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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Port Meadow: 31st January

Port Meadow
5 Redshank
21 Pintail
2 Goosander
2 Gadwall
2 Raven: Two flying over, east to west, within a minute of each other,
south end of Port Meadow, one calling (Steve Goddard)

Adam Hartley & Alex Martin

Farmoor Reservoir

Slavonian Grebe

Kings Lock 31st January

Barnacle Geese 40+ S/W of Kings Lock nr Wolvercote still at SP475098
till 17:00 then flew west
Kingfisher on river

(per Dave Horton)
Tree-creeper (c) TS

Yarnton 31st January

Waxwing The Garth.

(Andy Pullinger)

Still up to 6 birds still present here today (per comments)

Cholsey Marsh, 31st Jan

No sign of the Great Grey Shrike again today, however a Eurasian Bittern and a Barn Owl seen. No Corn Buntings either!

More later on Cholsey Wildlife
Otmoor male Great Spotted (c) Derek Woodard

Farmoor 31st January

Kittiwake still in N/W corner of F2 at 11:45a.m (per Dai)

The Insomniac Birder
A near miss. Peregrine Hunting at Farmoor (c) Geoff Adams

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Monday, 28 January 2013

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve: 28th January

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve
Great Grey Shrike: 100mts up stream of ferry lane on other side of river.

Jim Deasy

Chipping Norton: 28th January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: fem. 41, The Leys - present most of afternoon. SP308267.

Stephen Akers

Kings Lock: 28th January

Kings Lock
Barnacle Goose: 40+ downstream of the lock towards Wolvercote.

Peter Law

Otmoor.A.M. 28th. January.

2 Peregrine (M&F)
2 L.Egrret
1 Chiffchaff (Noke end)
1 Kingfisher (Noke end)
1 Hen Harrier (F)
2 Raven.

1 Bittern was seen flying by the far screen,
 (per Roy and Jack).

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 27th January

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Hen Harrier: Noted on three occasions around the reserve during the late afternoon.

Steve Roby

27th January Cholsey Marsh: Shrike Still

Cholsey Marsh,

Great Grey Shrike at around 13.30.

per Malcolm and Pete Adams.

Chipping Norton: 27th January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: fem. 41, The Leys.

Stephen Akers

Witney Lake: 27th January

Witney Lake
8 Chiffchaff

Graham Lenton

Old Marston 27th January

Waxwings still present in Old Marston this afternoon on the Oxford Road opposite Barns Hay

per Vicky Wren

(c) Vicky Wren

Henley Road GPs: 27th January

Henley Road GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: fem.
Goosander: rh.
Red-crested Pochard: fem.

Sonning Eye GPs

Marek Walford

Farmoor Reservoir: 27th January

Farmoor Reservoir
Slavonian Grebe: East side of F1.
Brambling: m. On path to north east outside pinkhill hide.

Alex Martin

c30 Goldeneye, Kingfisher, Barn Owl.

per Malcolm and Pete Adams.

Standlake Pit 60: 27th January

Standlake Pit 60
2 White-fronted Goose
2 Goosander: m & f.
10 Red-crested Pochard

Simon Bradfield

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Kings Lock: 26th January

26th January

Kings Lock
8 Goosander: 4m 4rh. These 8 flew over going upriver. Highest count on the water was only 1M+1RH.
45 Barnacle Goose: 45 together was a quite a sight! Feeding with the grelyags and canadas.

Mouth of River Evenlode
4 Bar-headed Goose: SP455095.

Mouth of River Evenlode
4 White-fronted Goose: Also two odd looking mongrels somewhere between greylag and white-fronted. SP455095.

Tom Evans

Port Meadow: 26th January

Port Meadow

Tom Evans

Piddington Wood: 26th January

Piddington Wood
9 Woodcock: Minimum total seen around Piddington Wood areas.

Colin Oram

Chipping Norton: 26th January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: fem. 41, The Leys. SP308267.

