51.
320 Golden Plover: With about 4000 lapwings between Cote and chimney. 13:51.

Mick Cunningham

Monday, 13 January 2020

Port Meadow: 13th January

Port Meadow
2 Yellow-legged Gull: ad + 1w. 22:27.
6 Ruff 22:27.
3 Goosander 22:27.
Egyptian Goose 22:27.

Thomas Miller

Woodstock: Woodstock Water Meadows: 13th January

Woodstock: Woodstock Water Meadows
Great White Egret

Bob Pomfret

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 13th January

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
144 Tufted Duck
8 Little Grebe
6 Little Egret
35 Grey Heron
2 Yellow-legged Gull

Bob Pomfret

Standlake Pit 60: 13th January

Standlake Pit 60
Shelduck: fem. Shelduck remains at the pit. Also, great white Egret. 17:29.

Mick Cunningham

Oxon Birders Social Saturday 11th January

Nestled between the Golden Globes and the Oscars, the annual Oxon Birders Awards took place
on Saturday night, showcasing the highs and lowes of Oxfordshires greatest birders,thier finds and achievements, the firsts and lasts of 2019, and those deserved of extra merritt.
Once again our host for the evening was the erudite and ever charming Mr Tom Bedford whose write up can be found here Out of the Blue

Thank you to all that came along and made it such a great evening and here's to 2020 being a great year for Oxfordshire birding and birders.

Dorchester 13th January

No sign of the Whooper Swans amongst the Mute Swan herd in field north of the A4074 between Dorchester and Shillingford, opposite 
turning to Dorchester and Dorchester Abbey 

Little Wittenham Days Lock 13th January

No sign of any Whooper Swans or White-fronted Geese this morning.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Baulking Pit: 12th Jan.

Merlin (F)
Green Sandpiper
2 Barn Owl
At least 4 Yellow-legged Gulls in a moderate (2Kish) roost which arrived too late for thorough scrutiny!

Dorchester: Days Lock: 12th January

Dorchester: Days Lock
2 Whooper Swan: SU572939. 15:30.
2 Egyptian Goose: SU572939. 15:30.

Malcolm Teal

Farmoor Res 12th January


Greater Scaup 2
Common Goldeneye 8
Grey Wagtail 2

Common Snipe 11 (Pinkhill)
Redwing 25
Fieldfare 3

Otmoor: 12th January

Barn Owl from the first screen at 2.00pm

Winter Garganey at Pit 60

My first session at the Pit as the Webs counter. I wasn't expecting a garganey amongst 1901 teal. Spotted at near last light, it was mostly asleep, head tucked in etc. Picked up by tertialpattern but only showed head pattern in near dark at dusk when it finally swam towards North Hide (roosting in isolated stand of reeds to left of hide?).

I'm wondering if it's a male as I think I see a newly-moulted in lanceolate scapular and brown breast but can't be sure of iris colour (and not seen Garganey in this plumage!)

The shelduck remains and minimum 2 GW Egrets.

Iffley Lock: 12th January

Ring-necked Parakeet 1 in chestnut trees next to the footpath late afternoon 

Port Meadow: 12th January

Caspian Gull: 1w in the evening roost
Yellow-legged Gull : adult in the evening roost
5 Ruff: in with the Lapwing flock


4 Shelduck
4 Goosander
1 calling Chiffchaff
1 Grey Wagtail

Thomas Miller & Adam Hartley

1w Caspian Gull courtesy of Thomas Miller

Shiplake: 12th January

11 Egyptian Goose: In field on outskirts of Shiplake. 16:10.

John Kearns

Dorchester 12th January

Whoopers and Mute Swans courtesy of Alan Dawson.

Whooper Swan 2 with Mute Swans in field North of the A4074 between Dorchester &
Shillingford until mid afternoon then flushed by a quad bike and flew off towards
Long Wittenham (per Brian Wyatt, Alan Dawson et al).

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 12th January

12th January

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Peregrine 12:40.
2 Marsh Harrier: 1m + 1f. 12:45.
Sparrowhawk 13:40.
3 Cetti's Warbler 13:40.
Stonechat 13:40.
4 Bullfinch 12:20.
Little Grebe 12:00.

Isaac West

Otmoor rspb 12th January

Hen Harrier ringtail this p.m
Barn Owl 2

(per Phil Barnett)

Saturday, 11 January 2020

: 11th January

3 Woodcock: SP619154. 14:00.

Colin Oram

Dorchester: Days Lock: 11th January

Dorchester: Days Lock
3 White-fronted Goose: On flooded field immediately north of path from Little Wittenham to Dorchester, but mobile. Still there at 16:15.
11 Egyptian Goose
700 Lesser Black-backed Gull: Approximate count.

Ian Elkins

Shelduck Pit 60

Single Shelduck arrived mid-pm.
Great White Egret flew in 3 pm.
There's 2000+ teal!

Little Wittenham Days Lock 11th January

White-fronted Geese 3 again on flooded field
nr Days Lock (per Ian Elkins). 

Park at the church in Little Wittenham and take the track down the hill to follow footpath over both bridges. 

Sonning Eye GPs: 11th January

Sonning Eye GPs
Mediterranean Gull: 1w. 16:10.
Yellow-legged Gull: ad. 16:10.

Marek Walford

New Marston: New Marston Meadows: 11th January

New Marston: New Marston Meadows
Jack Snipe
98 Snipe
26 Teal
14 Wigeon

Tom Evans

Otmoor Saturday 11th January am

Barn Owl
2 Hen Harriers
2 Marsh Harriers
75+ Pintail
11 Pochard
3 Dunlin
4 Ruff
18 Snipe
3 prs Stonechat
5000+ Golden Plover
4000+ Lapwing

Bark, S.R.,Oz, D.W. and J.N.

Radley GP: 11th January

Radley GP
Barn Owl: Hunting at dawn.
4 Egyptian Goose: Two pairs.
2 Little Egret

Ian Elkins

Bicester Wetland Reserve 11th Janaury

Strong winds

313 Teal
1 Wigeon
10 Gadwall
1 Little Grebe

Alan Peters
Key Holder Reserve

Friday, 10 January 2020