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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Lark Hill 31st August

 Wryneck - a long distance record shot but what a great bird to see this afternoon

Otmoor RSPB 31st August

One of a group of 9 Whinchats on the fence beyond the Hide this morning

Lark Hill 31st August

WRYNECK still along track off Lark Hill at 15:30 (per Dave Lowe). On track until flushed by cyclists and flew east into small elderflower copse 50 yards from track. though elusive.

Still present at 18:00 on Lark Hill track, to the South of the elderflower copse. SU412860 (per Mark Merritt).

Well done Leo on finding such a cracking bird on your patch. Wryneck takes the unofficial county year list total to 200.

Wryneck Lark Hill 31st August

Rubbish vid of a beautiful bird hopefully someone will post something a bit better later...

Otmoor.A.M. 31th August.

1 Turtle Dove.

The Pill
1 Green Sandpiper
14 Linnet
3+ Whinchat
2 Snipe
2+ Hobby.

Also this morning.

Marsh Harrier
Whinchat 13
(9 near July's Meadow, 1 Greenaways,3 from public footpath to the south of the reserve)
Redstart 1+
Spotted Flycatcher 2
Lesser Whitethroat c6

(Badger et al)

Port Meadow: 31st August

Port Meadow
20 Yellow Wagtail

Adam Hartley

Rushey Common 31st August

Green Sandpiper 2+
Common Sandpiper 3+
Egyptian Geese 5 (3 juv)
Snipe 3
Sedge Warbler

(per Clackers)

Lark Hill 31st August: Wryneck

Wryneck along track between Lark Hill and Chain Hill this morning, still present 10:00.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Otmoor.A.M. 30th August.

1 Snipe
2 Hobby
1 Raven
5 Whinchat
1 Redstart                                                      Wheatear
4+ L. Whitethroat.
1 Wheatear.

Grimsbury Reservoir: 30th August

Grimsbury Reservoir
Common Sandpiper
3 Yellow Wagtail: 2 over south and 1 around cattle.
Little Owl
Spotted Flycatcher: 1 possibly 2 in the wood with tit flock.

Gareth Blockley

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common: 30th August

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common
9 Bullfinch
16 Long-tailed Tit
4 Chiffchaff
2 Raven
2 Reed Bunting
7 Whitethroat

Paul Wren

Chimney: Chimney Meadows: 30th August

Chimney: Chimney Meadows
4 Whinchat: In large field north of main through-road before cattle grid.

J Dexter

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Farmoor 29th August

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull Farmoor photo courtesey of Nic Hallam

1 Dunlin
1 Common Sandpiper
3 Yellow Wagtail
1 Mediterranean Gull Juv (Per Tom Wickens)

Dix Pit

1 Mandarin
7 Red Crested Pochard

Otmoor 29th August.

Yellow Wagtail on vantage point.
1 Turtle Dove
6 Yellow Wagtail
2 Goldcrest
3 Raven
5+ Hobby
1 Kingfisher
1 Marsh Harrier
1 Wheatear.
1 Curlew (per Ox. U. Paul).

Noke Farm late afternoon

Whinchat 6
Wheatear 1
Yellow Wagtail 5+



Cuddesdon: 29th August

3 Wheatear
1 Whinchat
4 Yellow Wagtails

Birdless Cuddesdon Blog

Longworth: Harrowdown Hill: 29th August

3 Spotted Flycatcher on the hill - 2 juv.
1 Wheatear

J Dexter

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Farmoor Reservoir: 28th August

Farmoor Reservoir
3 Yellow Wagtail
2 Mediterranean Gull: juv.
2 Common Sandpiper
~20 Yellow-legged Gulls

Adam Hartley

Farmoor Res 27th August

Mediterranean Gull 1 first winter
Curlew Sandpiper 1 flew round Farmoor 2 but did not land
Ringed Plover 1
Yellow Wagtail 4
Turtle Dove Courtesey of Mark Merritt

Cholsey Lollingdon Hill 28th August

3 Willow Warblers,
5 Chiffchaffs and a single
1 Redstart on the hill.

(per Paul Chandler) Cholsey Wildlife

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Grove: Airfield: 27th August

Grove: Airfield
Redstart: fem.