Stephen Akers

Marston 26th January

5 Waxwings this afternoon in Old Marston feeding in the front garden of a house in Oxford Road opposite the entrance to Barns Hay.

per Jon Uren

(c) Jon Uren

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve: 26th January

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve
25 Corn Bunting
Great Grey Shrike

David Hastings

Dix Pit 26th January

Caspian Gull 1 (second winter)
Yellow Legged Gull 7
Northern Pintail 2 (pair)

Farmoor Roost 26th January

Very small roost but mainly on F.1. with the birds pretty close in. A very obliging first winter Caspian Gull, a different individual to the 'regular' bird.

Henley Road GPs: 26th January

26th January

Henley Road GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: fem. On the lake to the right of the road off Henley Road.
Goosander: rh.
Smew: rh. On waterski lake.

Sonning Eye GPs
Bittern: In the reedbed at the north end of the lake. First sighting of the winter.

Marek Walford

Otmoor.A.M. 26th January.

2 Chiffchaff
3+ Redpoll
4+ Goldcrest.
2 Barn Owls
1 Ringtail
The ice is slowly melting, the north lagoon is the best place
for wild fowl. Lots of potholes down Otmoor lane, some of
them are quite deep.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Chipping Norton: 25th January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: male. In our garden 41, The Leys. SP308267.

Stephen Akers

Farmoor 25th January

Nothing in the roost...which was small by recent standards.
This young pale Common Buzzard seen late pm.

Appleford 25th January

In the gull roost on the large field adjacent to the level crossing.

Caspian Gull 1 first winter
Iceland Gull 1 first winter
Herring Gulls  both L.a. argentatus and argenteus

also nearby

Grey Partridge 10


7 possible Bewick's Swans (3 ad, 4 juv) in field near the Dorchester bypass (with Mute Swans) but flew off, although seen later flying back to the general area. (per TW)

Henley Road GPs: 25th January

Henley Road GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: f. Still present. Initially on the Water Ski area, then flew to main Henley Road pit.

Robin Dryden

Grimsbury Reservoir: 25th January

1 Red-crested Pochard (drake),
26 Wigeon (16 drakes),
1 Shoveler (drake),
1 Little Owl,
c.40 Siskin.

25th January Farmoor

A Sanderling on the causeway

per Dai John

25th January Pit 60

7 White-fronted Geese have just flown in to Pit 60 with some Greylags
1 Redhead Smew

per John Prowse

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Grimsbury Reservoir: 24th January

1 Red-crested Pochard (drake) (per Jim Craik). I think this could be the first record for this site.

Kings Sutton: 24th January

Kings Sutton

Michael Hunt

Great Grey Shrike: Cholsey

Great Grey Shrike again on the Cholsey side of the Thames at Cholsey marsh late this afternoon but distant as usual, seen from Ferry rd. Also ranging on the "Stoke" side of the Thames.

Most impressive though was a count of 387 Corn Buntings that came into the roost this evening, in fact so many that they were roosting on parts of the marsh that they do not usually use. We estimated that the roost held roughly 2% of the British population of Corn Bunting!

30 to 40 Reed Buntings and a couple of Yellowhammer also roosting there.

More at 
N.B. If visiting this site in the late afternoon, please avoid disturbing the roost site on the marsh, the Shrike can be viewed from Ferry Lane, thank you.

PS, IE photo upload now appears to work with Blogger.

Henley Road GPs: 24th January

Henley Road GPs
2 Goosander: 1m, 1f No sign of any Smew.

Lower Shiplake
Ring-necked Parakeet: heard only.

Peter Law

Oxford: Oxford Canal: 24th January

Oxford: Oxford Canal
10 Lesser Redpoll: Feeding in Alder Trees opposite St. Edwards playing fields.

Adam Hartley

Aston: 24th January

Merlin: Female type - nearby to Skylark flock (approx 370) - also Short Eared Owl along hedgerows.

J Dexter

Waxwings 24th January

12 Waxwing feeding on cotoneaster in garden in Ashurst way, Rose Hill at the junction of fiennes road.Been present since the weekend.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chipping Norton: 23rd January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: fem. In small flock of Chaffinch and Greenfinch in our back garden 41, The Leys. SP308267.

Stephen Akers
23rd January

Sonning Eye and Henley Road G.Ps

Smew 9 ( 1m 8rh )
Little Egret


Famoor Roost 23rd January

The regular first winter Caspian Gull roosted on F.1.

