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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Didcot: 28th February

2 Peregrine
20 Red Kite

Jason Coppock

Chipping Norton: 28th February

Chipping Norton
Peregrine: location witheld. 11:30.

Steve Akers

Lower Radley 28th February

Whooper Swan 2 ad still just north of Radley College Boathouse.

(per RBA)

Segsbury Camp: 28th February AM

   400-500 Fieldfare
   200 Starling
   c.55 Linnet
   c.20 Chaffinch
   15 Pied Wag (and a Grey)
   3 Corn Bunting
   4 Golden Plover
   Buzzard & Kestrel

    Male Merlin further South on Segsbury Down.

Farmoor: 28th February

13+ Little Grebes
1 Jack Snipe
1 Stonechat

Friday, 27 February 2015

Port Meadow: 27th February

Port Meadow
4 Pintail
3 Shelduck

Adam Hartley

Rushey Common area 27th February

Goldeneye 4 m 4f displaying actively
Oystercatchers 2
Green Sandpipers 2
Little Egrets 2
Red Crested Pochard 1m 1f


Otmoor.A.M. 27th February.

2 Peregrine (m/f  Big Otmoor)
1 Marsh Harrier (Reedbeds)
3+ Curlew (Big Otmoor & Greenaways)
20+ Snipe (Big Otmoor)
1 Cetti's Warbler (Reedbeds).
C.4 Stonechat (Greenaways & Reedbeds).
Marsh Harrier.
per P.R.  T.S.  P.G.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Sandford-on-Thames: 25th February

Cetti's Warbler

D Moden

Balscote Quarry 25th February

Common Teal 61
Mallard 3
Stock Dove 13
Common Snipe 1
Lapwing 2

Tree Sparrow 1

House Sparrow 1m unusual?
Greenfinch 11
Goldfinch 5

Grimsbury Reservoir 25th February 2015

Willow Tit 1
Goldcrest 10+

Tree Creeper 2 poss 3
Kingfisher 1 on river
Bullfinch 2
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1
Green Woodpecker 1

Usual Great, Blue, Coal and Long tailed Tits in the wood

On the reservoir
Goosander 3 1m 2f

Canada Goose 8
Great Cormorant 3
Great Crested Grebe 8
Grey Wagtail 1

Lesser BB Gull 2
Common Gull 1
Black headed Gull n/c

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Port Meadow: 24th February

Port Meadow
2 Shelduck
4 Pintail

Adam Hartley

Otmoor 24th February

c.12 Common gulls were seen over the reserve with around 50 Black-headed gulls, seen twice over Ashgrave at 1:30-2:00.Still around 3000 Golden plover (Ashgrave and Greenaways). Pintail 8 (Greenaways).

1 Marsh Harrier (Reedbeds)
35+ Snipe (Reedbeds)
1 Curlew (bubbling, Greenaways)
1pr Stonechat (Greenaways).

(per RSPB & Paul Greenaway)

RSPB Otmoor Blog
Blackcap Kennington courtesy of Mark Chivers

Henley Road GPs: 24th February

Red-breasted Merganser: Redhead on main lake east of island. 12:00.
Smew: m. Drake resting by the island on the main lake.
Black Swan on the smaller lake, seen from the hide. 12:00.

Robin Dryden

Grimsbury Reservoir: 24th February

Willow Tit
3 Goosanders (1 drake)

Rushey Common 24th February

Linnets 32+
Goldeneye 4m 2f
Green Sandpiper 2


Monday, 23 February 2015

Otmoor. 23rd. February.

Sparrow Hawk.

Marsh Tit.  Morleys.
                               Stock Doves.  8. attracted to winter feed programme, Ashgrave.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 22nd February

Otmoor: RSPB reserve
Marsh Harrier
2 Stonechat: Pair.
6 Water Rail: at least 6 heard.
50 Snipe: c.45 flushed from Greenaways and several others around.

Gareth Blockley

Letcombe Bassett: 22nd February

                                          On the downs nearby;
                                          3 Corn Bunting
                                          2 Raven
                                          200 Linnet
                                          As ever, Buzzards and Kites galore.

Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor II: 22nd February

Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor II
5 Red-crested Pochard
1 Little Egret

Mike Youngman

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Peregrine Standlake courtesy of Jeremy Dexter

Oystercatcher 2 Pit 27

Port Meadow: 21st February

21st February

Port Meadow
6 Redshank: On their usual fallen tree perch along the river. 10:00.
2 Dunlin 17:00.
6 Pintail 17:00.
2 Goosander 17:00.

James Evry

Henley Road GPs: 21st February

Henley Road GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: fem.
2 Smew: m+f.