Leo Bateman

Burford 27th August

Marsh Harrier (f) drifting west over Blackheath Farm 1ml north of Burford 09:03 (per Dave Morgan)

All pictures courtesey of Dave Morgan

Monday, 26 August 2013

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common: 26th August

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common
11 Whitethroat
4 Chiffchaff
6 Bullfinch

Paul Wren

Cuddesdon: 26th August

Whinchat 1
Yellow Wagtail 2
Hobby 2

Grimsbury Reservoir: 26th August

3 Redstart (1 m) Mobile, moving between scrub by path west of the reservoir
and the hedgerow in the cattle field.
3 Common Sandpiper

Gareth Blockley

Otmoor 26th August

2 Marsh Harrier
3 Hobby
1 Whinchat along the path to the 1st screen
3 Redstart (per Dominic Norris)
1 Spotted Flycatcher
(per Pete Styles)

Spotted Flycatcher photo
courtesey of Pete Styles.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Farmoor 25th August

Caspian Gull juv F1 roost.
A different individual to the bird seen
in the roost on the 21st.

(per NJH)

+ Med Gull
  Ringed Plover
  Sand Martin 100+

(per IDS)

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Wantage: Lark Hill: 25th August

Wantage: Lark Hill
2 Whinchat
Stonechat: male.

Leo Bateman

Stanton Harcourt 25th August

Ruff 14
Dunlin 1
Common Sandpiper 3 (Rushey C)
Green Sandpiper (Rushey C)
Lapwing 600+
Red-crested Pochard 5
Yellow-legged Gull 5

Lollingdon Hill 25th August

Redstart Lollingdon Hill (per Paul Chandler)

Cholsey Wildlife

Steventon: Hanney Road: 25th August

25th August

Steventon: Hanney Road
2 Yellow Wagtail: SU445933.

East Hanney
Yellow-legged Gull: In with c.15 LBB's. SU453947.
Swift: A lingerer in with swallows and martins. SU453947.

Venn Mill
Peregrine: SU431947.

Mark Merritt

Dix Pit 25th August

No sign of the Black-necked Grebes 10:45

Red crested Pochard 3 (one of which is leucistic)
Yellow Wagtail 1
Sand Martin 30+

(per Ewan)
Juvenile Goldfinch Farmoor

Grimsbury Reservoir: 25th August

Osprey over the flood alleviation area slightly North of Grimsbury Reservoir
this morning (07:15) heading South.   

Tim Clark

Farmoor 25th August

Osprey over F2 08:13 (per Dai)
Curlew Sandpiper 2 over c10:25
Black Tern 1
Common Tern 80+
Wigeon 7

No further sign of the Osprey by 10:30
(per Dai) The Insomniac Birder

Yellow Wagtail 5
Sand Martin 200+
House Martin 200+
Swallow 100+
Yellow legged Gull 1

(per Ewan)

Sanderling 15:15 F2 (per RBA)

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Otmoor 25th August

Marsh Harrier
Green Sandpiper
Turtle Dove
Whinchat 2 Noke Farm
Wheatear juv Noke Farm
Yellow Wagtail 50+ from hide
Redstart 1
Spotted Flycatcher2

(per Bark)

Otmoor Birding

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dix Pit 24th August

Black-necked Grebe 2 still present 17:32 at the Industrial estate end (per Clackers)
14:35 (per SNT)

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Farmoor 24th August

Curlew Sandpiper flew over c08:30
but no further sign by midday

Ruff 11 circled F1 then flew NE at 19:40 (per NJH)
Med Gull juv in the roost this evening (per NJH)

Ringed Plover
Common Sandpiper
all F2 late afternoon.

(per Tim Clark)

Whimbrel over
Golden Plover over
Ringed Plover over
Black Tern 7 early a.m but no further
sign by 9a.m

(per The Wickster et al)

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Rushey Common 24th August

Common Sandpiper 2
Green Sandpiper 2
Ringed Plover 2
Dunlin c9 flew through around midday

(per Clackers & Jon Prowse)

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Farmoor. 23rd.August. Evening.

Black Tern.

Black Tern.

Views of eight Black Terns seen flying over F2 this evening.

