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2 Black-necked Grebe Dix Pit 18th Feb... Smew Henley Rd GPs 7th...Black Redstart West Oxon 6th Feb...Great Grey Shrike Baulking Pit 28th Jan...Red-necked Grebe Henley Rd GPs 18th Jan...GREEN-WINGED TEAL Pit 60 15th Jan.

Otmoor Starling Murmuration
The starling murmuration on Otmoor has been declining rapidly over the past few weeks and has now stopped. The people who went down to Otmoor to see it last weekend were disappointed. If you know of anyone intending to go down please warn them that it will not get going again until next autumn. It is of course still a great place to visit and is still full of birds.

Peter Barker

Friday, 16 June 2017

Churn: 16th June

5 Corn Bunting: at least 2 male. count from railway bridge up to Ridgewat track.

Mick Cunningham


  1. Since I am new here, I couldn't get the post and believe that I need to read previous posts to understand this one. Thank you for sharing it with us

  2. It is a complex issue. I will try to explain in isolation; the post refers to Emberiza calandra, of the family Emberizidae, order Passeriformes. The title of the post, 'Churn' refers to a geographical location in the South of Oxfordshire. The post overall is reporting the presence of 5 individuals of species Emberiza calandra, within the geographical location described. Further detail relates to the sex of the birds and also that a cumulative count has been performed. By all means read the preceding post - an excellent photo of Streptopelia turtur - but I doubt this will help you 'get the post' as it is best viewed in isolation. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance. Email: