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Sept 9th WRYNECK Wroxton...3rd MANX SHEARWATER Farmoor Reservoir...August 26th Pied Flycatcher Oxford & Muswell Hill...25th Pied Flycatcher Ardington...24th large influx of Black Terns through Farmoor Reservoir...Talks: 11th Sep: OOS "Great Bustards"

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Lollingdon: 18th Sep

2 Stonechat
1 Wheatear


Otmoor rspb 18th September

Black-tailed Godwit 2
Stonechat 3
Yellow Wagtail 15

Farmoor: 18th September

Juvenile Ruff

Chipping Norton: 18th September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: One still present feedings in the margins of small lake on Cornwell Estate. SP284268. 19:00.
11 Teal: SP284268. 19:00.
19 Lapwing: SP284268. 19:00.
3 Swallow: SP284268. 19:00.
2 House Martin: SP284268. 19:00.
Grey Heron: SP284268. 19:00.
Barn Owl: Quartering the hedge on the edge of the marsh. SP284268. 19:00.

Steve Akers

Aston Upthorpe: Juniper Valley: 18th September

Aston Upthorpe: Juniper Valley
Stonechat: m. 16:30.

John Taylor

Chipping Norton: 18th September

Chipping Norton
Common Sandpiper: SP284268. 10:00.
Snipe: SP284268. 10:00.
16 Swallow: SP284268. 10:00.
2 Chiffchaff: SP284268. 10:00.
5 Teal: duck. SP284268. 10:00.
Little Grebe: SP284268. 10:00.
Grey Heron: SP284268. 10:00.
5 Meadow Pipit: SP284268. 10:00.

Steve Akers

Farmoor - Weds 18th am

Arctic Tern, F2 late morning
Ruff, juv.

feral Snow Goose in amongst the 100's of other geese per Graham Lenton

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Chipping Norton: 17th September

Chipping Norton
4 Common Sandpiper: Feeding in small lake on Cornwell Estate near Chipping Norton. SP283268. 18:15.
11 Teal: fem. SP283268. 18:15.
2 Little Grebe: SP283268. 18:15.
7 Swallow: SP283268. 18:15.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow: 17th September

Port Meadow
10 Yellow Wagtail: at least 10 birds in amongst the cattle this morning.

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park
Stonechat: Found by Thomas Miller.
Grey Partridge: Found by Mary MacDougall.

Adam Hartley

Farmoor Reservoir 17th September

Courtesy of John Workman.

Ruff (juv) still present along the causeway (per John Workman)

Oxford: 17th September

Raven: Soaring around city centre - joined by a second large bird, but too far for me to identify without optics - could have been second individual, or a red kite. 13:45.

Ben Fitkov-Norris

Pit 60 Standlake 17th September

Courtesy of Robert Calcutt.

Black-tailed Godwit
Green Sandpiper

(per Robert Calcutt)

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill: 17th September

Cholsey: Lollingdon Hill
Raven 08:22.

John Taylor

Monday, 16 September 2019

Farmoor Reservoir 16th September

Peregrine: Flew South strongly over F2.
2 Ringed Plover
2 Dunlin
Kingfisher Fishing in the pool by Shrike Meadow hide
Kestrel: juv fem
20 Chiffchaff: A "fall" of Chiffchaff in the shrubs by the gate leading to Shrike Meadow - incredibly active feeding voraciously - largest number I have ever seen together in one place. Wonderful to observe. A single Goldcrest with them.

Steve Akers

Oxford September

Manx Shearwater on roadside near Oxford then taken in to care (per RBA)

Port Meadow: 16th September

Port Meadow

Adam Hartley

Lark Hill 15th September

2 Whinchat
Stonechat (m)
13 Wheatear

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 15th September

Wheatear: m. 19:30.
60 Goldfinch: Up to 60 adults and juveniles perched on telephone wire at Sarsgrove Farm. 19:30.