Sonning Eye GPs
Oystercatcher: On the rowing course bund.

Marek Walford
Kestrel Otmoor courtesy of John Reynolds

Sutton Courtenay 21st February

No sign of any Iceland Gulls this afternoon.

Otmoor.A.M. 21st February.

1 Marsh Harrier (Greenaways)
2 Curlew (Greenaways)
1 Redshank (Greenaways.
2 Snipe (Over).

Upper Cherwell Valley: Ravens

Wootton nr Abingdon: Bystander PH: 21st February

Wootton nr Abingdon: Bystander PH
2 Blackcap: M&F in my dads garden. 10:00.

Jed Cleeter

Grimsbury Reservoir: 21st February

Grimsbury Reservoir
Willow Tit

Upper Cherwell Valley
2 Raven

Gareth Blockley

Grimsbury Reservoir: 21st February

Grimsbury Reservoir
4 Goosander: 2m2f. 09:00.

John Gough

Friday, 20 February 2015

Otmoor.A.M. 20th February.

1 Marsh Harrier
1 Cettis Warbler (calling)
1 Peregrine
2 Stonechat (m/f).
Distant Leucistic Lapwing.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Standlake 18th February

Red-crested Pochard 24
Goosander 14
Goldeneye 4
Oystercatcher 2
Little Egret

(per Brian Wyatt)
Green Woodpecker Otmoor courtesy of John Reynolds

Lower Radley 18th Feb

Whooper Swan 2 adults still present in field North of Radley College Boatyard c16:20 (per Phil Barnett)

Oxford University Parks 18th February

2 Goosander: 1m,1f. SP521071. 13:15.

David Hastings

Shotover A.M. 18th February.

1 Sparrowhawk
4 Nuthatch (calling)
2 Treecreeper
1 Coal Tit
1 G S Woodpecker (drumming).
Nuthatch Blenheim Park courtesy of Nick Truby

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Grimsbury Reservoir: 17th February

Willow Tit (per Graham Soden and John Fordham)
Chiffchaff (per Graham)

Grimsbury Reservoir: 17th February

Grimsbury Reservoir
4 Goosander: 2 male, 2 female. 11:30.

Graeme Porter

More at the superb Grimsbury Birds

Otmoor: RSPB reserve: 17th February

Bittern male booming
Marsh Harrier 2  (1 active over reed bed 15:00)
Curlew 2 on Greenaways though reported earlier. 17:00.
Pintail 20
Cetti's Warbler 3

(per Peter Law & John Reynolds)

Marsh Harrier photo courtesy 
of John Reynolds.

Dorchester complex: 17th February

5 Egyptian Goose
2 Pintail
2 Goldeneye

09:20 Thomas Stevenson

Farmoor 17th February

10 Redpoll
1 Oystercatcher
17 Goldeneye

Lower Shiplake: 17th February

Lower Shiplake
2 Egyptian Goose 11:30.

Ralph Watts

Monday, 16 February 2015

Grimsbury Reservoir: 16th February

Goosander, drake (per Allan Jones)

Otmoor. 16th. February.

Late afternoon, when the rain finally stopped;

White Fronted Geese.   3.
Peregrine.      2.
Marsh Harrier.     1, probably 2.
Sparrow Hawk.    2 views.
Snipe.     31 over.
Golden Plover.     1,500 approx..
Bearded Tits.       heard, but not seen, from the bridleway.
Starling roost.     25,000 to 30,000.   Excellent display for approx. 30. minutes.

Per.  R.L.  T.S.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Henley Road GPs: 15th February

Henley Road GPs
Red-breasted Merganser: fem.
4 Smew: 2m+2rh.

Marek Walford
Jackdaw Blenheim Park Courtesy of Nick Truby

Otmoor 15th February

Marsh Harrier
Peregrine 2
Bearded Tits on the 14th

(per Bark & Mark Chivers)

Full weekend round up tomorrow on Otmoor Birding

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Wantage: Middlehill Down: 14th February

Wantage: Middlehill Down
2 Brambling: SU422846. 08:30.

Mark Merritt
Kestrel Oxon Downs Courtesy of Mark Merritt

Buzzard Blenheim Park Courtesy of Nick Truby

Red Kite Sutton Courtenay by Badger

Friday, 13 February 2015

Otmoor.A.M. 13th February.

1 Marsh Harrier (F. Reedbeds)
2 Peregrine (M/F together on Big Otmoor)
1 Marsh Tit (Feeding Station)
21+ Pintail (Big Otmoor)
Several Snipe (Flying).