Otmoor RSPB Long Meadow 23rd August

Spotted Flycatcher 2+
Common Redstart 3+
Lesser Whitethroat 3

Still at least 7 Brown Hairstreak along Roman Road

Farmoor 23rd August

Black Tern c9 F2 15:50
Whimbrel 5 over at 19:20

(per Dai)

The Insomniac Birder

Bicester Wetlands Reserve 23rd August

Black-tailed Godwit 2
Green Sandpiper 13
Snipe 10
Little Egret 4

(per Justin)

Access to the reserve is by key obtained via membership
to the Banbury Ornithological Society

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Marsh Harrier Otmoor Courtesey of Tezzer

Farmoor Reservoir: 22nd August

Dunlin  at Farmoor courtesey of Jonathan Mercer

6 Dunlin: 1 on causeway then 5 more flew in.
10 Ringed Plover: flock flying around.
6 Yellow Wagtail

Jonathan Mercer

Common Tern 40+ (per Dai)

Witney 20th August

Belated Report of a Honey Buzzard over the A40 near Witney on the 20th August

(per Richard Dell)
Common Buzzard courtesey of Derek Woodard

Balscote Quarry Reserve 22nd August

2 Juv L.R.P
Lesser Whitethroat
Tree Sparrow

5 Greenshank on the 21st Aug

(per Roger Evans)

Otmoor.A.M.22nd August.

Whinchat Courtesey of Mark Chivers
Whinchat between Bridleway & 1st screen
4 Yellow Wagtail
1 Green Sandpiper
2 Raven.
(c) Badger
Kestrel on Otmoor courtesey of Derek Woodard

Stonesfield Common: 22nd August

Spotted Flycatcher
Lesser Whitethroat
7 Bullfinch
9 Whitethroat
2 Willow Warbler
Marsh Tit
30 Linnet
5 Chiffchaff

Paul Wren

Bicester Wetlands Reserve 22nd August

Black-tailed Godwit 2
Green Sandpiper 9
Snipe 10

(per Justin)

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Farmoor Roost - 21st August.

Juvenile Caspian Gull

Juvenile Caspian Gull

Nice pale under-wings.
Excellent roost conditions this evening. There was a juvenile Caspian Gull on F.1 from 20.05 'til dusk. The above video grabs don't do this terrific bird any justice but it actually showed quite well and all the major ID plumage detail is clearly visible here. Caspian Gulls in juv' plumage are rare in the UK with just one previous record from Farmoor. Also a couple of juvenile/1st winter  Mediterranean Gulls

Farmoor 21st Evening

Black Tern 5
Dunlin 1
Curlew 3

(excuse the dodgy iphone scoped record shots )

Black Tern above and Below courtesey of Mark Chivers

Bicester Wetlands Reserve 21st August

Green Sandpiper 20
Black-tailed Godwit 2 (per Justin)
Little Egret 4

(per Ewan)

Access to the reserve is by key obtained via membership
to the Banbury Ornithological Society

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Juvenile Little Owl (c) Jeremy Dexter

Farmoor 21st August

Black Tern 4 still this evening (per Andy Last)
7 over F2 15:20 (per Dai)

The Insomniac Birder

Otmoor. 21st. August. Morning.



The Pill
Whinchat.   2.
Green Sandpiper.
Greenshank.   2.
Snipe.   6.
Marsh Harrier.

(per Paul Greenaway and T.S.)

Saunders Field.
Spotted Flycatcher.

(per Clackers and Phil.)


Whinchat courstesy of Derek Woodard
Whinchat 1 Car park field 08:15

(per Derek Woodard)

Redstart 5+
Brown Hairstreak 9

(per Ewan)

Wantage: Lark Hill: 21st August

Wantage: Lark Hill
Whinchat: juv.

Leo Bateman

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Otmoor 20th August

Honey Buzzard flew over bridleway
between Noke Farm and Oddington c14:00
Then flew east.

