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Monday, 30 September 2019

Port Meadow: 30th September

Port Meadow
Yellow Wagtail
9 Lapwing
60 Meadow Pipit: At least 60 down at the southern end of the Meadow.

Adam Hartley

Cholsey: 30th Sep

Merlin (f), flew south over Lollingdon Hill

Otmoor. 30th September.

2. Hobby.
1. Black Tailed Godwit.
Water Rail.
14 Stonechat.
2. Whinchat.          All Chats in one grouping on Greenaways.

Sarsgrove: 30th September

100 Meadow Pipit: Up to 100 birds in several small flocks ranged over all grass pasture fields and down towards Sarsgrove Farm. 10:30.
50 Goldfinch 10:30.
15 Swallow 10:30.
5 House Martin 10:30.
14 Skylark 10:30.
Golden Plover: Heard only. No sign of Wheatear. 10:30.

Steve Akers

Otmoor rspb

Shoveler courtesy of John Workman.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Cholsey: 29th Sep

3 Stonechat (per Alan Dawson)

Sarsgrove: 29th September

2 Wheatear: male. Possibly Greenland species - very bright plumage and strikingly marked birds. 10:15.
70 Meadow Pipit 10:15.
50 Goldfinch 10:15.
20 Swallow: At least 20 flying through low and at speed. 10:15.
11 Skylark 10:15.
120 Lesser Black-backed Gull 10:15.

Steve Akers
Chiffchaff courtesy of John Workman.

Blenheim: 29th September

Great White Egret
7 Little Egret

Ian Elkins

Farmoor Reservoir 29th September

Arctic Tern
House Martin c1000
Sand Martin 
Swallow 2
Yellow Wagtail 
Stonechat 2

(per Dave Lowe, Dai) 

LWV Pit 60: 29 Sept

Arctic Tern 1 juv thru 11.30
Common Sandpiper 1
Kingfisher 1

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Wantage 27th September

Juvenile Gannet yesterday (27th) close to Wantage health centre; taken into care.

Southfield Golf Course, Oxford: 28th September

Large movement of hirundines in the first hour of light, all heading west:
130 House Martin
3 Swallow
11 Meadow Pipit
2 Raven
1 Canada Goose
1 Garden Warbler

Friday, 27 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 27th September

2 Wheatear 09:30.
40 Meadow Pipit 09:30.
50 Goldfinch: This flock of adults and juveniles present last few days. 09:30.

Steve Akers

Oxford 27 September

1 Ring Necked Parakeet flying high over St Catherine's College, calling repeatedly, 9:30am

Shipton-under-Wychwood: 27th September

1300 Lesser Black-backed Gull: Limited birding currently as have visitors. Large flock of gulls roadside fields between Shipton UW and leftfield held at least 1300. Quick count as doing tourist thing. Hirundine movement: anyone else noticed constant passage between west and south west today? Various spots around Burford, Fifield, Shipton UW all PM, with small numbers mipits and chaffinches. Sadly, all spots had excessive traffic noise. See latest Bitdguides article on visible migration at Spurn by one of the current young guns. 17:53.
11 Yellow-legged Gull 17:53.
6 Herring Gull: Sadly, no Caspian. 17:53.
300 Linnet: Mobile flock feeding in stubble on tariff from leafield to shipton uw. Worth a check for twite by someone unencumbered by tourist duties? 17:53.

Mick Cunningham

Otmoor 27th September

9 Stonechat
3 Whinchat
4 Jays
10 Yellow Wagtails
2 Black Tailed Godwits
6 Snipe
1 Marsh Harrier
1 Kingfisher

Black Tailed Godwits

Bicester Wetland Reserve 27th September

1 Green Sandpiper ( first sighting for 2 weeks)
1 Cetti's Warbler
33 Gadwall (a good number for BWR)
7 Shoveler
21 Teal
1 Wigeon

Alan Peters
Key Holder Reserve

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 25th September

7 Wheatear 08:45.
70 Meadow Pipit: At least 70 - probably more - sky seemed full of them at times! 08:45.
30 Goldfinch 08:45.
Kestrel: fem. 08:45.
4 Mistle Thrush 08:45.

