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Monday, 31 July 2017

Farmoor 31st July


3 Dunlin
Common Sandpiper
3 little Egret
Ruddy Shelduck

No sign of Osprey.
Curlew and Green Sandpiper Otmoor RSPB 30/7 courtesy of Derek Latham

Lark Hill 31st July

Wheatear (f) - first ever July record
11+ Yellow Wagtail
Willow Warbler (juv)

Rushy Common: 31st July

Black-tailed Godwit courtesy of Mick Cunningham

Black-tailed Godwit: ad. Black tailed godwit on tern island. Definitely not juv. Adult or 1s. Head on and mostly asleep. Briefly awake looked leggy, long billed and dowdy.moulting. race? Sex?.
Redshank: ad. Adult redshank flew in from S.

Mick Cunningham

Farmoor Reservoir 31st July

Osprey on pylon S/W of F2 14:43 (per RBA)

Standlake Pit 60: am 31st July

YL Gull
3 Oystercatcher

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Farmoor Reservoir: Causeway: 30th July

1 Mediterranean Gull (juv)
2 Turnstone
6 Dunlin
2 Egyptian Goose
Ruddy Shelduck (F2)

Mark Merritt

Otmoor RSPB 30th July

Redstart 29/7 courtesy of Ewan Jones

Otmoor July 30th evening

Tawny Owl  2 males calling
Barn Owl
Hobby  juvenile perched near first screen

Otmoor. 30th. July.

3+ Hobby.
Hen Harrier.  (1st summer male)
Bittern.  A total of 9 flights seen during the morning.
3. Red Legged Partridge.
3+ Marsh Harrier.
Per. the Otmoor M.
Juvenile Reed Warbler.

Farmoor Reservoir 30th July

Ruddy Shelduck still at southern end of F2 09:10 ( per RBA).

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Otmoor 29th July

Long Meadow 0730-0930

Common Redstart  10 (including 4m)
Lesser Whitethroat 2
Common Whitethroat 3
Willow Warbler 3+ including male singing

Yellowhammer 2
Green Woodpecker 2

Turtle Dove 1m

Pit 60 29th July

Juvenile Mediterranean Gull c13:20-17:00 per Mick Cunningham.
Both photos courtesy of Mick Cunningham. 

10 Yellow-legged Gull: 4=ad, 2= 4cy, 3=3cy 1 =2cy. 10 is probably an under count. SU740847.
3 Raven: suspect juvs. 3 together over pit

Otmoor A.M. 29th July.

1 Hen Harrier (1st sum male) reported
1 Bittern
1 Whinchat
2 Cranes
1 Curlew (J)
2 Marsh Harrier (J)
1 Hobby.
2 Kingfisher
Cetti's Warbler 3+

(per Paul Greenaway, Badger)

Farmoor 29th July

Update 19:30

Dunlin 6 (4 adults 2 juv)
Great black-backed Gull 2cy
Yellow-legged Gull 10+

(per Mark Merritt)


Dunlin 2
Common Sandpiper
Egyptian Goose 2
Ruddy Shelduck on F2 nr pontoon
Red-crested Pochard 2+

09:30 (per Nick Truby)



Egyptian goose

Kingston Bagpuize: 29th July

Kingston Bagpuize
OTHER SPECIES: Hummingbird Hawk Moth.

Jed Cleeter

Friday, 28 July 2017

Lollingdon Hill 28th July

Redstart 3

(per Paul Chandler)

Otmoor: 28th July

2 Turtle Dove
3 Little Egret
1 Redstart (m)

Nick Suckling

Farmoor :am 28th July


Ruddy Shellduck

Ruddy Shellduck
Higher Res images on my website

Farmoor Res 28th July


Egyptian Goose 2
Ruddy Shelduck 1
Little Grebe 5

Turnstone 2
Dunlin 3

Yellow legged Gull 5
Greater Black backed Gull 1
Common Tern 4

Sand Martin 600+
House Martin 10+
Swallow 7
Common Swift 50+

Otmoor rspb. Reserve. 28th. July

4. Raven.
2. Turtle Dove.
4. Marsh Harrier.
Sparrow Hawk.
3. Goosander. (f./imm.)
Per.  P.G.  T.S.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common: 27th July

Stonesfield: Stonesfield Common
2 Redstart
3 Raven: Over.

