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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Farmoor 31st July

Turnstone at Farmoor today courtesey of Tracy Winkworth

Otmoor 31st July

Bittern (reported this morning)
Marsh Harrier
Garganey on spit from 1st screen
Green Sandpiper

(per Phil Barnett) 16:18

Kingham 31st July

Cuckoo (per Ewan & Tezzer)

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Little Egret Farmoor courtesey of Mark Chivers

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lollingdon Hill 30th July

Redstart 3 (m,f,juv)
Willow Warbler
Hobby 2

(per Paul Chandler)

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Otmoor 30th July

Water Rail from the 1st screen
Snipe 1 of 15 this evening
Green Sandpiper one of 2 at the 1st screen
All photos courtesey of John Reynolds.

Grimsbury Reservoir 30th July

Little ringed Plover juv
Little Egret

(per Gareth Blockley)


Black Necked Grebe.

Grey Heron.


Farmoor 30th July

Black-necked Grebe 1
Sanderling 1
Redstart 1
Common Sandpiper 3

Oxford United  Paul
Ian Smith
Dave Daniels

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Grimsbury Reservoir: 29th July

Little Ringed Plover
Little Egret

Mark Ribbons

Otmoor 29th July

Garganey 2 (1st screen)
Green Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Dunlin 2
Snipe 15+
Water Rail
Yellow Wagtail over
Swallow c70 Noke Farm
Sparrowhawk Harwell Woods courtesey of Stephen Collier

Port Meadow: 29th July

Port Meadow
Yellow Wagtail: 1+ heard only.
36 Lapwing

Adam Hartley

Farmoor 29th July

Black-necked Grebe still on F1
this morning
Redstart nr Shrike Meadow

(per Dai John) 

The Insomniac Birder

Photo courtesey of John Reynolds
Redstart courtesey of Dai

Monday, 28 July 2014

Lollingdon Hill 28th July

Redstart 3
Chiffchaff 8+
Willow Warbler
Corn Bunting 25
Yellow Wagtail 2

(per Paul Chandler)

More at the superb Cholsey Wildlife

Otmoor. Evening.

Starling roost.
First Screen.             Starlings.   4000 approx.  Good display.
                               Green Sandpiper.
                               Water Rail.
                               Snipe.  9.

Steeple Aston: 28th July

Steeple Aston
Ring-necked Parakeet: Flying over A4260 towards Steeple Aston.

Tom Coyne

Farmoor 28th July

Black-necked Grebe 2 F1 N/E corner 13:00 (per Tezzer)
Common Sandpiper 2

(per Dai John)

The Insomniac Birder

Photo courtesey of John Reynolds

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Standlake Pit 60 27th July

Redstart (per Stuart Thomson)

Lollingdon Hill 27th July

Redstart 3
Chiffchaff 6
Willow Warbler

(per Paul Chandler)

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Littlemore 27th July

Ring-necked Parakeet calling from Eucalyptus behind Longwall
then flew north (per Phil Chapman)

Farmoor 27th July

        Courtesey of Dai John

Black-necked Grebe 2 F1 and still present at 14:30 in N/E corner (found by Dai).
Common Sandpiper 2
Little Egret 2
Yellow Wagtail 3

Courtesey of John Reynolds

Courtesey of Mark Chivers

Common Sandpipers courtesey of Stephen Collier

Otmoor 27th July

Glossy Ibis
Marsh Harrier 2
Peregrine 2
Water Rail 2+ 1st screen
Black-tailed Godwit (from Hide)
Dunlin 3 1st screen
Redstart (Long Meadow)

(per Bark et el)

Redstart 2 (m & juv) Step Ground
(the field between the Joseph Stone ground & the Weatley Charity field)

(per Gareth)

Photo courtesey of Mark Chivers

All the news from the weekend tomorrow on Otmoor Birding

Friday, 25 July 2014

Oxford 25th July

Ring -necked parakeet flying over the University sports ground c20:25

(per Paul Jepson)

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Otmoor A M. 25th July.

1 Glossy Ibis.
1 Marsh Harrier.
1 Bittern (reported).
1 Green Sandpiper.
1 Black-tailed Godwit.

As the return wader passage starts to build this month here's a timely Sandpiper I.D refresher 
courtesey of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) for separating the Woods from the Greens.

Farmoor 25th July

Redstart nr Shrike Meadow

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Reed Warbler
Bicester Wetlands Reserve
Courtesey of Nick Truby

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cholsey Lollingdon Hill 24th July

Redstart 2+
Spotted Flycatcher 2+
Chiffchaff 6
Willow Warbler
Yellow Wagtail 6
Corn Bunting 2+

(per Paul Chandler)
   Cholsey Wildlife

Otmoor 24th Evening

Glossy Ibis 1
Marsh Harrier 1
Grasshopper Warbler 1, reeling in car park field at 20:50
Common Sandpiper 1
Raven 2
Kingfisher 1
Swallow 30+

Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor I: 24th July

Little Ringed Plover: Juvenile?.
Common Sandpiper

Stephen Lockey
Barn Owls courtesey of John Reynolds

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Otmoor: 23rd July

Marsh Harrier: Viewed from 1st Screen flying from Greenways into Reedbed.
Glossy Ibis: Flew over top of 1st screen from Reedbed to Big Otmoor.
Hobby 2
Little Egret 6
2 Turtle Dove: Viewed on telegraph pole & wires along the closes.

Mark Ribbons

Farmoor 23rd July

                                                           Sanderling courtesey of Andy Last
                                                             Sanderling ad F1 16:48
                                                             Yellow Wagtail 2

                                           (per Phil Barnett, Mark Chivers & Andy Last)

Dunlin courtesey of Mark Chivers

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cholsey Lollingdon Hill 22nd July

Ring-necked Parakeet (Cholsey)
Redstart 3
Spotted Flycatcher 5
Yellow Wagtail

(per Paul Chandler)

More at Cholsey Wildlife

Farmoor 22nd July

Both pictures courtesey of Stephen Collier

                                           Black-tailed Godwit 25 F1 along causeway 18:17
                                           Wheatear f

                                          (per Stephen Collier)

Otmoor 22nd July

Glossy Ibis on spit viewed from the first screen 18:20 (per Andy Last)

Redstart m Long Meadow
Green Sandpiper 2

(per Phil Barnett)

Grimsbury Reservoir: 22nd July

Little Egret 2

(Mike Pollard)

Both photos courtesey of Mike Pollard
Heart of England Nature

Farmoor 22nd July

1 Black-tailed Godwit
1 Redshank
6 Common Sandpiper
1 Med Gull
 Black-tailed Godwit

The Insomniac Birder

Monday, 21 July 2014

Otmoor. Evening.

Glossy Ibis.
                                "Commuting" between Big Otmoor and the Reedbed.
   Bittern. Flew into Reedbed .                                                        

Farmoor 21st July

Redstart 2 Shrike Meadow c18:16
(per Dai)

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Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 21st July

Marsh Harrier courtesey of Stephen Collier

Glossy Ibis: 1st Screen-far spit.
Marsh Harrier: Female.
Greenshank: Big Otmoor.
3 Green Sandpiper: !st Screen and then Big Otmoor

Stephen Lockey

Charlbury 19th July

Wholly unconfirmed report of a Hoopoe in Forest Court Charlbury
on Saturday evening.

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Garden 0600hrs 21st July

Sparrowhawk♂ with Blackbird taken through the window.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Farmoor 20th July

Mediterranean Gull 2 both juv (per RBA)

Lollingdon Hill 20th July

Redstart m still Lollingdon Hill  Cholsey Wildlife

Chimney: Chimney Meadows: 20th July

Chimney: Chimney Meadows
3 Grasshopper Warbler: m.
3 Tree Sparrow

Mark Merritt

Abingdon 20th July

White Stork flew over south Abingdon heading S/W c18:40 (per The Wicksters)

Farmoor 20th

Little Egret
Common Sandpiper 2
10 Dunlin (Reported earlier in day)

Otmoor 20th July

Glossy Ibis 1st screen a.m
Bittern 2 from 1st screen
Little Egret 10+
Marsh Harrier 2 (1st sum m & imm)
Common Sandpiper
Snipe 10+
Redstart 3 (m f imm)
Yellow Wagtail over

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Rushey Common 19th July

Common Sandpiper
Green Sandpiper
Barn Owl
Little Egrets 6

(per Clackers)

Farmoor 19th

Mediterranean Gull juv

Grimsbury Reservoir: 19th July

Little Egret
Common Sandpiper numbers increased to 8 at 17:45 . 

(per Mark Ribbons & 
Gareth Blockley)

Otmoor 19th July

Bittern Otmoor 18/7 courtesey of H.Cadman

Glossy Ibis came in to roost along the spit viewed from the 1st screen c20:45
Bittern showing well from the 1st screen 20:20
Little Egret 17 in roost from 1st screen
Barn Owl

(per Steve Roby)

Seen from the bridleway mid morning

Marsh Harrier 2
Bittern 1 - interacting with one of the Marsh Harriers
Little Egret 2
Turtle Dove 2 - purring males
Yellow Wagtail 1
Common Snipe 7 - flushed by the first summer male Marsh Harrier

Oddington Flood Field
Green Sandpiper


Farmoor 19th July

Great White Egret probable flying N/E over Wytham Woods at midday
Ringed Plover
No sign of the Black Terns this morning

(per The Wickster)
Spotted Flycatcher courtesey of John Reynolds

Otmoor 19th July

Bittern seen from the 1st screen 08:45 (per Bark).
Green Sandpiper

Friday, 18 July 2014

Farmoor 18th July

Black Tern 2 F2 20:36
Med Gull 2 (both juv)

(per Dai John)
Egyptian Goose Thrupp Lake Radley courtesey of Mark Chivers

Otmoor 18th July

Glossy Ibis came in to roost on spit viewed from the first screen 20:37
Bittern seen twice from the first screen this evening.
Marsh Harrier 2 (1st sum male + juv)
Wigeon 2

(per Phil Barnett)

Nb All roads through Beckley Village are open.
Great crested Grebes Otmoor courtesey of John Reynolds