Steve Akers

Wallingford: CABI-HQ: 25th September

Wallingford: CABI-HQ
Raven: Soaring high to the W of the site, then drifted E, still very high, with a couple of cronks. First first a very long time. SU6188. 13:40.

Mike Amphlett

Otmoor rspb 25th September

Ruddy Shelduck 3 (per RBA) 

Cholsey: 25th Sep

In excess of 500 House Martin (10:00 -14:00).

A single Golden Plover east over Lollingdon Hill.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Otmoor rspb. Evening. 24th. September.

2. Whinchat.
2. Black Tailed Godwit.
3. Marsh Harrier.
30. Yellow Wagtail.  (going into reedbed to roost).
30. Meadow Pipit.
15. Snipe.

Per.  S.R.  N.G.  T.S.

Black Tailed Godwit.

Monday, 23 September 2019

Port Meadow: 23rd September

Port Meadow
10 Yellow Wagtail
Snipe: First one I've seen this year on the Meadow.

Adam Hartley

Chinnor: Cement Works: 23rd September

Chinnor: Cement Works
3 Teal: Lake 2b. 09:00.
4 Stonechat: 2m 2f west of Lake 2b. 09:00.

David Stracey

Sarsgrove: 23rd September

7 Wheatear 09:26.
23 Meadow Pipit 09:26.
20 Swallow 09:26.
20 House Martin: Mixed groups of Hirundines migrating overhead. 09:26.
11 Skylark 09:26.

Steve Akers

Farmoor Reservoir 23rd September

2 Ruff still present at Farmoor today photos courtesy of John Workman.

Lark Hill 23rd September

Osprey through low to S 13:40 (first record here)
2 Stonechat (pair)
9 Wheatear
c200 Swallow
c50 House Martin

Standlake Pit 60: am 23rd September


Jus Little Grebe

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Chipping Norton: 22nd September

Chipping Norton
Stonechat: male. Atop hedge and marsh vegetation near small lake on Cornwell Estate. SP284268. 18:00.
Kestrel: fem. SP284268. 18:00.
Green Woodpecker: H/O. SP284268. 18:00.
2 Grey Heron: SP284268. 18:00.
30 Swallow: At least 30 in distance. SP284268. 18:00.
2 Chiffchaff: SP284268. 18:00.
7 Teal: SP284268. 18:00.
Tawny Owl: H/O. SP284268. 18:00.

Steve Akers

Rushey Common 22nd Sept

Black swan

Sent from my iPhone

Chipping Norton: 22nd September

Chipping Norton
Raven 11:40.

Steve Akers

Otmoor: 22nd September

2 Black-tailed Godwit at first screen still present at 16:00
8 Snipe
3 Cetti's Warbler: Singing. 12:30.
3 Marsh Tit: Likely family party. 12:30.
c7 Whinchat Lower Farm
c2 Stonechat Greenaway's

(per Ian Elkins, Luke O'Byrne)

Farmoor Reservoir mid AM - 22nd Sep

Juvenile Ruff
2 Ruff (juvs) along W edge of F1
2 Dunlin on F2 causeway
No sign of Knot or Little Stint

: 22nd September

Neals Shaw
Hobby: Passing over Neal's Farm at speed. SU686829. 10:03.

John Taylor

Garganey Pit 60

quick video clip

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Farmoor Reservoir 21st September

Juvenile Little Stint

Juvenile Knot and Ruff

Chipping Norton: 21st September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: H/O. SP284268. 18:30.
Mute Swan: SP284268. 18:30.
Grey Heron: SP284268. 18:30.
30 Lapwing: In nearby field. SP284268. 18:30.
Kestrel: juv. SP284268. 18:30.
Little Grebe: SP284268. 18:30.
7 Teal: 2 drake, 5 duck. SP284268. 18:30.

Steve Akers

Chipping Norton: 21st September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: Still present feeding at small lake on Cornwell Estate. SP284268. 10:30.
2 Grey Heron: SP284268. 10:30.
2 Reed Bunting: pair. SP284268. 10:30.
3 Buzzard: SP284268. 10:30.
7 Swallow: SP284268. 10:30.
2 House Martin: SP284268. 10:30.