(per Paul Greenaway)

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No further sign of the H.B by early evening

Hobby 3
Marsh Harrier
Green Sandpiper
Yellow Wagtail 4+

Spotted Flycatcher Otmoor courtesey of Derek Hales

Standlake Pit 60 August 20th

Greenshank 1
Common Sandpiper 1
Little grebe 1
Oyster catcher 1
Juvenile RC Pochard?? (see poor photo below)
Anyone recognise swan leg ring

Grove: Airfield: 20th August

Grove: Airfield
95 Yellow Wagtail: At least. Probably more hidden in maize.

Leo Bateman

Monday, 19 August 2013

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve: 19th August

Cholsey: Cholsey Marsh Nature Reserve
Swift: A single bird circling high over the marsh, south side. SU5985.

Mike Amphlett

Cholsey Lollingdon Hill 19th August

Redstart along hedgerow to the south of Lollindon Hill

(per Paul Chandler)

Cholsey Wildlife

Blenheim: 19th August

4 Raven
2 Wheatear

Paul Wren

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 19th August

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
2 Spotted Flycatcher: On Long Meadow.

Derek Hales

4 Redstart (per Bark)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Otmoor 18th August

c7 Redstarts Otmoor at least 2 males and one imm male.
Marsh Harrier
Green Sandpiper 2
Ringed Plover
Little Ringed Plover
(per Peter Law & Paul Greenaway) 
Female Redstart photo above courtesey of Andy Last.
Male Redstart below right courtesey of Tezzer.

Please view at 720p

Weekend round-up on Otmoor Birding

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sonning Eye GPs: 17th August

Sonning Eye GPs
25 Egyptian Goose: On the new workings.

Marek Walford

Otmoor 17th August

Green sandpiper 2
Little ringed plover 1
Turtle dove 1
Peregrine 1
Little egret 5

Also this morning

1 Spotted Flycatcher
2+ Redstart.
Tree-creeper (flying with mixed flock).

(per Paul Greenaway)

Devil's Punchbowl: 17th August

Devil's Punchbowl
Marsh Harrier: fem/juv. Seen twice. Taken for a kite at first glance but bins revealed a darker bird, with a square-ended tail. Typical flight observed (somehow ponderous and graceful!) over wheat fields as bird disappeared East towards Letcombe Bassett. Seen 30 mins later high(er) over the punchbowl - backlit so finer plumage details not observable, but generally dark bird. Again disappeared East.
Corn Bunting

Mark Merritt

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Farmoor - 15th August

Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull

Still good numbers of Yellow-legged Gulls in the roost with 50+ this evening. Also a few hanging around during the daytime feeding on dead fish. 2 juvenile Mediterranean Gulls in the roost. Single Greenshank, Green Sandpiper and Ruff this evening.

Otmoor. 15th. August.

Marsh Harrier. Evening.

Hunting over the reedbed.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Farmoor 14th August

Knot briefly c09:00
Ringed Plover 2
Common Sandpiper 3
Yellow-legged Gull

(per Dai & Dave Daniels)

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Badger, Bark, Ewan & Keith with Mark Cocker at the launch 
of Marks latest book 'Birds and People' at Blackwells in Oxford.
Many people from around the world have contributed to the writing
of this superb book including none other than our own Clackers!!
Nice one bud.

Otmoor.A.M. 14th August.

2 Raven
4 Little-ringed Plover
2 Turtle Dove
5 Kestrels
1 Marsh Harrier
3 Green Sandpiper.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Blenheim: 13th August

Wheatear Near North Lodge (Paul Wren)

Wheatear Farmoor on Shrike Meadow (per Dai)

Monday, 12 August 2013

Otmoor.A.M. 12th August.

2 Turtle Doves ( 1 Juv)
1 Green Sandpiper
1 Peregrine.
As suggested in the comments below.
There is a BBC news item on the Otmoor Turtle Doves

Farmoor 12th August

9 Black-tailed Godwit
1 Dunlin
3 Common Sandpiper
3 Little Grebe

Tezzer and Dai. The Insomniac Birder

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bicester Wetlands 11th August

Greenshank 2
Green Sandpiper 20+
Common Sandpiper 1
Little Egret 2

(per Justin)

This little gem of a reserve is owned and managed
by the  Banbury Ornithological Society
Access is via membership and key.

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Egyptian Geese Radley courtesey of Mark Chivers The Early Birder