Steve Akers

White-tailed Eagle Cholsey 15th September

Courtesy of Clair Humphreys.

A juv White-tailed Eagle reported flying over Cholsey Church a short while ago pursued by 6 Red Kite. The bird was heading south and more than likely one of the birds from the Isle of Wight release scheme. Per Alan Strachan.

 17th Sep: It has been confirmed from satellite data that the White-tailed Eagle on Sunday was one of the juvenile birds from the IOW scheme.

Cholsey Wildlife

Otmoor rspb 15th September

Redstart (f) near 1st screen
Hobby 2

All photos courtesy of John Workman.

Chipping Norton: 14th September

Chipping Norton
3 Raven: Two adults and a young bird circling and cronking over The Leys on the W side of town. Second sighting this past week. 13:30.

Steve Akers

Pit 60 Standlake 15th September

Courtesy of Mick Cunningham.

Garganey still present 09:58

(per Mick Cunningham) 

Key holder reserve.

Thame: Cuttle Brook: 15th September

Thame: Cuttle Brook
Raven: Circled for 10 mins and then flew off NNW. SP699060. 10:30.

Mike Bond

Stonesfield Common 15th September

Stonechat (male) only the 2nd record for the site.

(per Paul Wren) 

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Shirburn Hill: 14th September

14th September

Shirburn Hill
Spotted Flycatcher 10:00.
Redstart 10:00.
Raven 10:00.

Aston Rowant: Aston Rowant NNR
5 Wheatear 15:00.

Jackie Newcombe

Ewelme: Cress beds: 14th September

Ewelme: Cress beds
5 Yellow Wagtail 22:36.

Thomas Stevenson

Farmoor Reservoir 14th September

Ruff (juv) along the causeway 18:25
Spotted Flycatcher 3

(per Dave Lowe)

Photos courtesy of Dai. 

: 14th September

Between north moor and newbridge
Stonechat: m. Presumably a migrant unaware this is a bird-free zone. SP408023. 18:43.

Mick Cunningham

Otmoor: 14th September

Hobby 18:22.
8 Snipe
4 Whinchat
10 Yellow Wagtail
Tawny Owl

Michael Violette

Lark Hill 14th September

3 Whinchat
12 Wheatear
c300 Meadow Pipit through from 0930-1030
100+ Linnet
11 Corn Bunting
4 Reed Bunting
c50 Yellowhammer
18+ Chiffchaff
Willow Warbler
Spotted Flycatcher
Garden Warbler
5 Blackcap
Sparrowhawk (f)

Sarsgrove: 14th September

Sparrowhawk: juv. Circling and soaring mobbed by at least 50 house martins, swallows and a linnet! 10:00.
40 House Martin 10:00.
10 Swallow 10:00.

Steve Akers

Standlake Pit 60: 14th September

Standlake Pit 60
Garganey: juv. Still present 8 blackcaps, a garden warbler, 5 chiffchaffs together north end Langley lane. 11:35.
Hobby: North end Langley lane.
Also raven. 12:10.

Mick Cunningham

Hagbourne Hill: 14th Sep.

5 Wheatear

Friday, 13 September 2019

Oakley Hill nr Chinnor: 13th September

Courtesy of David Stracey

3 Spotted Flycatcher: 2 by reserve entrance, 1 in meadow to the south. SU751992. 10:00.
Stonechat: Juvenile in meadow south of Oakley Hill. SU751992. 10:00.

5 Raven circling overhead. 17:00.

David Stracey

Courtesy David Stracey

Lark Hill 13th September

Tree Pipit (over S, calling)
5 Whinchat
13 Wheatear
8 Meadow Pipit

Sarsgrove: 13th September

4 Wheatear: SP305248. 10:15.

Steve Akers

: 13th September

Didcot Parkway Railway Station
Kingfisher: Flew from one of the overhead gantries down Platform 2 towards Reading. SU524906. 06:28.

Mike Waring

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park: 12th September

12th September

Port Meadow: Burgess Field Nature Park
Whinchat: Found by Thomas Miller. 09:46.

11th September
2 Spotted Flycatcher: Found by Thomas Miller. One in Binsey churchyard, one in Burgess Field. 09:46.

Adam Hartley

Farmoor Reservoir 12th September

Chiffchaff at Farmoor Reservoir courtesy of John Workman.

Lower Radley 12th September

Snipe 2

(per Mark Chivers)

Wroxton 9th September

Belated report of a WRYNECK in a garden in Wroxton (per RBA) 

Courtesy of Jan Hall...well not really...I pinched it off of Birdguides...sorry, but, Jan if you see this and don't want your photo used on this site, leave a message in the comments below or email me at and I shall 
remove it forthwith.

Farmoor Reservoir 12th September

Common Scoter F2 10:40
Black Tern 2
Arctic Tern
Ringed Plover 2
Common Sandpiper 5
Wheatear 2 (per John Workman)

(per Dai) 

Wheatears courtesy of John Workman.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 11th September

Wheatear: Solitary Wheatear still present in field down towards the farm. Presumably one of the birds from those present on Monday. 19:00.

Steve Akers

Port Meadow 11th September

Possible Twite seen briefly in flight and heard, with two Linnet near The Perch at 16:40 but no further sign By 18:30 (per Thomas Miller). 

Farmoor Reservoir 11th September

Black Tern 3 F2 17:10
Ringed Plover 2

Linch Hill (LWV Pit 18): 11th September

Linch Hill (LWV Pit 18)
Hobby 15:13.

Mick Cunningham

Lark Hill 11th September

13+ Wheatear

Pit 60 Standlake 11th September

Garganey (juv) still present along the north shore 13:32.

Common Sandpiper 3
Snipe 3

(per Mick Cunningham) 

Dix Pit: 10th September

Dix Pit
Hobby 11:00.

Richard Catling

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Undisclosed Site: 10th September

Undisclosed Site
2 Hobby: Seen leaving site on consecutive days after hearing calls. Calls continuing after bird left. 2 birds seen in flight together today. 16:00.

David Fielding

: 10th September

Harbord Road, Oxford
Hobby: SP504105. 16:15.

Steve Goddard


1 Whinchat (per Alan Dawson)
3 Wheatear
4 Spotted Flycatcher
1 Common Redstart
5 Meadow Pipit (flyover)

Juniper Valley: 10th September

Juniper Valley
Whinchat 15:51.

John Taylor

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 10th September

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
2 White-fronted Goose (feral) 10:26.

Mark Pidgeon

Farmoor Reservoir: 9th September

Farmoor Reservoir
Dunlin 18:00.
Redshank 18:00.
5 Common Sandpiper 18:00.

Julian Mole

Monday, 9 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 9th September

5 Wheatear 09:00.
Meadow Pipit 09:00.
Whitethroat 09:00.
Chiffchaff 09:00.

Steve Akers

Lower Radley 9th September

Green Sandpiper 2

Farmoor Reservoir 9th September

Ringed Plover

(per John Workman)

Courtesy of John Workman

Courtesy of John Workman

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 9th September

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
3 Bar-headed Goose
9 White-fronted Goose: Feral flock with greylags and bar-heads.
39 Shoveler
32 Gadwall
4 Little Grebe

Bob Pomfret
Leucistic Coot Farmoor Reservoir courtesy of David Hastings.

Courtesy of Mark Chivers.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Baulking Pit: 8th Sep. Evening.

Yellow Wagtail
9 Pochard
15 Little Grebe
14 Meadow Pipit
Sedge Warbler

Otmoor 8th Evening


2 Yellow Wagtails
Barn Owl
Marsh Harrier
Cetti's Warbler

Sent from my iPhone
Little Grebe Farmoor Reservoir courtesy of  Paul Wyeth.

: 8th September

Wheatear: 1 along diverted footpath by ''The Stone House'', New Close Farm Road. SP751040. 09:00.

David Stracey

Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor I: 7th September

Farmoor Reservoir: Farmoor I
Yellow-legged Gull: ad.
Common Sandpiper

Anthony Cheke

Balscote Quarry Reserve 8th September

Tree Pipit over heading south 08:50
Meadow Pipit c30
Hobby 2
Yellow Wagtail 
House Martin 4
Swallow c50
Lesser Whitethroat 2

(per Colin Wilkinson) 

: 8th September

Burnt Platt Wood
3 Spotted Flycatcher: Amongst saplings in the Larch Ride. SU692833. 14:17.

John Taylor

Churn 8th Sept AM

2 Wheatear
4 Yellow Wagtail

Sent from my iPhone

Port Meadow: 8th September

Port Meadow
Wheatear 11:00.
9 Yellow Wagtail 11:00.
3 Whitethroat: in Burgess Field. 11:00.

Ian Elkins

Forest Hill: 8th September

Forest Hill
2 Wheatear: Two on the fence post at the bottom of the big stubble field below Breach Farm. 11:49.
2 Whinchat: Two with the Wheatear on the fence at the bottom of the big stubble field below Breach Farm. 11:49.

David Brown

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Standlake Pit 60: 7th September

Standlake Pit 60
Hobby: juv. Soaring about over cut field east of LL Hide. Beautiful juv plumage. Wonder how far it's come. BlackBerry bushes and elderberry bushes at north end of Langley lane attracting warblers: several blackcaps and chiffchaffs plus garden warbler and 1w whitethroat. 17:15.

Mick Cunningham

New Marston: New Marston Meadows: 7th September

New Marston: New Marston Meadows
Redstart: male. 13:18.
2 Ring-necked Parakeet 13:18.

Tom Evans

Friday, 6 September 2019

A329 near Moulsford: 5th September

A329 near Moulsford
4 Egyptian Goose: Four flying N adjacent Thames. SU5985. 20:00.

Mike Amphlett

Blenheim Park 6th September

Pintail 2
Yellow-legged Gull 2
Little Egret 

Sarsgrove: 6th September

5 Wheatear: Group of five Wheatear still present in first field near to electricity pylon. 09:30.

Steve Akers

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Sarsgrove: 5th September

8 Wheatear: A group of six in first large field; two on private road down to Sarsgrove Farm. 10:15.
Hobby 10:15.
Green Woodpecker 10:15.
4 Swallow 10:15.

Steve Akers

Chinnor: Cement Works: 5th September

Chinnor: Cement Works
Common Sandpiper: Lake 2b. 09:00.
Green Sandpiper: Lake 3. 09:00.

David Stracey

Otmoor rspb 5th September

Yellow Wagtail 5+
Little-ringed Plover 2
Snipe 12

(per Terry Tossell, Dave Doherty) 

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Cholsey: 4th Sep

Lesser Whitethroat,
Common Whitethroat,
Sedge Warbler,
Spotted Flycatcher,
1 Raven,
1 Yellow Wagtail (flyover),
1 Common Redstart (yesterday).

Lark Hill 4th September

8 Wheatear
Yellow Wagtail

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory: 4th September

Harwell Laboratory: Rutherford Laboratory
Spotted Flycatcher
2 Meadow Pipit: First of the autumn.

Mark Merritt

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway: 4th September

No sign of the Manx Shearwater (per RBA)

2 Dunlin 08:46.
Ringed Plover: Flew out from causeway onto f2. 08:46.

Conor MacKenzie

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Farmoor Reservoir. Evening. 3rd September.

Manx Shearwater, on F2.  Reported as a mystery bird by visitors,  re-found and identified by Dai.
MANX SHEARWATER on F2 viewable from the causeway nr the hide still present 20:00 
(per Dai, Adam Hartley, Tom Bedford et al).

