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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Editorial Policy on Oxon Birding Blog

In the light of the number of comments on the recent Marcham Garden posting we (Badger & Gnome) reluctantly feel that we need to step in to state the official position of Oxon Birding. It was originally set up due to dis-satisfaction with the available media for reporting county bird news: we wanted something where the relevant news could quickly be seen without having to wade through lots of irrelevant non-sighting waffle. By all measures the blog has been a huge success,due in no small part to all of the time and effort put in to it by local birders. It has become the de facto main focus point for reporting all county bird news and has generally worked very well with minimal policing on our part.
For the removal of doubt, the main objective of this blog is to report information on the more interesting and unusual sightings within the county and in particular this includes scarce birds that people may want to see.  It is also a forum for some of the county's great photographers to post their pictures. It's not a forum for debating issues, or reporting sightings that will be of little or no interest to other people - there are the Oxonbirds Yahoo newsgroup and a large selection of personal blogs for that sort of thing. If you're in any doubt as to what is relevant regarding sightings then you should post them on the Going Birding site. This has an automatic filter which forwards relevant sightings on to the Oxon Birding blog.
If you would like to discuss this further then the Oxonbirds news group is the place for doing this. In fact we'll post this statement there as well (together with all the Marcham Garden comments) so people can carry on the debate.

We hope that this clarifies the position. In future, we will simply remove any posts which aren't considered relevant to this blog. 

Badger & Gnome

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