Steve Akers

Sarsgrove: 21st September

Wheatear 10:00.

Steve Akers

Otmoor rspb 21st September

Black-tailed Godwit 2 still at the 1st screen 

Farmoor 21st Sept

early afternoon:

Little Stint
1 Dunlin
Yellow Wagtail


Blewburton Hill: 21st Sep.

3 Wheatear
3 Whinchat

Elsewhere nearby;

4 Stonechat
Yellow Wagtail
19 Chiffchaff
400+ LB-b Gull

Lark Hill 21st September

2 Whinchat
4 Stonechat
5 Wheatear
3 Lesser Whitethroat
12 Chiffchaff
60+ Meadow Pipit
15 Corn Bunting

Standlake Pit 60: 21st September

Standlake Pit 60
Garganey: Still at pit 60. With teal. 11:07.

Mick Cunningham

Linky Down: 21st September

Stonechat courtesy of Jez March

5 Stonechat: 2 adults and 3 juveniles. SU722967. 11:01.
Buzzard: SU722967. 11:01.
Kestrel: SU722967. 11:01.

Jez March

Bicester Wetland Reserve September 21st

1 Stonechat
1 Cetti's Warbler
2 Meadow Pipit
2 Grey Wagtail
1 Little Egret
3 Chiffchaff
7 Shoveler
48 Teal
1 Snipe

Alan Peters
Key Holder Reserve

Farmoor Friday 20th afternoon

Little Stint courtesy of Alan Peters.

Farmoor 21st September


Northern Wheatear

Meadow Pipit

Little Stint

Ruff 2

aberrant Coot

Barnacle Goose (feral) 27

Henley Road GPs: 21st September

Henley Road GPs
5 Mandarin Duck: 3m+2f. 09:00.

Marek Walford

Friday, 20 September 2019

Lark Hill 20th September

4 Stonechat (2m, 2f)
4 Wheatear
50+ Meadow Pipit

Standlake Pit 60: 20th September

Standlake Pit 60
26 Teal: Brief visit to LL hide this am. Mini influx of teal. Plus drake wigeon 3 shoveler. Kingfisher has taken a liking to mr Hutchins' branch in front of hide. 4 snipe. 17:33.

Mick Cunningham

Farmoor late am 19th September

Port Meadow 20th September

Female Blue-headed Wagtail (flava) for 2nd day at southern end with cattle.

courtesy of Gnome

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway: 20th September

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway
Little Stint 10:46.
Ruff 10:46.
Knot 10:46.

Mark Pidgeon

: 20th September

Neals Shaw
Spotted Flycatcher: Sitting on top of newly cut beech hedge. Other birds heard but not seen. SU686829. 10:42.

John Taylor

Farmoor Reservoir 20th September

Little Stint still present this morning. 

Bicester Wetland Reserve 20th September

1 Cetti's Warbler
50 Teal
5 Gadwall
1 Little Grebe
1 Grey Wagtail

Alan Peters
Key Holder Reserve

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Chipping Norton: 19th September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: Still present feeding in margins of small lake near Cornwell. SP284268. 19:30.
3 Snipe: Also feeding at the lake edge in the fading light. SP284268. 19:30.
Tawny Owl: H/O. SP284268. 19:30.

Steve Akers

Chipping Norton: 19th September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: SP284268. 09:00.
7 Swallow: SP284268. 09:00.
House Martin: SP284268. 09:00.
2 Chiffchaff: SP284268. 09:00.
Green Woodpecker: SP284268. 09:00.
Grey Heron: SP284268. 09:00.

Steve Akers

Oxford: The Plain: 19th September

Oxford: The Plain
Yellow Wagtail: Flew SW, calling. 08:17.

Isaac West

Otmoor 19th September

Wryneck photographed at 1st screen at Otmoor at around midday today.

Seen again at around 4pm this afternoon near the first screen still

Courtesy of Gerry Capelin

Farmoor Reservoir 19th September

The report given to Pete Allan of two Black-necked Grebes this morning was erroneous. 