Port Meadow: 23rd January

Port Meadow
2 Pintail: drk. On south pool (of the two open pools of water).

Alex Martin

Hanwell: Hanwell Fields: 23rd January

Hanwell: Hanwell Fields
2 Waxwing: On Dukes Meadow Drive today opposite roundabout with Usher Drive. Very approachable and competiting for food with Fieldfares.

Mark Ribbons

Chosley 23rd January: GG Shrike Still

The Great Grey Shrike is still about at 1pm (though mobile) as viewed from the end of Ferry Lane

(per Peter Law)

Wolvercote: 23rd January

Brambling: male. Mixing it with Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Blackcap on a sunflower hearts feeder. SP490099.

Steve Goddard

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Chipping Norton: 22nd January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: fem. 41, The Leys.

Stephen Akers

Cholsey 22 January


Great Grey Shrike

House Sparrow
Lesser Redpoll

Henley Road GPs: 22nd January

Henley Road GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: f.

Ralph Watts

Yarnton: 22nd January

Waxwing: At least 7.

Nick Suckling

Farmoor Roost

Juvenile Glaucous Gull on F.1 @ 16:35. + Adult Mediterranean Gull.

Appleford 22nd January

Juv Iceland Gull new in on the Spit Pit this morning together with yesterday's Glauc. Both then flew onto the field NE of the level-crossing. 
juv/1stw Iceland Gull 
juv Glaucous Gull

Cassington GP's 22nd January

30+ Snow Geese still present this morning

(per Peter Law)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Chipping Norton: 21st January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: f. SP308267.

Stephen Akers

Great Grey Shrike

Monday 21st Jan, Cholsey Marsh.

The Great Grey Shrike was around the Cholsey Marsh area, south of Ferry Lane from 4pm till dusk.
Ranging both sides of the river but seemed to be interested in the Corn Buntings coming in to roost in the reeds on the Cholsey side.

c 200 Corn Buntings,
4 Water Rail,
c 20 Snipe,
N.B. If visiting this site in the late afternoon , please avoid disturbing the Corn Bunting roost, it can be viewed from Ferry Lane, thanks.

Farmoor, 21st January.

Juvenile Glaucous Gull in roost on F.2 + first winter Caspian Gull @ 16.40  (viewed distantly from perimeter fence).

Juvenile Glaucous Gull

Dix Pit, 21st January.

Two Caspian Gulls; first winter & second winter @ 12.45.

First winter Caspian Gull

Farmoor 21st January

Barnacle Goose 9
Scaup 4
Pintail 1
Water Rail 5
Barn Owl 2

( per Matt Prior )

Yarnton: 21st January

7 Waxwing: At least 7.

Nick Suckling

Radley Large Wood: 21st January

Radley Large Wood
Brambling: f. first female on feeders, makes change from daily male.

John Hillsdon

Appleford 21st January

Juv Glaucous Gull on the Spit Pit Appleford briefly at 1pm before the gull scarer did some work.

Cassington GPs: 21st January

Cassington GPs
33 Snow Goose
Green Sandpiper

Adam Hartley

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Cholsey 20th January

Great Grey Shrike again 200 yards downstream from Ferry Lane end on
Little Stoke (east) bank of Thames at 13:45.

(George Smith)
Fieldfare (c) Mike Flemming

Port Meadow 20th January

7 Waxwings feeding on the berries by the wooden gate into Port Meadow at the end of the Aristotle Lane railway footbridge. Showing down to 2 yards!

4 Redshank
1 Dunlin
1 Pintail
6 Snipe

Standlake 20th January

4 Waxwing Standlake on Windrush Way.

Royston Ayers

Chipping Norton: 20th January

Chipping Norton
Brambling: f. Our back garden 41, The Leys. SP308267.

Stephen Akers
Cassington Chiffy

Banbury: 20th January

Six Waxwings still in Banbury on Dukes Meadow Drive (per RBA). North of the roundabout for Winter Garden Way (third roundabout in from either direction).
Black Cap (c) Andy Last

Foxholes BBOWT 20th January

Woodcock 2 poss 3
Common Raven 1

Cholsey 20th January No sign of Shrike!