Sonning Eye GPs: 3rd September

Sonning Eye GPs
Mandarin Duck: fem. 19:05.

Marek Walford

Chipping Norton: 3rd September

Chipping Norton
2 Raven: Pair circling and cronking over western edge of town - quite low down. 14:00.

Steve Akers

Lark Hill 3rd September

12 Wheatear
150+ Swallow
100+ House Martin

Monday, 2 September 2019

Woodstock: Perdiswell Farm: 2nd September

Woodstock: Perdiswell Farm
7 Yellow Wagtail

Bob Pomfret

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake: 2nd September

Blenheim: Blenheim Lake
12 White-fronted Goose: feral flock with Canada Geese.
6 Little Egret
Little Grebe

Bob Pomfret

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Stonesfield Common 1st September

Redstart at Stonesfield Common courtesy of Paul Wren

Farmoor Reservoir: 1st September

Farmoor Reservoir
3 Swift 19:30.
Redshank 19:30.
Ringed Plover 19:30.
Common Sandpiper 19:30.
Marsh Tit 19:30.

Paul Butler

Otmoor 1st September

Little-ringed Plover 2
Whinchat 2

(per Andy Last, Luke O'Byrne) 

Lark Hill 1st September

6 Wheatear
2 Redstart (inc. a female showing very well at reservoir)
Yellow Wagtail
Grasshopper Warbler
200+ Swallow

On Friday 30th, a brief back end flight view of a probable Dotterel. Call sounded right but can’t be 100% sure as didn’t get a clear view of the upperwing.

Muswell Hill, Sunday 1st September


Northern Wheatear (3)

Spotted Flycatcher (4)

Common Redstart

Raven (2)
Blackcap (m)
Chiffchaff (3)
Green Woodpecker (4)
Swallow (25+)

Warburg Reserve: 1st September

Warburg Reserve
2 Spotted Flycatcher 11:10.

John Kearns

Sonning Eye GPs: 1st September

Sonning Eye GPs
85 Egyptian Goose 10:00.

Marek Walford

August Review

Black Tern at Farmoor Reservoir, courtesy of Terry Sherlock

Passage through the county in August produced much of general interest with waders and Terns featuring prominently, and a strong presence of migrant passerines in the month's second half. There were no out and out headliners though, so that being the case this review is presented in approximate date order.

The first weekend of August saw a mass national influx of Wood Sandpiper for the second time in a fortnight. Oxfordshire had missed out on the earlier occasion but with these usually scarce items turning up in the early morning of 3rd in neighbouring counties we had to score one. In the event two were found, the first at Rushey Common being rather distant. Another was reported from a private site in the Appleford working gravel pit complex. Subsequently the more familiar Green and Common Sandpiper continued to be reported from different locations county-wide.

Wood Sandpiper, courtesy of Ian Lewington
click on any image to enlarge

On the second weekend unseasonably blustery conditions sent Oxon birders out searching for maybe a displaced seabird or stranded scarcer waders. But in the event little transpired, the highlights being a juvenile Black Tern at Farmoor Reservoir and some large hirundine counts of 250+ Sand Martin there and 100+ House Martin near Chipping Norton. Eight more Black Tern passed through Farmoor on the morning of 13th.

Farmoor Black Tern (juv), courtesy of Nick Truby

Wader migration remained steady though largely unremarkable through the rest of the month, but return passage is when Tundra-bred juveniles display subtleties of plumage not seen in adult birds, and they often allow a close approach. Two Sanderling that stayed at Farmoor from 14 to 17th were a case in point.

Juvenile waders at Farmoor Reservoir
Turnstone ↑ courtesy of Peter Law, and Sanderling ↓ courtesy of Ewan Urquhart

In the absence of as accessible notables our birds of the month were possibly the juvenile Kingfishers that drew a stream of admirers from far and wide to the Shrike Meadow hide at Farmoor. Business was said to be less brisk through August at paying hides around southern England as occasionally two though most often one bird rewarded patient photographers who sometimes made long sojourns here to get their shots.