Paul Wren

Rushy Common: 27th July

Pit 60
Hobby: presumed 1st summer/2cy. 'brownish' hobby hawking for dragonflies this pm. Presumed to be the 1st summer/2cy seen in past weeks (too early for juv in oxon??). SO894268.

Rushy Common
2 Egyptian Goose
2 Common Sandpiper

Cogges Lane
2 Common Gull: 1 3cy >adult and 1 ad. My first Common Gulls of autumn. In stubble fields with c6-700 gulls minimum. Mostly BHGs but at least 9 yellow legged in with 10s of LBBs. No time for proper check; all lifted and flew off towards Dix Pit. SU708754.

Mick Cunningham

Chinnor: Cement Works: 27th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
Green Sandpiper: Still by a small pool at the southern end of the site. SU749993.

David Stracey

Otmoor.A.M. 27th July.

1 Green Sandpiper
1 Bittern
4 Marsh Harrier (2 A, 2 J.).

Standlake Pit 60: am 27th July

YL Gull
2 Common Sandpiper
2 Oystercatcher
Barn Owl

Farmoor Reservoir 27th July

Sanderling - 1ad
Dunlin - 2ad 1j
Common sand - 7
Turnstone -3
Yellow Wag -2
Ringed Plover - 1(h)

08:00-09:30 (per Dave Lowe, Dai)

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Omoor rspb. reserve. 26th. July.

5 Marsh Harrier.
Turtle Dove.
13 Curlew. (over)
Per.  S.R.  T.S.

Farmoor Reservoir PM - 26th July

Ringed Plover
Dunlin 2
Yellow-legged Gull
Ruddy Shelduck
Egyptian Goose

26th July Bicester Wetland Reserve

Green Sandpipers continue to build up;

11 Green Sandpipers this morning, communing between the main part of the reserve viewed from the tower hide by the parking area and the new hide (Cattle Bridge Pool)
Also 1 female Tufted Duck plus 7 juvs

key holder reserve

Alan Peters and Bill Foley

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Letcombe Regis: 25th July

Redstart hide and seek.

Otmoor 25th July


In addition to post below:

3 Redstart in long meadow.
Grasshopper warbler showing well in car park field
Green Sandpiper at first screen

Otmoor rspb. Reserve. 25th. July.

Green Sandpiper.
2 Kingfisher.
3. Water Rail.
3 Whimbrel.
Hen Harrier.  (1st. summer male.)
2. Marsh Harrier.
2. Turtle Dove.
2. Bittern..

Per.  P.G.  O.U.P.  D.Q.  T.S.

Emmington nr Chinnor 25th July

Greenshank flew over Emmington calling c09:15 (per Jon Prowse).

A329 near Moulsford: 24th July

A329 near Moulsford
Yellow Wagtail: Single bird flitted into bean field at Silly bridge. SU5885. 10:00.

Mike Amphlett

: 23rd July

River Thames, Wallingford to Benson marina
Common Sandpiper: E side, on muddy let-down to river. SU6189.

Mike Amphlett

: 23rd July

River Thames, Wallingford to Benson marina
2 Egyptian Goose: E side, on muddy let-down to river. SU6189.

Mike Amphlett

Monday, 24 July 2017

Farmoor Reservoir 24th July

1100-1530 hrs
Ruddy Shelduck

Egyptian Goose

Common Tern adult and juvenile

Ruddy Shelduck 1
Egyptian Goose 2
Turnstone 1
Dunlin 2 both juveniles
Common Sandpiper 3

Greater Black backed Gull 1 adult
Yellow legged Gull 15
Common Tern 17
Little Egret 1

Red Crested Pochard 7 1f with 6 full grown young
Little Grebe 3
Great crested Grebe 61
Common Coot 360

Sand Martin 50+
House Martin 2
Swallow 5
Grey Wagtail 2

Common Kestrel 3
Green Woodpecker 3

Otmoor.A.M. 24th July.

1 Hen Harrier (juv male)
2 Turtle Dove
2 Grasshopper Warbler (h)
3 Oystercatcher.
Oystercatcher preening time.

: 24th July

2 Grey Partridge: SP595014.

Stephen Lockey

Farmoor Reservoir 24th July

Ringed Plover
Common Sandpiper c6

09:47 (per Dai, O.U Paul, Peter Law)

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Blenheim: 23rd July

2 Raven
Red Kite
2 Buzzard
Sand Martin
5 Little Egret
15 Common Tern

Adam Hartley

Bicester Wetlands Reserve 23rd July

Juvenile Med Gull courtesy of Mike Pollard

Mediterranean Gull (juv) on the Cattle Bridge Pool viewed from the new hide at 19:00
Key Holder reserve.

(per Mike Pollard) Nature in the Heart of England

Black-headed and Mediterranean Gull courtesy of Mike Pollard

Farmoor 23rd July

10:00am - 12:30am

Ruddy Shelduck
Common Sandpiper 3
Yellow-Legged Gulls


Ruddy Shelduck

Standlake Pit60 23rd July

Hybrid black-headed x Mediterranean gull 1
(Had blood red bill and feet, and the black hood of med gull but the structure and face of black headed. Extensive white in primaries with just the very tips showing black. Also very pale underwing . Black hood did not extend far enough down the back of head for pure med gull).
No photos as the bird flew in then flew out shortly after with black headed gulls.

Hobby 1+
Oystercatcher 2
Common Sandpiper
Kingfisher 1

Per Mick Cunningham, Andy last, Derek Latham

Common Sandpiper courtesy of Derek Latham

Kingston Bagpuize: 23rd July

Mediterranean Gull (adult) flew over low heading west 11:07
Hobby: Hunting Hirundines. 15:33.

Jed Cleeter

Bicester 23rd July

Leucistic magpie still visiting my garden. Only see it early morning though, it then disappears elsewhere through the day. Photos taken at 06:30 and through the kitchen window. It is a very wary bird and doesn't usually allow close approach.

Port Meadow: 23rd July

Port Meadow
Oystercatcher: on the bank of the river, near The Perch.
2 Kingfisher

Bob Pomfret

Grimsbury Reservoir: 23rd July

Grimsbury Reservoir
4 Common Sandpiper: Also single little egret. 08:30.

Steve Holliday

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Oxon Downs 22nd July

Juvenile Stonechat courtesy of Mark Merritt

Whinchat (male)
Stonechat (juv)
Redstart 2+

(per Mark Merritt)

Rushy common 22nd July

3 Common Sandpiper

Farmoor 22nd July

Juvenile Sand Martins on the Causeway

Black Tern 4+
Turnstone 4
Common Sandpiper c6
Ruddy Shelduck

Sand Martin 1000+
House Martin 20+
Swallow 2

Per Dai, Dave Daniels & Andy Last





Standlake Pit 60 22 July am

1 Green Sandpiper
1 Common Sandpiper
1 Little Egret
2+ Common Tern
1 Yellow-legged Gull

no sign of the Oystercatchers

Green Sandpiper (c) Stephen Burch.
Goto my website for a larger image
Even I can that this is a Yellow-legged Gull! (c) Stephen Burch

Otmoor. 22nd July.

Green Sandpiper.
Curlew. (juv.)
Greenshank.  over.
5. Marsh Harrier.  (4 juv.).
Water Rail.  (juv.)
2. Common Crane.
2. Grasshopper Warbler.  (heard only.)
Raven.  Over.
3. Redstart.
2. Turtle Dove.
Hen Harrier.  (1st. summer male.)
2. Hobby.
Per.  The Otmoor M.
Green Sandpiper.