Farmoor Reservoir PM - 19th Sep


Little Stint

Ruff (juv)

Farmoor 19th September

3 Shelduck
1 Goldeneye
1 Ruff
1 Little Stint still present at west end of the causeway at 11:54.
1 Knot early afternoon, associating with the Ruff3 Ringed Plover flew over causeway
1 Dunlin
1 juvenile Ringed Plover

White Storks

I received a report of 15 White Stork flying north over Cholsey at dusk yesterday.

Again these are more than likely from a release scheme from the Surrey/Sussex area.

Keep an eye peeled as they may still be in Oxfordshire somewhere?

Seems like Cholsey is attracting released birds lately. 😀

Banbury: 19th September

5 Ring-necked Parakeets, flew over Morrisons c.10:25. Almost certainly confirming successful nesting in town this year.

per Clive Payne

Farmoor Reservoir 19th September

Little Stint along causeway 10:34 (per Dai)

19th September Otmoor RSPB

"Our" Common Cranes have been seen back on their wintering grounds on the Somerset Levels. Having left Otmoor on Saturday 8th September.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Lollingdon: 18th Sep

2 Stonechat
1 Wheatear


Otmoor rspb 18th September

Black-tailed Godwit 2
Stonechat 3
Yellow Wagtail 15

Farmoor: 18th September

Juvenile Ruff

Chipping Norton: 18th September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: One still present feedings in the margins of small lake on Cornwell Estate. SP284268. 19:00.
11 Teal: SP284268. 19:00.
19 Lapwing: SP284268. 19:00.
3 Swallow: SP284268. 19:00.
2 House Martin: SP284268. 19:00.
Grey Heron: SP284268. 19:00.
Barn Owl: Quartering the hedge on the edge of the marsh. SP284268. 19:00.

Steve Akers

Aston Upthorpe: Juniper Valley: 18th September

Aston Upthorpe: Juniper Valley
Stonechat: m. 16:30.

John Taylor

Chipping Norton: 18th September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: SP284268. 10:00.
Snipe: SP284268. 10:00.
16 Swallow: SP284268. 10:00.
2 Chiffchaff: SP284268. 10:00.
5 Teal: duck. SP284268. 10:00.
Little Grebe: SP284268. 10:00.
Grey Heron: SP284268. 10:00.
5 Meadow Pipit: SP284268. 10:00.

Steve Akers

Farmoor - Weds 18th am

Arctic Tern, F2 late morning
Ruff, juv.

feral Snow Goose in amongst the 100's of other geese per Graham Lenton

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Chipping Norton: 17th September

Chipping Norton
4 Common Sandpiper: Feeding in small lake on Cornwell Estate near Chipping Norton. SP283268. 18:15.
11 Teal: fem. SP283268. 18:15.
2 Little Grebe: SP283268. 18:15.
7 Swallow: SP283268. 18:15.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 17th September

Port Meadow
10 Yellow Wagtail: at least 10 birds in amongst the cattle this morning.

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park
Stonechat: Found by Thomas Miller.
Grey Partridge: Found by Mary MacDougall.

Adam Hartley

Farmoor Reservoir 17th September

Courtesy of John Workman.

Ruff (juv) still present along the causeway (per John Workman)

Oxford: 17th September

Raven: Soaring around city centre - joined by a second large bird, but too far for me to identify without optics - could have been second individual, or a red kite. 13:45.

Ben Fitkov-Norris

Pit 60 Standlake 17th September

Courtesy of Robert Calcutt.

Black-tailed Godwit
Green Sandpiper

(per Robert Calcutt)

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill: 17th September

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill
Raven 08:22.

John Taylor

Monday, 16 September 2019

Farmoor Reservoir 16th September

Peregrine: Flew South strongly over F2.
2 Ringed Plover
2 Dunlin
Kingfisher Fishing in the pool by Shrike Meadow hide
Kestrel: juv fem
20 Chiffchaff: A "fall" of Chiffchaff in the shrubs by the gate leading to Shrike Meadow - incredibly active feeding voraciously - largest number I have ever seen together in one place. Wonderful to observe. A single Goldcrest with them.