No sign of Great Grey Shrike from Cholsey side of the Thames in 2 hours.
Siskin, Lesser Redpoll, Common Snipe etc.
Roger & Brian Wyatt out on Stoke side of river looking.

more later @

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Great Grey Shrike Cholsey 19th January

Butcher Bird (c) The Early Birders
Great Grey Shrike again Cholsey this afternoon c15:45 (per Mark Chivers & Geoff Adams)
The Shrike was seen on the opposite bank from Cholsey Marsh just downstream on Ferry Road.
Ferry Lane which leads to the Thames is VERY slippy and the part near the river is quite steep be careful when you drive down it (Geoff Adams)

Aston 19th January

Waxwing 4 Aston near Church Farm House today (per Tony Edwards)
Kestrel (c) J.Dexter

Otmoor 19th January

Hen Harrier 2 (male & ringtail)

(per The Early Birders)

Cassington GP's 19th January

35 Snow Geese including 3 blue morph and 2 immatures.
This 'feral' flock has been roaming the U.K for several years now and seem to be gaining
in number. Well travelled they have been seen as far away as Holland.
Will feral Snow Geese be joining there feral Barnacle chums in the same
recent category changes?

Please view at 720p HD
Green Sandpiper 2
Snipe 12
Shoveler c120
Wigeon c300
Pintail 7

Cuddesdon 19th January

1 Woodcock
50 Reed Bunting
25 Yellowhammer
25 Skylark


Sonning Eye GPs: 19th January

Sonning Eye GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: fem. Still present but now on the water ski lake. Access from Henley Road.
2 Goosander: m+f. Water ski lake.
Smew: drk. Water ski lake.
Smew: rh.

Henley Road GPs
2 Red-crested Pochard: m+f.
Shelduck: fem.

Marek Walford

Shellingford Pit: 19 January

Snipe (c. 50)
Meadow Pipit
Green Woodpecker

(c) Stephen Burch

Farmoor Reservoir: Lower Whitley Farm: 19th January

Farmoor Reservoir: Lower Whitley Farm
8 Barnacle Goose: (over).
6 Lesser Redpoll

Peter Law



Standlake Pit 60 19th January

Good numbers of ducks listed below. Counts are approximate as large numbers in dense groups and crowded along shore lines.

Teal c 1000
Wigeon 600+
Pintail c 50
Goldeneye 2 (m&f)
Ruff 1
Snipe 5
Curlew 1 (isn't this a bit early?)
Little egret 1
Redwing 2
Reed Bunting 5
+Tufted, mallard, canada, greylag, grey heron, pied wagtail.

Grimsbury Reservoir: 19th January

If you are not sat down, hold on to something - six seven duck species today!
1 Goldeneye (drake), 6 Shoveler (4 drakes), 2 Gadwall (1 drake), 1 Tufted Duck (drake), 5 Wigeon (2 drakes) and the ubiquitous Mallards.
10 Common Gulls,
1 Jay,
3 Skylarks and 1 Meadow Pipit over south.

4 Teal (per Clive Payne)

Farmoor Res is closed today.
(per Dai) 09:00

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stonesfield Common 17th January

1 of the of 2 birds seen today

2 Hawfinch
18 Snipe
2 Water Rail: Heard.
8 Long-tailed Tit
20 Goldfinch
32 Redwing

Paul Wren

Farmoor 17th January

Slavonian Grebe 1 F1 on east side
Scaup 4 F1
Barnacle Goose 8
Egyptian Goose 1
Shelduck 2
Common Sandpiper

(per Dai) The Insomniac Birder

Grimsbury Reservoir: 17th January

2 Shoveler (1 drk), 2 Gadwall (1 drk), 2 Tufted Duck (2 drk) and Mallards - maybe the most species of duck I have ever seen there at the same time!
1 Greylag Goose with 126 Canada Geese,
5 Common Gulls,
a ringed Black-headed Gull was too distant to get the ring details,
6 Lawing over south,
1 Snipe on wet flush in the cattle field,
22 + Siskin and 4 Lesser Redpoll in the wood,
1 Meadow Pipit,
45 + Blackbirds in groups of up to 10 feeding in any unfrozen areas and in the woodland.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Radley 16th January

Bittern in field behind Orchard Lake late afternoon
(per Mark Chivers & Geoff 'The early birders').