Curlew.  (juv.)

Friday, 21 July 2017

Otmoor. 21st. July.

2 Marsh Harrier.
2. Bittern.
Common Sandpiper.
2 Oystercatcher.
Per.  P.G.   T.S.

A329 near Moulsford: 20th July

A329 near Moulsford
4 Corn Bunting: 3 x birds perched on fence-line, ca.300m S of Silly bridge, one singing. Another bird singing at Silly bridge. SU5885. 09:30.

Mike Amphlett

A329 near Moulsford: 20th July

A329 near Moulsford
Yellow Wagtail: Perched on fence-line nr the water bowser, just over Silly bridge, juv or fem?. SU588854. 09:20.

Mike Amphlett

Thursday, 20 July 2017

20th July Bicester Wetland Reserve

7 Green Sandpipers   (new hide)
1 Common Sandpiper (new hide)
2 Heron
2 Little Grebe (works pool)

key holder reserve
Alan Peters

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Farmoor Reservoir: 19th July

Dunlin 18/7 courtesy of Alan 

Dunlin: ad. On causeway. 4 Common sands also.
9 Yellow-legged Gull: various. Minimum of 9 Yellow-legged Gulls included a juvenile.

Mick Cunningham

Standlake Pit 60: 19th July

Standlake Pit 60
2 Yellow-legged Gull: 1 near ad and 1 3cy. The 'usual' near adult plus a 3cy that dropped in with some LBBs.
1000 Starling: The starling roost at Pit 60 ranges from 500 to 1000k, the latter is probably an undercount. The roost has attracted a peregrine, once, and a sparrowhawk, once. The dearth of small raptors barring hobbies when newly arrived in spring is obvious compared to what I used to see in a fairly 'ordinary' West Yorkshire birding area.

Mick Cunningham

Rushey Common lake, 19th July

Common Sandpiper
Green Woodpecker juv
Chiffchaff 1 adult 3 juv

Clackers & Mrs Clackers

Stanford-in-the-Vale: 19th July

Hobby: Hunting over the village. Per Josh Cleeter. 17:30.

Jed Cleeter

Rushy Common: 19th July

Rushy Common
Dunlin: ad. 1 from screen in company with juv LRP.
Green Sandpiper: n/k. 1 from hide.

Mick Cunningham

A329 near Moulsford: 19th July

19th July

A329 near Moulsford
Corn Bunting: Perched on fence post S of Silly bridge. SU5885. 09:20.
Yellow Wagtail: Perched on fence-line just over gate from Silly bridge - preening, then flew - prob same bird on ground with sheep, just N of Silly bridge. Juv or fem?. SU5885. 09:30.

Mike Amphlett

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Otmoor 18th July

Juvenile Curlew courtesy of Eddie McLaughlin

1 Hen Harrier (1st sum male)
3 Spotted Flycatcher (2 juv)
2 Redstart
2 Turtle Dove
1 Bittern
4 Marsh Harrier
1 Sparrowhawk
3 Oystercatcher
1 Curlew (juv)
2 Little Egret

(Paul Greenaway, Terry Tossel, O.U Paul, Eddie McLaughlin)

Monday, 17 July 2017

: 17th July

2 Spotted Flycatcher: At least this many calling, just one adult seen. SU4388.

Leo Bateman

Chinnor: Cement Works: 17th July

Chinnor: Cement Works
Green Sandpiper: 1 by a small pool at the southern end of the site. SU749993.

David Stracey

Otmoor RSPB 17th July

1st summer male Hen Harrier present since the winter courtesy of Luke O'Byrne.

Hen Harrier  (1st sum male)

1 Sparrowhawk
2 Oystercatcher
2 Kingfishers
1 Bittern
12+ Common Tern
1 Raven (over).
Spotted Flycatcher (juv)
Redstart 5 (2m)

(per Tezzer, Paul Greenaway, Luke O'Byrne, Derek Latham et al)

Above & Below Juvenile Spotted Flycatcher courtesy of Luke O'Byrne