Steve Akers

Oxford September

Manx Shearwater on roadside near Oxford then taken in to care (per RBA)

Port Meadow: 16th September

Port Meadow

Adam Hartley

Lark Hill 15th September

2 Whinchat
Stonechat (m)
13 Wheatear

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 15th September

Wheatear: m. 19:30.
60 Goldfinch: Up to 60 adults and juveniles perched on telephone wire at Sarsgrove Farm. 19:30.

Steve Akers

White-tailed Eagle Cholsey 15th September

Courtesy of Clair Humphreys.

A juv White-tailed Eagle reported flying over Cholsey Church a short while ago pursued by 6 Red Kite. The bird was heading south and more than likely one of the birds from the Isle of Wight release scheme. Per Alan Strachan.

 17th Sep: It has been confirmed from satellite data that the White-tailed Eagle on Sunday was one of the juvenile birds from the IOW scheme.

Cholsey Wildlife

Otmoor rspb 15th September

Redstart (f) near 1st screen
Hobby 2

All photos courtesy of John Workman.

Chipping Norton: 14th September

Chipping Norton
3 Raven: Two adults and a young bird circling and cronking over The Leys on the W side of town. Second sighting this past week. 13:30.

Steve Akers

Pit 60 Standlake 15th September

Courtesy of Mick Cunningham.

Garganey still present 09:58

(per Mick Cunningham) 

Key holder reserve.

Thame: Cuttle Brook: 15th September

Thame: Cuttle Brook
Raven: Circled for 10 mins and then flew off NNW. SP699060. 10:30.

Mike Bond

Stonesfield Common 15th September

Stonechat (male) only the 2nd record for the site.

(per Paul Wren) 

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Shirburn Hill: 14th September

14th September

Shirburn Hill
Spotted Flycatcher 10:00.
Redstart 10:00.
Raven 10:00.

Aston Rowant: Aston Rowant NNR
5 Wheatear 15:00.

Jackie Newcombe

Ewelme: Cress beds: 14th September

Ewelme: Cress beds
5 Yellow Wagtail 22:36.

Thomas Stevenson

Farmoor Reservoir 14th September

Ruff (juv) along the causeway 18:25
Spotted Flycatcher 3

(per Dave Lowe)

Photos courtesy of Dai. 

: 14th September

Between north moor and newbridge
Stonechat: m. Presumably a migrant unaware this is a bird-free zone. SP408023. 18:43.

Mick Cunningham

Otmoor: 14th September

Hobby 18:22.
8 Snipe
4 Whinchat
10 Yellow Wagtail
Tawny Owl

Michael Violette

Lark Hill 14th September

3 Whinchat
12 Wheatear
c300 Meadow Pipit through from 0930-1030
100+ Linnet
11 Corn Bunting
4 Reed Bunting
c50 Yellowhammer
18+ Chiffchaff
Willow Warbler
Spotted Flycatcher
Garden Warbler
5 Blackcap
Sparrowhawk (f)

Sarsgrove: 14th September

Sparrowhawk: juv. Circling and soaring mobbed by at least 50 house martins, swallows and a linnet! 10:00.
40 House Martin 10:00.
10 Swallow 10:00.

Steve Akers

Standlake Pit 60: 14th September

Standlake Pit 60
Garganey: juv. Still present 8 blackcaps, a garden warbler, 5 chiffchaffs together north end Langley lane. 11:35.
Hobby: North end Langley lane.
Also raven. 12:10.

Mick Cunningham

Hagbourne Hill: 14th Sep.

5 Wheatear

Friday, 13 September 2019

Oakley Hill nr Chinnor: 13th September

Courtesy of David Stracey

3 Spotted Flycatcher: 2 by reserve entrance, 1 in meadow to the south. SU751992. 10:00.
Stonechat: Juvenile in meadow south of Oakley Hill. SU751992. 10:00.

5 Raven circling overhead. 17:00.

David Stracey

Courtesy David Stracey