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory: 16th January

12 Waxwing

(Phil Skinner)
Marsh Tit (c) R.W

Abingdon Sewage Works 3.30 -4.00pm

Chiffchaff 2; Pied Wagtail c250; Grey Wagtail and Meadow Pipit; Redwing c30 and Blackbird 10+; Goldcrest 6 +. Unfrozen Lake opposite: Mallard, Gadwall, Shoveler & Teal; Pochard and Tufted; Coot; GC Grebe 1 & Little Grebe 3; Grey Heron & Cormorant; BH Gull c1000, Common c20, Lesser B-backed c10, Herring c10. Good range of other passerines - a worth while quick visit. Marina largely frozen with 6 Coot and 50 BH gulls. Phil & Ellen Thompson (Delaware)

RSPB Otmoor WeBS count 14/01/2013

Mute swan:   21
European white-fronted goose:   3
Greylag goose:   172
Canada goose:   263
Wigeon:   1260
Gadwall:   16
Teal:   1305
Mallard:   246
Pintail:   4
Shoveler:   4
Pochard:   1
Tufted duck:   28
Little egret:   6
Grey heron:   5
Coot:   54
Golden plover:   450
Lapwing:   973
Snipe:   14

2 ringtail hen harriers were also seen over Ashgrave.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Otmoor 15th January

Lesser spotted Woodpecker flying along track between hide and Noke
White-fronted Goose 2 on Ashgrave
Redpoll 5 at feeders
Raven 2
Water Rail in ditch on Closes side of hide

(per Terry Tossel)

Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve: 15th January

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve
Cetti's Warbler
100 Corn Bunting
2 Water Rail


Paul Chandler Cholsey Wildlife

Henley 15th January

Ring-necked Parakeet 8 nr the Rugby Club (Barry Bachelor)

Dix Pit 15th January

Caspian Gull 1 first winter
Great Black Backed Gull 16
Yellow legged Gull 4
Common Gull 9
Northern Pintail 3
Common Goldeneye 4

Eurasian Wigeon/Eurasian Teal/Gadwall/Tufted Duck/ Common Pochard/Mallard/Northern Shoveler
all present but not counted

Kidlington 15th January

Stratfield brake
Goosander: m. SP494119.

(Antonin Biskup)

Goosander (male) on Cherwell at Ferry Road Bridge. Linacre College 08:55
(per Paul Jepson)

Farmoor 15th January

Ruddy Shelduck 2 08:30 then flew west towards Dix.
Scaup 4 F1
Slavonian Grebe F1

(per Dai)

8 Barnacle Goose: flock flew in 13:30 with a Blue Snow Goose.
13 Goldeneye: minimum 13, may have been a few more.
Goosander: male.
Egyptian Goose: with Canadas on river bank.

(per Anthony Cheke
Jay (c) RW

Monday, 14 January 2013

Iffley Meadows 14th January

2 Jack Snipe
32 Snipe

Paul Wren

Stonesfield Common 14th January

23 Golden Plover: Over.
Water Rail: Heard.
2 Raven: Over.
19 Goldfinch
4 Snipe

Paul Wren

14th January

Adult Caspian Gull,  Stanton Harcourt @ 13.15.

Banbury: Hanwell Fields: 14th January

Banbury: Hanwell Fields
3 Waxwing: On Dukes Meadow Drive by Angelica Close @15:00.

Nick Suckling

Port Meadow: 14th January

Port Meadow
8 Barnacle Goose
6 Bar-headed Goose
2 Ruff
2 Shelduck
Goosander: m.
10 Pintail: At least.
3 Yellow-legged Gull: ad 2w 3w.

Adam Hartley
Goldcrest (c) TS

Banbury: 14th January

Brambling: m. M seen in neighbours garden this morning.

Mark Ribbons

Banbury 14th January

Waxwing 3 birds along Duke' Meadow Drive by second island from A361 end at 11.ooam
Monday 14th. Watched well in snow !!
(per Roger Evans Banburybirds)
Sprawk (c) R.W