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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Christmas Quiz Answers

Oxon Birding 2018 – Christmas Cryptic Quiz ANSWERS

Hope you all enjoyed the quizzes. Below are the answers to Jeremy Dexter's excellent cryptic quiz.

1. Amongst Maracas, Pianos, Recorders favourite
2. Harass this underground birder
3. Stick around river to observe this bird
4. Seabird or to put it the other way seabirds
5. Fruity motor with sat-nav will get you to this site
*Appleford GPs
6. Bird having hormone treatment
7. Bird of immense sadness having lost head
*Great Egret
8. Small part of bird for another bird
9. Peculiar looking Pixy Tits might be seen here!
*Pit Sixty
10. A bird of reef or wood?
11. Motorcycle loses duck to get another duck?
12. Trip up Tees Valley birder
*Steve Alley
13. Map of quarry required for this bird
14. ‘The Holly and the Ivy’
15. Northern port merged with northern town for northern location
16. Sounds like cat being roused to get bird
17. Ripe green bananas feed this bird
18. Here you could enjoy two drinks followed by a shout of pain
*Port Meadow
19. Have a look around local bird club to find duck
20. Untidy sunhat on crusader gives this bird a name
*Anthus Richardi
21. Bird that sounds like an inexperienced beach musician?
*Green Sandpiper
22. Gannet in Owl, I create a birder
* Ian Lewington
23. This bird will leave you spellbound
24. Room to reverse, not always easy in this car park
25. Pub immediately on the left brings you to this bird
*Barn Owl
26. First man on the scene is very jammy
*Adam Hartley
27. Blushing celebrity Heather is a good-looking bird
*Rosy (Rose-Coloured) Starling
28. Left-wing election flyer
29. A bird that changes colour
30. Switch on power wash to clean up this bird
*Whooper Swan
31. Bird initially gliding low over shallow swamps yet identified by its silhouette?
*Glossy Ibis
32. On Welsh coast see famous rock for the ‘game over’ man
*Barry Hudson

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