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Port Meadow: 12th February

Port Meadow
6 Redshank
2 Goosander
8 Pintail

Adam Hartley

Sutton Courtenay

Iceland Gull 3rd Winter
Iceland Gull 3rd Winter (chicken tonight)

Iceland Gull 2nd Winter

Iceland Gull 2nd Winter

Harwell Laboratory: 12th February

Harwell Laboratory
4 Raven: Over to West, cronking noisily. 12:30.

Mark Merritt

Farmoor 12th February

Oystercatcher on the causeway (c) Dai

Male Goldeneye courtesy of Steve Lockey

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Port Meadow: 11th February

Port Meadow
4 Goosander: 3m 1f.
4 Redshank
6 Pintail

Adam Hartley

Starling Mumuration at Dix Pit

Some great footage taken at Dix pit recently by Paul Tomlinson of Starlings "throwing shapes"

(c) Paul Tomlinson

Tiddington: 11th February

Merlin: flushed by car from hedge in Sandy Lane - flew low along in front of car for c200yds before turning into garden. 16:00.

Anthony Cheke

Henley Road GPs: 11th February

Henley Road GPs
3 Smew: 2m, 1f. on pits to W of access road. 14:00.
Red-breasted Merganser: mobile. 14:00.
3 Goosander: m. 14:00.
Shelduck 14:00.
Egyptian Goose 14:00.
Raven 14:00.

Peter Law

Otmoor.A.M. 11th February.

2 Black-tailed  Godwit (Big Otmoor)
2 Cettis Warbler (reported at 1st & 2nd Screens)
1 Marsh Harrier (Reedbeds)
2 Little Egret (Closes).

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tues 10th Feb : Henley Rd GP's

3 Smew, 2 males displaying to female. Second pit west of rowing club access road.

Port Meadow: 10th February

Port Meadow
2 Goosander
4 Shelduck
11 Pintail
3 Redshank

Adam Hartley

Abingdon STW

4 Siberian Chiffchaffs among 15 to 20 Common Chiffchaffs at Abingdon STW (and this is not including the rung bird).

Otmoor: 10th February

Marsh Harrier
3 White-fronted Goose
Sparrowhawk 3
Bearded Tit

Starling roost of 30,000+ with birds giving a good display

(per Ralph Watts,Phil Barnett Terry Tossell & Ron Louch)

Port Meadow: 8th February

Port Meadow
5 Redshank: perched on a log on the riverbank. 08:00.

James Evry

Monday, 9 February 2015


Cetti's Warbler by the second screen

Wantage: 9th February

Woodcock: Over canal to north of Stockham. 17:40.

Leo Bateman
Redwings University Parks Oxford
Courtesy of Nick Truby

Kingston Lisle: Ridgeway: 9th February

Kingston Lisle: Ridgeway
2 Raven
Peregrine: fem. Adult Fem.

Lambourn: Red Barn
2 Grey Partridge
60 Corn Bunting
Peregrine: imm fem.

Jed Cleeter

Otmoor: 9th February

Male & female Pintail Otmoor courtesy of Alec Nightingale

Marsh Harrier: Female-viewed from both screens. 15:00.
4 Pintail: 1st. Screen. 16:00.

Stephen Lockey

Oxford: Aston's Eyot: 5th February

Oxford: Aston's Eyot
3 Goosander: 2m1f on Cherwell.

Anthony Cheke

Witney 9th February

Female Blackcap Bicester courtesy of Nick Truby

Things hotting up in my tiny back garden. 2 male Blackcaps now joined by a female.

Otmoor.A.M. 9th February.

1 Peregrine (Big Otmoor)
1 Sparrowhawk (Ashgrave)
1 Merlin (Otmoor Lane)
Several Snipe (Greenaways).
Distant Cormorant in courtship plumage.

Grimsbury Reservoir: 9th February

Grimsbury Reservoir
Willow Tit: Calling, very active. 12:15.

Steve Goddard

Britwell Salome: 6th February

Britwell Salome
2 Grey Partridge 11:00.

Hugh Netley

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Vicarage Pit: 8th February

Vicarage Pit
31 Tufted Duck
11 Gadwall
13 Pochard

Brambling: Still around garden.

Paul Wren

Grimsbury Reservoir

Siberian Chiffchaff 

Chimney Meadows: 8th February

Stonechat, pair.
Tree Sparrow, 10+
Snipe, 2
Water Rail heard.

Otmoor 8th Feb

Marsh tit
Water rail
2 Song Thrush
Stonechat (m) on closes
Golden Plover 200+ on fields south of reserve at Noke.
2 Bullfinches m
Great Spot drumming.