Perhaps the UK's most photographed Kingfisher(s) this summer,
courtesy of Ewan Urquhart (above) and Steve Burch (below)

Farmoor watchers, with tongue firmly in cheek are now tasked with sprucing up the perch a bit as other sites look to re-vamp their own Kingfisher props to win back the punters. Here's hoping the young birds involved successfully over-winter to breed beside the Thames at Farmoor again in the future.

One more to make sure, courtesy of Jim Hutchins

Returning to pure birding matters, the first juvenile Caspian Gulls of the new season were searched out by an authorised observer at the private site of Didcot landfill from 20th. A juvenile Little Tern was watched and filmed on the evening of 22nd at Farmoor Reservoir, where a juvenile Mediterranean Gull also continued to put in appearances during this review period.

Caspian Gull (juv), courtesy of Ian Lewington

Little Tern (juv) at Farmoor Reservoir, courtesy of Thomas Miller

Farmoor Mediterranean Gull (juv), courtesy of Dai John

Tern migration progressed as more than 90 Black Tern made for spectacular viewing at Farmoor on 24th, the second highest number anywhere on a day when a major national movement occurred. If the Kingfishers edged it as birds of the month, this remarkable Tern-fest was probably our county birding event for August. Sightings of more usual numbers continued to month's end.

Farmoor Black Tern, courtesy of Terry Sherlock

Passerine passage clicked into gear from mid-month onward, with already plentiful Redstart records across the county being boosted by sightings of Northern Wheatear and Whinchat. A best count of 13 Wheatear was logged at Otmoor on 19th, then six of the latter a day later on a site nearby.

Migrant passerines on Otmoor
Redstart ↑ courtesy of Paul Wyeth, and Wheatear ↓ courtesy of Peter Barker

Other Whinchat records from this time came from Benson (18th), Wantage (23rd), Cholsey (24th), Farmoor (26th), Otmoor on a number of dates with seven there on 31st; plus further sightings to month's end, all amounting to a solid local passage of this attractive upland species.

Whinchat in the Otmoor basin ↑ courtesy of Nick Truby
and at Cholsey ↓ courtesy of Alan Dawson

The scarcer breeding passerine Spotted Flycatcher, often in family parties, was a recurring feature this month being reported from no less than 16 different Oxon locations. That suggests they have had an especially good year in our stewardship. The sightings included an impressive 15 in three groups at Lollingdon Hill on 21st. Some of these many records may of course have been migrants.

Spotted Flycatcher, courtesy of Paul Chandler
Our dedicated patch watchers searched out further birds of note over the bank holiday weekend and beyond. Pied Flycatcher were noted fleetingly in four separate places as light easterly winds brought a major fall to more than 180 recorded British sites. Three Tree Pipit were located briefly at Gramps Hill on the Downs on 24 & 25th, a scarce summer visitor more often cited in the county as a fly-over. And good sized parties of Yellow Wagtail were logged at Farmoor, Cuddesdon, Port Meadow and Otmoor as the month drew to its close.

Pied Flycatcher in Oxford, courtesy of Tom Bedford

Video, courtesy of Badger

Also at Otmoor, 17 Greenshank on 25th were one of August's stand-out passage wader records. The visiting pair of Common Crane showed occasionally throughout. And a novelty item there this month was a pair of escaped Hawaiian Geese or "Ne Ne", an appealing addition to the selection of exotic or hybrid wildfowl within the RSPB reserve's feral flocks.

Hawaiian Geese on Otmoor, courtesy of Peter Barker 

Most of this pretty much reflected the wider national picture across inland southern counties during August, with little of "mega quality" being recorded. But as southbound migration reaches it's peak in September, maybe we can look forward to an addition or two to 2019's so far meagre tally of true Oxfordshire rarities.

Peter Law

Unwanted Birding Magazines.

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